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January Research Round-Up: The Glute Edition!


  • LC says:

    Great info–thanks! But *what* is dripping from that gluteus maximus…? 🙂

  • IM says:

    Hi Bret, I’m a huge fan. I’ve been training my glutes and legs for a year now and seem to be hitting a plateau in growth. Going in, my goal was to add inches to my hips and bum, and I managed to add about 3 inches to my measurements in one year, training my glutes three times a week. I’ve worked up to heavy lifts (100 lb+) and do hip thrusts/ glute bridges, donkey kicks, leg extensions/abductors and various types of squats and lunges. I keep the reps low (5-7) and constantly adding weight to ensure continued growth. I eat a high protein diet, with supplements on days I lift and plenty of healthy carbs. The problem is, I haven’t really seen any gains in a few months and I suspect I’m in a plateau. My goal is to gain two more inches so the fact that I’m not seeing progress anymore is frustrating and disheartening. Do you have any advice on busting plateaus in glute gains? People have advised me to cut my hour long workouts shorter, try drop sets, take week long breaks and eat more, but nothing has helped. Any advice would be so helpful.

    • Bret says:

      IM, get Strong Curves and stick to the plan or join Get Glutes. You need to continue with progressive overload and keep gaining strength without sacrificing quality. It takes time. Some people level off, some people keep gaining linearly, and others zig-zag in progress, so don’t give up.

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