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  • Herbert. says:

    “Individuals engaging in pain catastrophizing are found to be often ruminating about their pain, magnifying their pain, and feeling helpless about managing their pain.”
    This is another comment in which I emphasize on improving ones diet. Firstly, it is essential we place greater importance on finding the root cause(s) as opposed to simply addressing symptoms. When trying to stop the degradation of joints/tissues/blood/teeth etc & essentially controlling, elimating or stopping the pain from even occuring in the first place, improving your dietary intake is essential. Poor dietary practices can result in degradation (pain). We must learn that our food must be our medicine & our medicine should be contained in our food. Being dedicated to eating what nature provided us with (Vegetables/Herbs/Spices/Herbal teas/Fruits/Nuts/Seeds etc) is where the true healing power for the body lies. Every continenet has been gifted the foods/herbs/spices etc (some unique), which prolong life. Nutritional therapy is ultimately the best form of therapy for the body.

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