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Random Post

| Random Thoughts | 3 Comments
Hi Fitness Friends! Here are links to studies, articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, and Instagram posts that I've been involved with (or ones that I thought were interesting) in the past…

The No Barbell Experiment On Squat And Deadlift And Hip Thrust Strength: The Results

| Glute Lab Experiments, Glute Training, Glutes | 7 Comments
The results are in: Going 5 weeks without any lower body barbell training (I did smith machine squats, lever machine squats, smith machine good mornings, lever machine good mornings, hammer…

Random Thoughts

| Random Thoughts | 2 Comments
What's happening, fitness friends and followers? Hope you are ready to expand your fitness horizons because it's time for another roundup of Random Thoughts and interesting links from yours truly.…

Science is Self-Correcting – The Case of the Hip Thrust and its Effects on Speed

| Glute Training, Speed, Sport Specific Training, Sports Science Topics, Sports Science Topics & Research | 57 Comments
The hip thrust has gained a lot of momentum in the past decade, and people employ the hip thrust in their training for a variety of reasons. I recently polled…

August Research Preview – Recovery Edition

| Sports Science Topics, Sports Science Topics & Research, Strength & Conditioning Research Previews, Uncategorized | No Comments
The S&C Research Review comes out on the first day of every month. Here is a preview of the August 2017 “Recovery” edition, which comes out next Tuesday. Just click…

The No Barbell Experiment on Squat and Deadlift and Hip Thrust Strength

| Glute Lab Experiments, Glute Training, Glutes | 11 Comments
I've decided to conduct a little experiment on myself. For no good reason aside from curiosity and pure passion for strength training science, I am going to perform zero barbell…