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Glute Burnouts

By March 11, 2015November 1st, 2016Glute Training, Glutes

Here at the Glute Lab, I’ve been giving my clients glute burnouts at the end of their training sessions (follow me on Instagram HERE). We always start off with our heavy work (ex: squats, deadlifts, barbell hip thrusts, bench press, chins, front squats, block pulls, Bulgarian split squats), then we make sure to finish off with something that burns the heck out of the glutes. An example session might look like this:

Back squat 3 x 3-5 (or Bulgarian split squat 3 x 8)
Block pull 3 x 3-5 (or barbell hip thrust 3 x 8)
Close grip bench press 3 x 5-8 (or incline press 3 x 8)
Feet elevated inverted row 3 x 5-8 (or band assisted chin-ups 3 x 8)
Glute burnout 3 rounds

These glute burnouts can be done in a variety of ways, but basically you want to pair up some frontal/transverse plane glute work with some sagittal plane glute work. For example, you could superset high rep band seated hip abductions with high rep barbell hip thrusts, or high rep lateral band walks with high rep bodyweight back extensions.

Five months ago, I came up with Bret’s Booty Blasting Protocol. That was my favorite burnout at the time (it was pure hip extension based with no frontal/transverse plane activity in the mix), but now I have a new favorite glute burnout. Here’s the protocol:

20 reps band hip abductions
20 reps double band hip thrusts (bands around knees and hips)
20 reps narrow stance band hip thrusts

Band reps are done rather quickly, so each rep is around 1 second in duration. The entire burnout usually lasts around 60 seconds long, so 3 rounds is 3 minutes of time under tension for the gluteals, with some serious build up of metabolic stress. Here’s a video so you can see how it’s done:

Obviously the best way to do this is with a Hip Thruster!

If you don’t have a hip thruster, you can set up in a power rack or use dumbbells to pin the bands down.

This picture of Katie Coles is from 2009 in my old garage!

This picture of Katie Coles is from 2009 in my old garage!

Give this glute burnout protocol a try and start doing different glute burnouts at the end of your training sessions and let me know what you think.


  • Sarah says:

    Thanks for this video 🙂 Where can I get the bands you use Bret?

  • Marieta Petrova says:

    Hi, Bret!
    I have been reading your posts and watching your videos the last few days. I have to admit, this is all very inspiring:)

    I was wondering how to get your ” Strong curves” in Bulgaria…. Seems really hard to find.Any ideas?

    Greetings and thanks for all the info you provide us,

    Marieta 🙂

    • Bret says:

      Hmmm, I don’t know Marieta. You guys can’t purchase off of Amazon UK? I wish I could be of help to you, but I don’t know the answer. Sorry!

    • Whitney says:

      If you have a Nook or the Nook reading app on your phone, you’ can purchase it on that. I’m not sure about other e-readers though.

  • Sofi says:

    What’s the primary goal for glute burnouts? Is it to tone/shape the glutes or to increase glute size? Thanks!

    • Bret says:

      Sofi, for the most part, the only remodeling you can do is hypertrophying the fibers or allowing them to atrophy. Much of how your body responds is based on your diet. If you do these while gaining weight, your glutes will grow. If you do these while losing weight, you’ll retain your glute size so you just lose fat. Either way, your butt ends up looking better.

  • Juan says:

    Hey Bret.

    I am long time follower aplying your Glute Science with my wife, with great succes.

    One question..
    What is the difference of doing the hipthrust with feet seperated and feet close together??


    • Bret says:

      Juan, see the video. The reason why I have her do this is to extend the set. The glutes are fatigued and can no longer hip thrust with a wide stance due to the band resistance, so you can narrow the stance and keep pushing hip extension.

  • Ivona says:

    Once again, great article Bret! Thank you so much for always sharing your favorite exercises & techniques. I stayed incorporating your glute building plan into my routine 3 months ago and the results have been absolutely amazing! I’ve gotten more results in the last 3 months then I have in the last 7 years of training.

  • ipek says:

    Hi Bret!
    I wasnt aware of glute activating before I knew you. So legs developed more and butt couldnt catch up. I ve read your detailed blog post about weekly glute program. However how weekly routine should be for the glutes to catch up legs?
    Thank u♡

    • ipek says:

      Btw I ve already read ur post ”growing glutes not the legs” but How weekly routine should be for a fast and better catch up

      • Bret says:

        ipek, there are many ways to do this. You could just tack these glute burnouts onto the end of every training session throughout the week. Or you could stop training quads and hams specifically and just do 3 days of hip thrusts, back extensions, kickbacks, lateral band walks, etc. Quads and hams still get worked but not like they do when squatting, deadlifting, lunging, leg curling, etc.

  • Iris says:

    great post and video , will try this

  • Shelley says:

    Tried this out today – awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Definitely more than when I do the booty blasting protocol.

  • Ashley says:


    Thanks for the video!! Did these today and felt the burn. Thanks for the alternative method with anchoring the bands with heavy DB’s. I kept trying to do it in the squat rack and couldn’t get any solid tension, but the DB’s worked like a charm. Thanks again!!

  • Riyadh says:

    Hey bret can you please answer my question. Is it really true that using the reverse hyper machine with attachment activates the lower back muscles and erector spinae greater than strap.


  • Ben Bruno says:

    Nice! I like it.

  • Lyne Gagnon says:

    I have to tell you even though I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, I’ve finally changed my goal and started to train my glutes (had a slow start activating my glutes) and I’m a believer!! In just two weeks, there is way less giggling, my balance is improving and I can actually do lunges now. So thank you for all the videos and technics, the research behind it and the success stories. All of it is motivating and inspirational. So gym time is focused more on strength training and less on cardio.

  • Raine says:

    Hi Bret,
    Is it possible to do a glute burnout with something like cable abductions, feet and shoulder elevated hip thrusts (both legs, possibly with a light barbell) and finish off with single leg feet elevated hip thrusts? If I do this after activation exercises and 3 sets of 6-12 reps of 3 lower body exercises (ie lunges, deadlifts, heavy barbell hip thrusts), is that too much?
    Thanks 🙂

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