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I always enjoy observing how other trainers and coaches train glutes with their clients and athletes, so I thought up this series. It’s nice to see training clips involving a broad range of clientele, so I intend on highlighting methods used with everyday Joes and Janes in addition to collegiate and professional athletes.

Cem Eren is an Oregon-based personal trainer who I’ve known for over a decade. Cem is one of the few people in this world who is more addicted to exercise equipment than I am – he always has to have the latest, greatest stuff, and he’s incredibly innovative with whatever equipment he has access to.  I asked Cem to film some of his methods (I told him to include the regular meat and potatoes stuff in addition to some not-so-regular stuff to spice it up) and here is what he came up with:

Check out Cem’s clientele. It’s interesting that Cem also specializes in training professional boxers, and he trains figure competitors and even beginners, but here I’m selecting his bikini competitors to show off their glutes:


Cem Eren is a strength and physique coach training out of his gym, Gem Fitness in Tigard, Oregon. He is certified by ACE, NASM, and USA Boxing Coach and trains a variety of clientele and athletes with a specialty in professional boxers and professional physique competitors. Follow him on social media:




Cem Eren


  • Linda Arpa says:

    I saw that coach Cem was offering an online glute training program. I am very interested in finding out more info about it. I have been following both of you for a long time. I have read everything Bret has written (I think) lol. I am still having a difficult time with seeing results.

  • Jamie says:

    Huuuuge fan of this guy as well and his unique glute training methods. Also love when I see collabs by two people whos work I follow! Would love to be closer to a place that has all the custom equipment that he posts from the Lion’s Den! Looking for more recommendations on “Glute Guy Approved” coaches/trainers/researchers. Feel like there aren’t enough “science-based” and “research-based” coaches out there (i’m San Diego local) that do very specific, and purposeful programming. Thanks for sharing Bret!

  • Lorraine Kempton says:

    Bad a** exercises! Can’t wait to try some myself 🙂

  • cheryl says:

    Hi Bret, I am a chiropractor for 23 years teaching my patients everything but chiropractic. Its effect is a diminishing one if they don’t wake up. Those sleeping muscles I mean.
    I see my work as an emergency measure and then use it as a catalyst to push patients to look at the why of pain.
    And don’t we all know posture, posture, posture, and at times injury…which leads back to posture. created by guarded muscle movements.
    To the point (finally), where can I find some of these machines that I see in the above video? Can I use existing machines and change the movement patterns? It seems yes but I see the platform with the pulleys..
    The only disclaimer here is I live in Italy. Poor behind Italy when we talk progressive therapies.
    Great food tho!
    Come and visit sometime! Time to start pushing your stuff here!

  • Jenny Leonard says:

    Loved watching the video. Great new ideas for glute building. Thanks for sharing. Now, can Cem release his training play mix?!?! His music was top notch! 🙂

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