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Instructional Youtube Videos

By February 8, 2013January 28th, 2016Strength Training

Each year I post a new blog showcasing all the different instructional videos I’ve posted on YouTube to date. Here are all of them (64 total), in chronological order:

Hip Thrust



Band Hip Rotation

Back Extension

Glute Ham Raise

Box Squat

Rack Pull

Bulgarian Split Squat

Bodyweight Hip Thrust Variations

American Deadlift

Chops, Lifts and Pallof Presses

Eccentric Accentuated Ab Mat Crunch

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Floor Press

Shoulder and Foot Elevated Hip Thrust

Double Standing Hip Abduction

Double Quadruped Hip Transverse Abduction

Single Leg Abducted Deadlift

RKC Plank

Updated RKC Plank

Deficit Reverse Lunge

Back Extension

Gliding Leg Curl

Posture Corrector

Monster Walks & Sumo Walks

Biomechanics of the Lumbopelvic Hip Complex

Squat Biomechanics and “Butt Wink” 

Bodyweight Box Squats, Hip Hinges, and Glute Bridges

Hip Flexor Stretches

Updated Hip Thrust

Top Squat Device

Long Lever Posterior Pelvic Tilt Plank

Squat Cueing

How to Determine if You Have a Glute Imbalance

Maximal Deadlifts

Kettlebell Deadlift/Swing Hybrid

Simple Squat Correction

How to Perform Sumo Deadlifts 

Barbell Glute Bridge

Back Extension


Are All Hip Extension Exercises Created Equal?

Cable Hip External Rotation

The Goblet Squat

Stretching Tips

Band Side Lying Clam

Bench Squeezes

Glute Burners

B-Stance Squat

B-Stance Deadlift

Band Hip Thrusts

How to Strip Plates off the Bar After Heavy Deadlifts

Military Press

Bent Over Row

Romanian Deadlifts, American Deadlifts, Stiff Legged Deadlifts, and Straight Leg Deadlifts

Band Standing Hip Thrust

How to Get the Bar Into Position During Hip Thrusts

Quadruped Leg Swings

Band Kneeling Hip Thrusts

Back Extensions

Band-Assisted Nordic Ham Curl

Glute Burnout

Quit Going so Darn Heavy on Hip Thrusts

Dead-Stop Reset Push-Ups

Frog Pumps

Partner Workout

Proper Hip Thrust Form

All About Box Squats

Barbell hip thrusts, American hip thrusts and Band hip thrusts: Which Activates the Glutes the Best?




  • Anoop says:

    Just saw the new site, Brett. Simple and very clean. Love the pic too.

  • maureen says:

    Thanks for all the great videos. Its Saturday night at the movies at my house starring Bret the glute master.

  • Christer says:

    Brett you are the best there is in the biz ! i am from norway, is it possible to get in contact with you ?

  • karina says:

    Thank you Bret for this awesome videos and I appreciate all the hard work you do!

  • Joe says:

    Bret, I was watching the glute imbalance video and was interested in locating the article that you wrote on how to fix the glute imbalances. The link from the video no longer works. Thanks

  • dave says:


    Any idea how to stop the adductors dominating with glute bridges especially single leg ones?

    • Derrick Blanton says:

      Hey Dave, coincidentally this is something that I’ve been playing around with to correct valgus collapse on SQ’s, and your post made me think that it might work for HT’s as well.

      Take a 2.5-lb. plate, and place it under the outside heel on your working hip side. Bare feet please.

      Now focus on pushing through the plate (lateral heel) as you bridge/thrust. If you keep the force on the outside of the heel with the plate acting as proprioceptive feedback, you may feel your glute taking back over for your adductor to extend the hip.

      Why does this work?

      The adductor is to some extent “disabled” due to shifting the force to the lateral heel side and corresponding lateral hip. You are now forcing the load to the glute medius side of the hip.

      This effectively creates a supinating force running from the hip down the leg through to the outside of the heel. This rocks because as the glutes extend, they also torque outwards. Note how the glute muscle fibers travel in a diagonal direction across the hip. This is how “screwing the hip into the socket” manifests where the rubber literally hits the road.

      The idea is that this will help establish a new motor program, and then you can ditch the plate, as you will have an “imaginary” plate on your hard drive.

      Anyway, worth a shot, right? Here’s a short video demo in case this sounds mysterious and complicated; it’s actually pretty practical and easy to setup:

      Good luck!

      • dave says:

        Thanks Derrick

        I’ll give it a shot.

        I also found I have some trigger points in the adductors but they are awkward to get at.

  • David hudson says:

    Sweet videos bro!
    That’s how instruction videos should be made.
    Love reading your articles.

  • maureen says:

    The other day I did a workout that included both rack pulls and Hip thrusts. Normally they are done on different days. It was the first time I have ever felt my lower back while doing the hip thrust. The first two reps hurt but it was pain free for the rest of the set. This happened on each set. Was this because of the rack pulls or is it because my form is bad on my hip thrusts. I was thinking maybe getting the weight up there I was using my back. I am still fairly new to these exercises (6 months) so not sure if my form is spot on..Or maybe my rack pull form is the problem. I do keep the bar touching my shins and keep it close throughout. Any thoughts

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