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  • Frank says:

    Hi Bret,
    in your review of the Tendon cross-sectional area – study you wrote:

    “This suggests that tendons do not grow similarly with increasing muscle size following prolonged resistance training, which might explain the tendency for tendon injuries among strength athletes.”

    My questions:

    1. Do strength athletes really have a relevant (or high) risk of tendon injuries (compared to other athletes, or a non training population)?
    2. What is your take on periodisation of strength training for novices to get a better adaption of passive structures like ligaments, cartilage, bones etc. before lifting heavy (heavy meaning sets of five and lower). With periodisation I mean for instance working with sets of 15-20 for 8 weeks, followed by sets of 8-12 for 8 weeks and after this going over to heavier sets. The idea behind this is obviously that muscles adapt faster to resistance training than passive structures (better blood flow, more nutrients etc.). Rippetoe for instance thinks periodisation for novices is bullshit.


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