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  • Tobias says:

    So the SIC group worked for 90 seconds, while the KB-HIIT group worked for 160×3 seconds? Is that comparison even meaningful? I must be missing something. 🙂

  • Ron says:

    I’ve gotten pretty good results with what could be considered HIFT. On Tuesdays I do Tabatas on the exercise bike and Thursdays I do them running. I was looking for a nice change of pace for Saturdays that wouldn’t kill me, so I grab a 120 pound barbell and do 10 front squats followed by 10 RDLs and 10 bent over rows and ten bench presses. I grab a 70 pound bar and do 10 clean and press. I rest for about a minute at most and do it again. I try for three times through the first week, four times through the second week, five times through the third week and do a dropback of just one time through, but I do each to failure the fourth week. It’s absolutely not for everybody, but I like it and seem to get great results from it. It doesn’t interfere with my regular strength workouts either that I notice. You can adjust the weight accordingly and maybe start with 5 reps per exercise and go up from there. Sort of a modified complex that I really like.

    Something that I really don’t like is the semantics with naming things and changing it ever so slightly and giving it a different name. Oh well, whatever.

  • CC says:

    Hi Bret– thank you much for this article. I think I have been doing a form of HIFT for awhile now and really enjoy the workouts. I have a few questions: is HIFT considered the same as Metcon/circuit training as weights? And how does HIFT compare to a lifting heavy strength program? Will HIFT give me similar results to the latter? Thank you in advance!

  • Tobi says:

    Hi Bret, reading this Blog post, it’s the first time I hear about the term “HIFT”. I actually don’t see the difference to HIIT. I consider most of the forms of the here shown HIFT routines as standard HIIT routines. It’s a fancy new word but HIIT performed with resistance training equipment is still HIIT. I don’t see the need to come up with another term.

    Thanks for the article, it was anyhow really interesting.

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