Hypertrophy (Muscle Growth)

  1. Training for Maximum Muscle Growth Explained
  2. Allocating Volume to Maximize Muscle Growth
  3. 5 Tips for Leaning Out
  4. The 3 Essential Workout Methods for Muscle
  5. Compound vs. Isolation Movements: How to Train for Optimal Muscular Shape
  6. Squats and Deadlifts Won’t Make Your Waist Blocky
  7. 7 Reasons to Squat Like a Man
  8. Discussing Muscle Hypertrophy Science With Brad Schoenfeld
  9. Inside the Muscles – Best Shoulder and Traps Exercises
  10. Inside the Muscles – Best Chest and Triceps Exercises
  11. Inside the Muscles – Best Back and Biceps Exercises
  12. Inside the Muscles – Best Leg, Glute, and Calf Exercises
  13. Inside the Muscles – Best Ab Exercises
  14. Leg Press vs. Squat: The Final Chapter
  15. Cure for Cowardly Calves
  16. The Hypertrophy Specialist (Interview with Brad Schoenfeld)
  17. 3 Total Body Programs for Big Arms
  18. Why Bodybuilders are More Jacked than Powerlifters
  19. The Truth About Bodybuilding Genetics
  20. How do Pro Bodybuilders Train?
  21. 5 Things We Can Learn from Arnold About Building Muscle
  22. 6 Lessons Learned from the Master Blaster
  23. ABC – Can a Testosterone-Challenged Man Still be Muscular?
  24. Best Reps for Hypertrophy and Sport-Specific Purposes
  25. What Women Want
  26. Machines vs. Free Weights: More Research is Needed
  27. Oh What a Difference One Year Can Make
  28. How to Attain a Slender Look (like Jessica Alba & Zoe Saldana)
  29. Defending Hugh Jackman: Don’t Be a Fitness Snob!
  30. 2 Mechanisms for Rapid Muscle Growth
  31. For the Millionth Time, Spot Reduction is a Myth!!!
  32. The B & B Connection: Episode 1 – Hypertrophy Science
  33. The B & B Connection: Episode 4 – Variety in Training
  34. The B & B Connection: Episode 6 – Tempo Training
  35. Strength Trumps Conditioning for Body Improvements
  36. Is the Mind-Muscle Connection Valuable in Strength Training?
  37. Transform Your Physique: Mariah’s Story
  38. Do We Even Need to Lift?
  39. An Interview With Dr. Stu Phillips on Muscle Hypertrophy and Sports Nutrition
  40. February Research Round-Up: Hypertrophy Edition
  41. A Simple System for Progression: 3 Set Total Reps
  42. Do Light Weights Tone and Heavy Weights Bulk? Separating Fact from Fiction
  43. A Scientific Approach to Muscle Hypertrophy Training
  44. Want the Fastest Path to Long, Lean Muscles?
  45. Are Unweighted Curls Legit? & More Questions with Bret Contreras
  46. The Bret Contreras Podcast: Episode 3 – Bodypart Splits versus Total Body Training
  47. Eat, Lift, and Condition to Lose Fat and Maintain Muscle
  48. Is Your Ab Workout Making You Look Fat? Stop Blaming Blocky Waists on Squats and Deadlifts
  49. How a 41 Year-Old Mom of Three Got Her (Figure) Groove Back


