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The Bret Contreras Podcast: Episode 3 – Bodypart Splits versus Total Body Training


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Today’s episode discusses bodypart split training versus total body training. In addition, I review some of the last month’s blogposts. I hope you enjoy it! Here’s the break down:

Bodypart Split versus Total Body Training Discussion: 0:30 – 26:50
JB Morin Interview Discussion: 26:51 – 29:58
Functional Movement Guru Discussion: 29:59 – 37:21
Glute Training for Men Discussion: 37:22 – 41:37
Muscles Can’t Change Shape Discussion: 41:38 – 44:08
Glute Burnouts Discussion: 44:09 – 47:30
The Most Dangerous Exercise Discussion: 47:31 – 53:50


Phil Heath: Mr. Olympia


Links from the Podcast

Sprint mechanics in world-class athletes: a new insight into the limits of human locomotion

How to Become a Functional Movement Guru in 40 Easy Steps

Glute Training for Men

Muscles Cannot Change Size Without Changing Shape

Glute Burnouts

The Most Dangerous Exercise of All!


One Comment

  • Joe Miller says:

    Bret, I discovered this podcast 2 years after you produced it!! It’s great material!! I wish I could download it but it looks like you have had to remove it from the download sites.

    In any case, your discussion of the body part split versus whole body training was really refreshing. It’s really nice to hear an educated fair-minded assessment of the pros and cons, without anything being “sold” to me.


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