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February Research Round-Up: Hypertrophy Edition


  • Karbon says:

    Regarding: The effects of low volume resistance training with and without advanced techniques in trained participants

    I read they used a rather unusual cadence of 4 second positive, 2 second hold, and 4 second negative (10 seconds total per repetition. Do you think the findings of the study can be transfered to normal rep speeds (explosive up, controlled down)?
    I would also be interested to know how the rusults of 2 or 3sets with repetitions to self-determined repetition maximum would have been.
    Also they used an rest pause style, I never use. I prefer a set to self-determined repetition maximum, a short pause an then some more reps.

  • James Steele says:

    Hi Karbon,

    Good question regarding the use of 2-3 sets of reps to self determined RM. We currently have a paper in review that has compared two more ecologically valid training appraoches – traditional HIT style training (single sets to MMF with drop sets) to more traditional multiple set training (3 sets to self determined RM).

    Some interesting findings both for strength outcomes and from questionnaire based data regarding participants subjective assessments of the training. Hopefully will be published some time soon.


  • Will Vatcher says:

    I’m really chuffed these studies(particularly the first two) were done. I’m a big proponent of rest pause myself. Nice to see a roughly volume matched study. Great stuff.

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