  1. Impressive Strength Levels
  2. How Femur Length Affects Squat Mechanics
  3. 10 Best Unilateral Exercises
  4. Ten Training Tips for the Ladies
  5. 5 Things People Need to Stop Overthinking
  6. This is 40
  7. The B & B Connection: Episode 2 – HIT Training vs. Higher Volume Training
  8. Average Female Strength Gains Over a Six Month Period
  9. Strength Training is Fat Loss Training
  10. For maximal strength gains, should you use slow eccentrics?
  11. Expose Your Weaknesses to Get Strong!
  12. Operation Barbell: 10 Money Exercises
  13. Ben Bruno’s Top Four Landmine Exercises
  14. Ten Manliest Exercises
  15. Rule Number One: Do What Works
  16. The Best Damn Pushups Article Period
  17. Pushup Research
  18. Max Out on Squats Every Day
  19. Daily Training
  20. The New Rules of Strength Training
  21. 21 Exercises for Injury-Free Mass
  22. 20 Almost Laws of Strength Training
  23. 8 Laws of Strength Training
  24. Contreras Files IV: 15 Practical Tips
  25. Contreras Files V: 15 More Practical Tips
  26. The Five Keys to Getting and Staying Big and Strong
  27. ABC – Are Training Logs Necessary?
  28. Decline Pressing from the Floor
  29. ABC “Ask Bret Contreras” – Rep Calculators
  30. Topic of the Week #4 – Pushing and Pulling Ratios
  31. How I Finally Deadlifted 12 Plates
  32. The Pitfalls of Progressive Overload
  33. Ten Minutes a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: A 5-Set Full Body Program
  34. Neck Training 101
  35. Strength Goals: Don’t Be Afraid to Abandon Them
  36. Home Workout With No Equipment
  37. Female Strength Levels
  38. Training Women
  39. Basic Workout Template
  40. How Low Can You Go?
  41. Special Workouts
  42. Interview With Matt Perryman
  43. How Important is Psychological Stress for Your Gains?
  44. 3 Tips for Faster Strength Gains
  45. You Got Guru’d: Max Relative Trap Bar Deadlift Strength Perfectly Predicts Speed, Power, and Endurance Performance
  46. Ten Keys to Optimal Strength Training
  47. 13 Exercises That’ll Floor You
  48. How to Get an Amazing Workout With Just Your Partner for Resistance
  49. 12 Observations From Training Women
  50. Unilateral Leg Training For Greater Gains
  51. How Much Training is Necessary to Maintain Strength and Muscle?
  52. Pull Ups Made Easier and Better
  53. The Ten Rules of Progressive Overload
  54. How to Increase Your Chin-Ups
  55. How to Military Press
  56. How to Bent Over Row
  57. How to Front Squat
  58. What’s the Difference Between a Romanian Deadlift, American Deadlift, Stiff Legged Deadlift, and Straight Leg Deadlift?
  59. I Am Woman, Watch Me Lift
  60. The Bulgarian Split Squat Solution
  61. 6 Upper Body Landmine Exercises – Ben Bruno
  62. I Want to Do A Chin Up! 15 Tips to Improve Your Chinning Progress
  63. The Dead-Stop Reset Push-Up
  64. Four Reasons to Push Press
  65. The Ladies of Strong by Bret
  66. 20 Ways to Train Smarter
  67. The Importance of Chasing Strength
  68. 10 Things Every Lifter Should Try
  69. 20 Incredible Feats of Strength
  70. 10 Things All Beginning Lifters Should Know


  1. The Most Under-Utilized Exercises for Developing Devastating Power
  2. Maximizing Power Production
  3. The Importance of Load Vector in Physique Enhancement and Sport Training
  4. June Research Preview: High Velocity Edition
  5. Load Vector Training (LVT)
  6. Should We Train at 30% of 1RM to Maximize Power Production?
  7. Stiffness: What is it?
  8. Post-Activation Potentiation: Theory and Application
  9. January Strength and Conditioning Preview: Vertical Jump Edition
  10. Olympic Weightlifting vs. Kettlebells on Lower Body Strength and Power
  11. Dynamic Effort Box Squats and Acceleration Improvements: Interview with Scott Taylor
  12. An Interview With Sports Scientist Natalia Verkhoshansky
  13. Insight for Strength Coaches: Power, Full Squats, Correlations, and Training Studies
  14. An Interview With Behemoth Dan McKim, a Highland Games Champion
  15. A Simple Tip for Olympic Weightlifting Training
  16. From the Lab to Your Pocket: Groundbreaking Leg Power Measurement With Your iPhone
  17. Building Multi-Directional Strength and Power
  18. How I Became A National Level Olympic Weightlifter In A Year


  1. How Does Usain Bolt Train?
  2. Sprint mechanics in world-class athletes: a new insight into the limits of human locomotion
  3. 21 Questions for JB Morin on the Topic of Speed
  4. Why is Christophe LeMaitre so Damn Fast?
  5. Sprinting Performance is Not Solely About Force Put Into the Ground
  6. Sprint Research, Biomechanics, and Practical Implications – An Interview With Matt Brughelli
  7. An Interview with Carlo Buzzichelli
  8. Simultaneous Hip Extension and Hip Flexion
  9. 4 Reasons Why Athletes Must Sprint
  10. Get More from Your Sprint Workouts
  11. July Research Preview: Sprinting Edition
  12. Reverse Hyper Sprints: The Best Speed Exercise You’re Not Doing
  13. Heavy Sled Towing Trumps Light Sled Towing for Acceleration
  14. Glute Training and Speed Development: A Case Study
  15. October Strength Training Research Preview: Sprinting Edition
  16. Are Usain Bolt’s Sprinting Mechanics in Need of an Overhaul?
  17. Sprinting & Glutes

