• Alex says:

    Strength Exercises and Sprint Speed:
    The conclusions lead me to believe that Dan John knows what he is talking about! The list is his favorite exercises.

    Anyway, nice work, Bret. I always enjoy these write ups.

  • Michael T. says:

    Dear Bret,

    Thanks to your hard work, the online strength and fitness community has real and current information, research and debate, not just anecdotal remarks or drug supported bodybuilding tradition. I am glad to see that our “sport” is not limited to recruiting frat boys and past bullied misfits that need muscle to get attention from their equally insecure and phony female counterparts. (Sorry for being so negative, I have been working out at lots of different big-box gyms lately, and I see why normal folks keep their distance! It’s like a congregation of douche bags and those who believe big arms are revenge against getting punked in Jr High! Ha!)

    Anyway, the real reason I wrote: My takeaway from this article is the reinforcement of the idea that those with fabulous physiques and matching athleticism don’t get it from lifting heavy in slow, strict form, but rather moving the body in space against various resistances. Power is not strength per se, it’s the intersection of strength and speed. The good thing is that I should do more training out in the fabulous California weather… The not so good part is that it will be much harder to recruit folks to push a sled or hip thrust than it is to drive a leg press while watching one of six tv monitors!

    Michael T.

  • A very interesting article on rugby players. I have always believed in the effectiveness of power cleans and front squats and other lower body exercises for speed, quickness and power runs to give the person a competitive edge.

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