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Hi fitness friends. I’m pleased to announce the new Hip Thruster 2.0 design!

Hip Thruster barbell band

The Hip Thruster is the best way to do the hip thrust – stable and versatile!

Basically, we did the following:

  1. Switched the default color from red to metallic (this was my call; the new color exudes manliness IMO). Custom colors are still available.
  2. Used Sorinex’s laser-cutter to have thinner metal (I love this sleek new look).
  3. Augmented the design
  4. Provided band pegs on the foot plate to allow for band-resisted deadlifts and other band-resisted exercises
  5. Switched the primary band peg design to resemble a “T,” which allows for more versatility
  6. Wrapped the padding on the back support to increase comfort

In the video below I review the key changes.

Below are some pictures that showcase the new model.

P1030429 P1030430 P1030425 P1030426 P1030409 P1030408


  • Leo says:

    I like the new design of the T Bar for better band placement, well done. For those who currently own 1.0, are you considering selling the T bar as an alternative part for purchase. You could easily put a thread on the short end and use a nut to fasten it to the current hole set up in 1.0. In fact with the numerous holes in 1.0 you would have more options for best fit. This would allow those of us that own 1.0 to easily adapt it to the new and better design.

  • Abbey Horrell says:

    Hi there how much for your new hip thrust 2.0 and rough shipping to new Zealand?

  • glen says:

    When is it available and what’s the cost?

  • Bret,

    Do you know if a trap bar would work with those band pegs? Or are the pegs at a width that would have the plates on top of the pegs?


  • Joel says:

    I love that added platform and pegs! Not too far from purchasing.

  • theng boon chin says:

    Hi bret,

    is this available in asia?

  • Cyndi says:

    Would this have alternate storage options or would it have to stay set up in the room.

  • Izzy says:

    I’d love to buy a hip thruster, but it is just so very expansive, if you live outside the US. Why does the outside US Hipthruster cost more than 200€ more than the US one, if you have to pay for shipping on top of that?

  • Kristin says:

    Hi Bret,

    Sorry to comment on a post and ask an unrelated question.. However! You’re quite the unattainable man to contact (I can imagine why that is if you have loads of questions per day, or I’m just the only one struggling to find contact details.. Unsure).
    Anyhow! I saw in a Facebook post you’re coming to New Zealand to defend your PhD! Exciting times and goodluck – when you’re here do you think you’ll hold a seminar at all? Would love to see you speak and I’m a Kiwi so perfect timing it seems. Have looked into your conference in Sydney and am contemplating making a weekend of it, but if you’re planning on speaking while you’re here in NZ, would love to know the details! 🙂


    • Charles Nankin says:

      Sounds great Kristin. With the NZ and AUS sporting culture being so strong, its great for Bret to speak there: NZ and AUS are among the top Olympic medal winners in recent times, when adjusting for population and other factors.

  • Anna Bowling says:

    Is the hip thruster 2.0 available for purchase ?

  • Where can I get those various bands?

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