Sports Science Topics & Research

  1. Basic Biomechanics: Terms and Definitions
  2. Who Are the Experts?
  3. What’s All the Fuss About EMG?
  4. Impact Factors, Peer Review, and Elitism in Science and What We Can Do About It
  5. Should Force, Power, and RFD Outputs be Primary Considerations for Exercise Selection?
  6. Mel Siff on Directional Specificity
  7. The Contreras Files Volume I
  8. The Contreras Files Volume II
  9. The Contreras Files: Volume II
  10. How to Conduct EMG Experiments
  11. Titin and Myotilin Comin’ Through in the Stretch
  12. What You Need to Know About Rhabdomyolysis: Insights from the University of Iowa Incident
  13. November Strength & Conditioning Research Preview: High Intensity Functional Training Edition
  14. How to Make Your Rehab, Deloading, and Peaking More Effective
  15. September Research Roundup: Bench Press Edition
  16. From the lab to your pocket – Part 2: Accurate max strength measurement with your iPhone
  17. What Does Sports Science Research Have to Say About Warming Up?
  18. March Research Preview: Deadlift Edition
  19. Pain Science: An Interview With Pain Expert Jason Silvernail
  20. Insight for Strength Coaches: Power, Full Squats, Correlations, and Training Studies
  21. October Research Roundup: The Recovery Edition
  22. November Research Round-Up: Sleep-Edition
  23. December Research Round-Up: the HRV Edition
  24. February Research Round-Up: Supplement Edition
  25. March Research Round-Up: Muscle Fiber-Types Edition
  26. April Research Round-Up: the Rugby Edition
  27. January Research Round-Up: FMS Edition
  28. The odds of being born a superhero: An examination of the genetic limits to strength
  29. How Does Foam Rolling Work? And Why “SMR” Should be Called “SMT”
  30. December Research Round-Up: Foam Rolling Edition
  31. August Research Preview: Agility Edition
  32. The Illustrated Guide to a PhD
  33. What Can a Wrench Teach You About Strength Training?
  34. February Research Preview: Leg Press Edition
  35. 5 Things I Learned About Training Through Reading Research
  36. May Research Round-Up: Bloodflow Restriction and Hypoxia Training Edition
  37. Are Cheat Reps Beneficial? A Discussion of the Evidence and Implementation
  38. December Strength & Conditioning Research Preview: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for Fat Loss Edition
  39. Ignorant and Incompetent People Aren’t Aware of Their Ignorance and Incompetence
  40. June Research Round-Up: Stretching Edition
  41. July Research Round-Up: Soccer Edition
  42. August Research Round-Up: Push-Up Edition
  43. September Research Round-Up: Rest Period Edition
  44. March Research Round-Up: Pain Science Edition
  45. April Research Round-Up: Muscle Protein Synthesis Edition
  46. April Research Preview: Concurrent Training Edition
  47. June Research Round-Up: Bodybuilding Edition
  48. July Research Round-Up: Fascia Edition
  49. May Research Preview: Strength Edition
  50. Functional Strength Gains by Leg Pressing?
  51. July Research Round-Up: Vibration Training Edition
  52. Strength & Conditioning Research Preview: Muscle Activity Edition
  53. A Larger Muscle is a Stronger Muscle Due to Increased Strength and Leverage
  54. The Bret Contreras Podcast: Episode 4 – Real Functional Training
  55. September Research Preview: Mental Training Edition
  56. October Research Preview: Vertical Jumping Edition
  57. November Research Preview: Stability Specific Edition
  58. December Research Preview: Rate of Force Development Edition
  59. January Research Preview: Resisted Sprinting Edition
  60. February Research Preview: Maximum Strength Edition
  61. February Strength and Conditioning Research Questions
  62. How to Maximize Concurrent Training
  63. Can Motor Unit Recruitment Be Inferred From EMG Amplitude?
  64. Using VMO Research as a Teaching Tool for Understanding Evidence-Based Decision Making
  65. Muscles Cannot Change Size Without Changing Shape
  66. Is the Thermic Effect of Food Higher if You Are Lean?
  67. A Valgus Collapse Epiphany
  68. You Got Guru’d: Postexercise Cold Water Immersion
  69. Squat vs. Hip Thrust vs. Deadlift Study Predictions


