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Ever wondered how the crème de la crème in the fitness world train their glutes? Below, I have compiled glute training videos from 26 top bikini, figure, and fitness models. These are the ladies who tend to finish in the top 10 in the Ms. Bikini Olympia and Arnold Classics, and the ladies who are most popular for their remarkable glute development. Click on the name to visit the ladies’ Instagram accounts.

Upon watching the videos, you will notice that nobody “just squats“. Every single one of these ladies love their variety and angles. They perform vertical movements including variations of squats, lunges, deadlifts, and good mornings. They perform horizontal movements including variations of hip thrusts, kickbacks, back extensions, and reverse hypers. And, they perform lateral movements including variations of seated hip abductions, cable standing hip abductions, and lateral band walks.

My Strong by Bret members and Glute Lab clients perform exercises from each of these categories in every workout, which is one of the reasons why my clients have been very successful in the glute department. I hope you take the time to watch these videos as it’ll improve your appreciation for comprehensive glute training.

Michelle Lewin

Amanda Kuclo (Latona)

Ashley Kaltwasser

Nathalia Melo-Wilson

Jessica Arevalo

Justine Munro

Jessie Hilgenberg

Callie Bundy

India Paulino

Janet Layug

Courtney King

Tawna Eubanks

Yarishna Ayala

Erin Stern

Christina Vargas

Stacey Alexander

Angelica Teixeira

Michelle Sylvia

Narmin Assria

Stephanie Mahoe

Margret Gnarr

Anya Ells

Sara Back

Francesca Lauren

Pauline Nordin

Vida Guerra

Gracyanne Barbosa


  • Lela says:

    These are so inspiring! Can you get the results at home? I dont belong to a gym but still want to do glute training. Any suggestions?

    • Lela, keep in mind that these are the best-bootied women on the planet. Can you get these results? If you have amazing genetics then yes. But these ladies have also been training for many years. So don’t expect to look like any of them within 3 months. I do believe that you can achieve an incredible physique with bodyweight training, but you have to understand how to progress over time. I recommend my Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy book. I also recommend buying some minibands and doing glute exercises with them – they’re just a few bucks each.

  • Chuck Trapp says:

    The top picture . . . who is the blond woman in the picture? Absolutely striking! And the woman to her right with her back to the audience is amazing as well . . . . !!!!!

  • Nicole says:

    Thank you, Bret! You are the best – thanks for taking the time to collect and share helpful info and workouts!

  • pamela says:

    excellent note, great ideas. i love these girls workouts, except barbosa, she bought her ass.

  • Kayla McColl says:

    Wow Bret what an awesome collection!! Thank you so much for compiling this and thank you for all the work you have done to educate us female lifters on the importance of heavy, varied glute training! I have seen such a difference since learning about your blog several years ago and you only continue to educate and share! I consistently refer my friends and family to you for your expertise, and feel confident trusting your articles and the ones you share. I am a Canadian bikini competitor, certified personal trainer and certified secondary school teacher and only follow blogs I truly respect and admire. Keep it up and come host a glute seminar in Vancouver soon!!

  • Pat Hurbut says:

    Great list!!
    Some add-ons that also have some videos (and AMAZING glutes): Abby Pollock is phenomenal. Anllella Sagara is a goddess! Marissa Rivero, Lauren Drain, Katy Hearn, Eva Andressa, Caitlin Rice, Hope Beel, Linda Durbesson, Paige Hathaway, Rosanna Arkle, Katya Elise, Lisa Morales, Lais Deleon, Julia Gilas, Sandra Prikker, Brittany Perille, Valeria Orsini, Ana Cheri …. but that’s just a few that I like. 😉

  • Linn Langerud says:

    Thank you Bret! Just what I needed, I am allways looking for inspiration for how to train my glutes, and here you are serving it to me on a silverplate!! You have no idea how much my glutes have developed sine I started to read your blog. Glute-training is really science, and reading your blog makes it all so much easier for me to understand and find new methodes. I live in Oslo, Norway and trains at a really great gym/performance center called Magnat Center ( Let me know if you want a trainingbuddy, and awesome glute-sesh and a free drop-in the next time you are in town!!:) Linn

  • Tina says:

    Hey Bret- I absolutely love your articles! the information, the time you take to do these is wonderful! I follow most of these ladies on IG and also Lyzabeth Lopez but my question is we all can do these exercises but without proper food to the body, the booty can’t grow (my issue) how does one whose doing all these 2-3x a week grow the booty? Also a vegetarian eater so getting the meat is not a option either..

  • Lorraine says:

    Interesting to note is that Ashley K seems to not perform a full range of motion in many of her movements. Further, she seems to do her movements at a very fast pace- not what we are traditionally told to do. I always hear to lift “slow and controlled” and “pause at the top.” I wonder if this plays a role in how she seems to have small, but very tight nicely shaped glutes?? Might be something to investigate. Trainer Tracy Anderson swears by smaller movements. I hear competitors frequently saying they want to come in “tighter” for the next show but I do not know what they are referring to. Leaner? Smaller but more defined? Less water weight?

  • Adrian says:

    Hi Bret!

    Been obsessed with growing my butt for years and following your guidelines, and while my butt has greatly improved from the side, I’m wondering how to make it look wider and rounder from the back? Example: looking at my back, my butt is still more [_I_] than (__I__) ! At one point I was doing tons of hip abduction work but I didn’t notice a difference. Is it just a genetic thing that can’t be fixed? Thanks!

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