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  • Mike Hurst says:

    Hi Brett
    Congrats on your PhD it is deserved and a tribute to you and your conscientious work.
    My question and constant source of frustration in reading studies on strength/power/weightlifting as they affect sprinting is that the studies I have seen only measure force/time over 40m or less distance – all of which is acceleration phase or drive phase if you prefer to use John Smith’s terminology.
    So I get it that 1/4-squats or hip thrust gym training enhances sprinting during the acceleration phase.
    But I coach the 400m and wish to know what kind of weights would most benefit sprinters in the maximum velocity phase (running position) and thereafter in the maintenance phase which as you know would last maybe 340m of the one-lap dash.
    I suspect a combination of full squats which activate glutes quite well and 1/4 squats or hip thrusts which also strength the primary and secondary hip extensors might be a good if not the best option in the gym as supplementary training.

    Would love to know of any studies which may address the long sprint strength topic or if you may design a study and work on another higher degree for yourself while helping the rest of the plodders like me 😩😅

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