  1. Hip Thrust Wiki Page
  2. Gluteus Maximus Research (by Chris Beardsley, reviewed by yours truly)
  3. Ten Steps to the Perfect Hip Thrust
  4. Squats Versus Hip Thrusts: Which is Better?
  5. Heavy Hip Thrusts Done Right are Not Dangerous
  6. Squats Versus Hip Thrusts Part I: EMG Activity
  7. Squats Versus Hip Thrusts Part II: The Twin Experiment
  8. Squats Versus Hip Thrusts Part III: Forcetime Data
  9. Squats Versus Hip Thrusts Part IV: Transfer to Performance
  10. One Small Step for Man; One Giant Thrust for Mankind
  11. How to Design an Optimal Glute Training Program
  12. A Multiplanar Approach is Best for Developing the Glutes
  13. Anatomy of the Perfect Hip Thrusting Station
  14. Evolution of the Hip Thrust: 10 Year Anniversary
  15. Your Optimal Training Frequency for the Glutes Part I: Exercise Type
  16. Hip Thruster 2.0
  17. Yeah, She Thrusts
  18. What Builds the Glutes Best?
  19. Bigger, Better Glutes
  20. Do More than “Just Squat”
  21. Training Glutes on the Smith Machine
  22. How to Train for a Bikini Competition: It’s All About Glutes!
  23. Hip Thrust & Glute Science
  24. New Research: Targeted Glute Activation Training Makes the CNS More Efficient at Recruiting the Glutes
  25. Glute Science
  26. Serious Glute Development for Serious Lifters
  27. Proper Hip Thrust Technique: Head & Neck Position
  28. 12 Tips for Better Hip Thrusts
  29. Practical Glute Training Tips
  30. January Research Round-Up: The Glute Edition!
  31. November Research Round-Up: Gluteus Medius Edition
  32. How to Get a Better Butt: Step Up Your Knowledge
  33. Dispelling the Glute Myth
  34. Advanced Glute Training
  35. I Am the Glute Guy and Here Are My Secrets
  36. How Bodybuilders Train the Glutes
  37. 30-Day Glute Challenge
  38. The 30-Day Ultimate Better Butt Challenge
  39. The 30 Days of Thrusting Challenge
  40. 30 Days of Booty-Blasting Moves
  41. 100-Rep Back Extension Challenge
  42. All About Back Extensions
  43. All About Box Squats
  44. Growing Glutes Without Growing the Legs
  45. The Hip Thrust Plus
  46. Fiber Type Training: The Most Effective Way to Train the Glutes
  47. Knee Valgus (Valgus Collapse), Glute Medius Strengthening, Band Hip Abduction Exercises, and Ankle Dorsiflexion Drills
  48. How do I Keep my Glutes While on Vacation? A Simple Bodyweight Glute Workout
  49. Which Type of Squat Maximizes Glute Activation?
  50. Show Me the Booty!
  51. Progress in Glute Training: It’s Not Always What You’d Expect (But It’s Still Progress)
  52. Kettlebell Swings: Go Heavier for Greater Glute and Hamstring Activation
  53. A Better Way to Teach Barbell Glute Bridges and Back Extensions
  54. A Set of Goblet Squats per Day Keeps the Doctor Away
  55. How Other Pros Train Glutes: Episode 1 With Chris Hitchko
  56. How Other Pros Train Glutes: Episode 2 With Cem Eren
  57. How Other Pros Train Glutes: Episode 3 With STA Sports Performance
  58. Brazilians Know Booty Best: An Interview With Nathalia Melo (Ms. Bikini Olympia Champion)
  59. The Hip Thrust Only Experiment
  60. The Jane Fonda Experiment
  61. Form Analysis Episode 1
