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20 Incredible Feats of Strength

By March 21, 2015September 19th, 2016Strength, Strength Training

I love watching incredible feats of strength, whether they’re performed by men or women. This blogpost is a tribute to all of the hardworking women out there pulling off the unimaginable.

Erin Stern

The Lovely Erin Stern: 2X Former Ms. Figure Olympia

Here is Desiree Walker busting out 10 smooth muscle-ups with precision.

Here’s a young woman squatting 310 lbs (she says 300 but it was actually 310).

Here is Marisa Inda cranking out 8 pull-ups with 25 lbs of extra weight.

This is Elinor Medhammar cranking out 7 dips with 44 lbs of extra weight.

Cheryl Anderson weighs 97 lbs, and her she is pulling a 315 lb sumo deadlift.

Here is a 115 lb young girl with a 330 lb squat.

This is a 17 year old, 100 lb girl squatting 340 lbs.

Naomi Kutin is 13 years old and she deadlifts 245 lbs for 8 reps.

Chen Wei-Ling weighs 100 lbs and squats 440 lbs.

Chen Wei-Ling also sumo deadlifts 410 lbs at 100 lbs.

Jennifer Thompson weighs 132 lbs and can bench press 315 lbs.


Chen Yanqing snatches 237 lbs and clean & jerks 287 lbs at 128 lbs bodyweight.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet squats 195 lbs for 20 reps.

Suzanne Svanevik is just out of this world – watch the entire video.

Here’s another Suzanne Svanevik compliation.

Kacy Catanzaro destroys the American Ninja Warrior Course.

Here is Oona Kivelä doing some insane pole dancing and gymnastics maneuvers.



  • Mitch says:

    Very inspiring Bret. Looking at those women, their body shapes and training passionately, i feel to now go to the gym : )

  • Lillly says:

    I so felt the sadness and heaviness of the situation you are in (personally) and we are in (as a community). The questions your piece raises I think are unanswerable. Our model for modern yoga that is as long lived as the ancient practice/science, is yet to be uncovered. A system/model for today will have to be as diverse as our geography, economics, and spiritual need. I believe that yoga is a fad in the fitness realm like spin, dance aerobics, etc. It is not a fad as a lifestyle, attitude and path. Perhaps you will find the way in your geographic community to continue your service in yet, a new way.

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