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Do Coaching Cues Matter for Pain & Injury Prevention?

| Sports Science Topics & Research | No Comments
I recently made a post on Instagram that upset some physical therapists, strength coaches, and pain scientists, who felt I wasn't being evidence-based. Although I've read a lot of research on the…

Recent Glute and Hip Thrust Research for 2020-2021

| Glutes, Sports Science Topics & Research | No Comments
I would like to try to do this at the beginning of each year - that is, post titles and links to abstracts of all the glute and hip thrust…

Hip Thrust Variations Survey Results

| Glutes | No Comments
A couple of months ago, I put together this survey to get up-to-date data on all things hip thrusts. I promised I would share the results so I'll be going…

How to Perform Single-Leg Hip Thrusts (12 Excellent Variations)

| Glutes | No Comments
* Please note that there are 16 animated GIFs embedded in this post. If it's slow to load and you see gaping holes in the post, be patient as the…

Update from Las Vegas

| Random Thoughts | No Comments
As most of you already know, I moved to Las Vegas two weeks ago. Click HERE to read why. Since so many of you have been DMing me inquiring about…

15 Random Thoughts

| Random Thoughts | 18 Comments
Hi fitness friends! I have 15 random thoughts to share with you today, in no particular order of importance. Daily Glute Appearance Many of my clients will be looking in…