  62. Frog Pumps: A Highly Effective Bodyweight Glute Activation Drill
  63. Frog Pumps and Frog Thrusts
  64. Kick-Ass Kim
  65. Poll Results: You Love the Hip Thrust!
  66. A Simple Test for Glute Activity
  67. Which Glute Bridge is Best?: an Amputee Case Study
  68. The Hands-Free Hip Thrust: A Simple (Yet Very Effective) Hip Thrust Teaching Tool
  69. Quadruped Leg Swings
  70. Squats and Deadlifts aren’t Panning Out the Way I Hoped
  71. How to Get the Bar Into Proper Position During Hip Thrusts
  72. How to Get the Bar Over the Thighs When Hip Thrusting
  73. The Glute Guy’s Secrets: The Art of Glute Building Part I – The First Session
  74. The Glute Guy’s Secrets: The Art of Glute Building Part II – Programming
  75. The Glute Guy’s Secrets: The Art of Glute Building Part III – Practical Solutions
  76. 10 Secrets to the Perfect Bodyweight Squat
  77. The Evolution of the Hip Thrust
  78. The Evolution of the Gluteus Maximus
  79. What’s the Best Single Leg Exercise?
  80. How to Do Band Hip Thrusts
  81. Charles Staley on Band Hip Thrusts
  82. The Standing Band Hip Thrust
  83. The Band Kneeling Hip Thrust
  84. Top Ten Hip Thrust Variations
  85. A Squat Devotee No More
  86. Who thinks CrossFit needs a Glute WoD?
  87. How to Burn the Glutes and Get a Glute Pump
  88. Pre-Party/Backstage Glute Pump
  89. Glute Burnouts
  90. Lower Body Training for the Amputee and Able-bodied Athlete Alike
  91. The Effect of Daily Glute Activation Workouts on Maximal Strength Retention
  92. The Year of the Booty: The 25 Best Booty Songs of All Time
  93. How to Hip Thrust
  94. Hip Thrusts Helped Me Deadlift 705 lbs (Over 3.5 Times Bodyweight)
  95. You Can’t Stop the Hip Thrust, and You Won’t Break Our Stride
  96. The Glute Ham Tie-In
  97. A Spectacular Glute Transformation
  98. Sasha’s Glute Transformation Story
  99. Tammy’s Terrific Transformation
  100. Strength Creates Curves
  101. Always Be Thrusting
  102. Glute Training for Men
  103. The Glutes Can Take a Beating
  104. Glute Training: Pay Attention to the Eccentric Phase for Better Results
  105. How to Fix Glute Imbalances
  106. How Do I Know if I Have a Glute Imbalance?
  107. The 2-1 Method for Fixing Glute Imbalances
  108. The Most Effective Squats for Maximizing Glute Activation and Development
  109. The Gluteus Medius – WTF?
  110. Which Variation Produces Greater Glute Activation: Barbell Hip Thrusts, American Hip Thrusts, or Band Hip Thrusts?
  111. Master The Mind-Muscle Connection To Build A Better Butt
  112. Quit Going So Darn Heavy on Hip Thrusts: Train Your Glutes, Not Your Ego
  113. 4 Myths About Female Glute Training
  114. 6 Glute Training Myths
  115. Targeting Different Gluteal Regions
  116. A Multiplanar Approach is Best for Developing the Glutes
  117. Should Women Squat if They Don’t Want Big Legs?
  118. Bret’s Booty-Blasting Protocol
  119. What Are the Best Glute Exercises?
  120. 30 Days to a Big Butt & Great Squat
  121. An Excellent Body Transformation Powered by Serious Glute Strength
  122. How the Best of the Best Train Their Glutes
  123. Band Glute Exercises for the Win: Erin McComb’s Intriguing Training Methods


