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August Research Round-Up: Push-Up Edition


  • Roberto says:

    Great article and information. I did have one question related to stimulating different areas of the pectorals. Is their a variation of push up other then dips that would stimulate the lower or nipple area of the pecs to a greater degree? I have always heard hands elevated was best but then a band would need to come into play soon since you would be using less body weight on this variation.

  • Brian says:

    I like just stacking 45s on myself for push ups in sets of 5. Anytime I’ve had heavy push ups in my training my shoulders always feel great. Hooray for closed chain activities.

  • brad says:

    The strength increases sounds like beginner gains. A 22% increase in 1rm bench press from 10 workouts? How many trainees that have done more than 12 months time under the bar could increase their 1rm from 10 workouts by 22%?? Even on gear thats unheard of in trained populations

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