  1. Are Heavy Kettlebell Swings Better than Deadlifts?
  2. Ask Bret Contreras (ABC): Why Swings Over Jump Squats and Oly Lifts?


  1. 12 Hamstring Exercises for Hardasses
  2. Fantastic Hamstring Movements
  3. Gutting the Glute Ham Raise
  4. Interview With Jurdan Mendigutxia
  5. Inner/Outer Core is B.S.! Another Interview With Jurdan
  6. Are the Hamstrings Really Primarily Fast-Twitch?
  7. October Research Round-Up: Hamstring Injury Edition
  8. How to Isolate the Quads and Hams in a Garage Gym
  9. The Nordic Ham Curl: A Staple Exercise for Athletes
  10. May Research Round-Up: Hamstring Strain Injury Prevention Edition
  11. The Best Damn Posterior Chain Exercises

Core Training

  1. Can’t Turn This
  2. To Crunch or Not to Crunch
  3. A Strong Case for the Rounded Back Deadlift
  4. Standing Rotary Training is Whole Body Training!
  5. Rotational Training
  6. Rotary Training for Badasses
  7. Ab Training for Absolute Badasses!
  8. Topic of the Week – Spinal Rotation Exercises
  9. Topic of the Week #3 – Core Training
  10. The Hollow Body Position and PPT Straight Leg Bridge
  11. Core Stability Training for the Advanced Lifter
  12. Long Lever Posterior Tilt Planks Kick the Shit Out of Traditional Planks
  13. Squats and Deadlifts Won’t Make Your Waist Blocky


  1. First Powerlifting Meet: 20 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make
  2. 9 Best Deadlift Tips
  3. The Effect of Range of Motion and Posture on Isometric Deadlift Strength
  4. 19 Squat & Deadlift Variations
  5. 7 Squat Dilemmas Solved
  6. The Keys to Stronger Squats
  7. The Keys to Stronger Deadlifts
  8. Dynamic Effort Training: BS or Legit?
  9. Calculating Joint Moments in the Squat
  10. 3 Experts – 5 Optimal Training Programs
  11. The Best Damn Bench Press Article Period
  12. Five New Powerlifting Assistance Exercises
  13. Deadlift 5 Plates Like a Champion
  14. An Interview with Marte Elverum – A Women’s Norwegian Elite Powerlifter
  15. The Best Assistance Exercises for the Three Big Powerlifts
  16. Topic of the Week 2 – Best Squat and Deadlift Combination
  17. Topic of the Week #1: Type of Squat
  18. Traditional Squat vs Powerlifting Squat vs Box Squat
  19. Straight Bar Deadlift versus Hex Bar Deadlift
  20. Squats Before Deadlifts
  21. On “Creating Torque” by Screwing the Feet Into the Ground
  22. 8 New Exercises for a Thicker, Stronger Back
  23. 3 Things I Learned At The 2013 World Powerlifting Championships
  24. Glute Training is Good for Powerlifters
  25. Operation Get Strong and Sexy: Week 1
  26. Operation Get Strong & Sexy: Week Two
  27. Operation Get Strong & Sexy: Week Three
  28. Operation Get Strong & Sexy: Week Four
  29. Operation Get Strong & Sexy: Final Weeks of Training & Meet Results!
  30. From Wannabe to the Platform: My First Powerlifting Competition
  31. A Better Way to Cue “Knees Out” in a Squat
  32. Forward Lean in the Squat – is Knee-Dominant or Hip-Dominant Better for Moving More Weight?
  33. Grip Training for Deadlifting
  34. First Powerlifting Meet Results
  35. Second Powerlifting Meet Results
  36. Bret’s Third Powerlifting Meet: What a Crazy Day!
  37. Ronnie Coleman’s First Powerlifting Meet
  38. Reduced Load & Effort for Increased Results
  39. Why Percentages Fail Some Lifters
  40. 3 Hacks to Improve Your Bench Press
  41. Simplify Your Deadlift
  42. A Long Term Plan to Build Your Deadlift
  43. Deadlift Lockout Strength
  44. Why People Must Squat Differently
  45. How to Increase Your Bench Press
  46. How to Increase Your Squat
  47. How to Increase Your Deadlift
  48. Why Do People’s Knees Cave Inward When They Squat?
  49. Why Should I Use “Good” Form if I’m Stronger With “Bad” Form?
  50. Finding Your Ideal Squat Depth
  51. Should I do a Powerlifting Competition?
  52. 5 Smart Assistance Exercise Strategies for Powerlifting And Overall Strength Mastery
  53. The Bret Contreras Podcast Episode 1: Ideal Squat Mechanics
  54. The Bret Contreras Podcast: Episode 2 – The State of S&C Coaching and More Squat Mechanics
  55. How to Become a Metabolic Machine! An Interview With Katie Anne Rutherford
  56. All About Box Squats
  57. Switching Focus from Bikini to Powerlifting
  58. Post Powerlifting Meet Reflections
  59. When Being Anatomically Jacked Can Benefit You

Spinal Health

  1. Current Position Statement on Anterior Pelvic Tilt
  2. Don’t Be Like Donald Duck
  3. Back Pain: The Postural-Structural-Biomechanical (PSB) Model & The Bio-Psycho-Social (BPS) Model
  4. The Sacroiliac Joint Takes a Beating!
  5. The Deleterious Effects of Sitting
  6. How to Get Rid of Chronic Back Pain
  7. Weight Belts: To Wear or Not to Wear
  8. Weightroom Solutions: The Hyperextension-Prone Lifter
  9. Squat Biomechanics: Butt Wink – What is it, What Causes it, & How Can it be Improved?
  10. The Importance of Locking Out With the Glutes: Gluteal and Pelvic Biomechanics
  11. A Day With Stu McGill
  12. Three Hours of Conversation With Dr. Stu McGill
  13. Transcribed Interview With Stu McGill
  14. New Research: The Glute Max is Really Good at Stabilizing the SI Joint
  15. 5 Things You Should Do Everyday
  16. Increase Athleticism in 6 Minutes
  17. Do Sit-Ups Ruin Your Posture?
  18. Learning Proper Form in Strength Training
  19. Neural Flossing for the Strength and Conditioning Professional
  20. Degeneration? More Like “Normal Aging”

Coaching, Personal Training, Programming, & Nutrition Topics

  1. How to Be a Popular & Successful Fitness Authority
  2. Individual Differences: The Most Important Consideration for Your Fitness Results that Science Doesn’t Tell You
  3. Don’t Be a Slave to the Scale
  4. What to Do When an Exercise is Causing Pain or Injury
  5. The Physical Effects of Progressive Strength Training: A Case Study With Tawna Eubanks
  6. How To Get Lean & Sculpted With Limited Time: Why Strength Training Trumps Cardio
  7. Pimping Your Program Design
  8. Flexible Dieting and Foods that Are Truly High in Protein
  9. Basic Screening & Assessment
  10. You Should Definitely Avoid This Movement
  11. Why I Lift, And Why You Should Too
  12. Trust Me, You Have the Time: Fitness Excuses Under Scrutiny
  13. Topic of the Week: What Types of Cues Should Trainers and Coaches Provide?
  14. Muscle Strengthening Doesn’t Fix Form; Motor Control Training Does
  15. 10 Stupid Things Coaches Do
  16. Evidence-Based Coaching
  17. The B & B Connection: Episode 7 – Evidence-Based Fitness
  18. How to Be Successful in the Strength & Conditioning Field
  19. The Difference Between a Bad Trainer and a Good Trainer
  20. The 50 Commandments of Commercial Gym Etiquette
  21. 120 Thoughts and Observations on Training Women
  22. Loving Your Body
  23. Interview With Rob Panariello
  24. Eight Considerations for Weight Room Training
  25. You’ll Never Squat Again: Why Physical Therapists and Doctors Should Learn Some Biomechanics
  26. Fitness is Not Religion or Politics, and there are Many Ways to Construct a Good Training Program
  27. 5 Things Every Fitness Enthusiast Can Learn From Paleo (Even If You Don’t Favor the Diet)
  28. We Are 90% Microbe and 10% Human: Can We Lose Weight by Boosting Good Bacteria With Probiotics & Prebiotics? 
  29. Genetics of the 21st Century: Microbes Affect Disease Susceptibility, Body Weight, and Ability to Build Muscle
  30. Courageous Conversations With Coaches: Anterior Pelvic Tilt With Elsbeth Vaino
  31. A Call to Action for S&C Writers: Quit Using the Term “Intensity”
  32. What’s the Biggest Problem in the S&C Industry?
  33. How to Be the Worst Personal Trainer Ever!
  34. The B & B Connection: Episode 3 – Periodization
  35. The B & B Connection: Episode 5 – Good Versus Bad Exercises
  36. If You Could Only Do One Lift…
  37. How to Graduate from a Powerlifter to a Strength Coach
  38. How to Strip the Weight Off of the Bar After Heavy Deadlifts
  39. What The Gambler Can Teach You About Strength Training
  40. A Response to the Internet Expert
  41. Threat and Performance: Central Governors
  42. Should the Rehabilitation and Strength and Conditioning Professional Abandon “Traditional” Bi-lateral Leg Exercise for Single Leg Exercise Performance?
  43. Considerations in Athletic Performance Enhancement Training: Overhead Weight Room Exercises
  44. Rehabilitation vs. Athletic Performance Enhancement Training: Are we Asking Questions that are Already Answered?
  45. Protein: The Most Important Macronutrient for Weight Loss?
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