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Kick-Ass Kim

By September 6, 2014October 20th, 2016Glute Training, Glutes

In the beginning of May, I posted a video of my Mom (age 62) performing her weekly workout HERE. The video was very well-received, and it seems that older women get inspired from watching training videos such as these. Therefore, I decided to film some footage of my stepmom Kim (age 60) performing a recent workout. Kim used to train with me at my gym Lifts back in the day, but she hasn’t trained hard since them. She’s now been training with me twice per week for three months and her strength has already far surpassed what she could do several years ago. She’s setting PR’s every week, which is very fun to witness as a trainer.

Currently, Kim can do:

10 hip thrusts with 155 lbs

30 deadlifts with the 106 lb kettlebell

5 goblet squats with a 50 lb dumbbell

10 back extensions with a 40 lb dumbbell

12 military presses with a 45 lb barbell

10 bodyweight push ups

Hopefully this video provides some evidence that women can gain plenty of strength and improve their fitness even in their 60’s. Thanks for watching!



  • Shane Mclean says:

    what’s it like coaching your mum? excellent work

  • Charlie Dugas says:

    Wow. She looks fantastic, and she is definitely kicking that workout’s ass. This has to be the best video I have seen from you, for sheer inspiration alone. Thanks, Brett!

  • Jodee says:

    Absolutely stunning! I hope to look and perform like that at 62! And kudos to you for taking good care of your mom.

  • Sarah Santora says:

    Kim you look fabulous and if I had to guess your age I’d say 45… Thanks for posting this video.. I am 55 and follow Bret’s training suggestions… But mostly what I see in other blogs and websites is these very young, beautiful, amazing female competitors’ photos with the training column and I often wonder: does this training work for older women or not? You are great encouragement for all females working hard everyday at our strength training.. Bret, will you train with me just once? Please? Make me a kick-ass Sarah!

  • shelly says:

    AWESOME!!! GO KIM! im 39 and shes kicking my butt!

  • donna says:

    What a great series of accomplishments for your step mom! She looks fit and fabulous. Love it. Congrats to you both. Well done.

  • Irina says:

    Gr-r-reat! Kim is so beautiful! I bet she didn’t start a month ago though
    But…can one build musculus after 50? specially a woman?

    • Chris says:

      In studies women and men have shown to build muscles with 90+, ofc at a lesser rate than with 20. No excuses!

    • Gill says:

      Irina- I’m sure BC would tell you that you can definitely build muscle after 50- you can ALWAYS build muscle, with the right regime and food and mindset. I started training again at 51, and keep getting stronger, (last week did a deadlift PB of 100kgs. And I’m not alone, I train with some great strong older women. It’s a matter of getting started, slowly progressing, and then keep on doing it. Hope you get into it! Good luck

  • Shauna says:

    She is totally gorgeous and rockin’ those weights! Way to go Kim!!!

  • Kelli says:

    Your mom ROCKS! Keep up the great work, you are such an inspiration! 🙂

  • Casey Gale says:

    I love this!

  • Dee Belle-Isle says:

    Kim and your Mom are great! It’s so nice to see other women in my age group kicking butt like they are. It’s true, all you see are these gorgeous young women in workout videos and the majority of studies and programs focus on younger people. It’s frustrating because we end up comparing ourselves to a standard that we can’t likely meet.

    I found Bret’s program about 6 months ago and it has really helped me get to the next level. I talk it up to everyone who will listen.

    I started training in my mid 40’s a few years after I had my only son. I am now 55 and have drastically improved my functional ability, my appearance and I am very proud of what I have accomplished. I am hip thrusting 325 lbs for 4 reps, my squatting is up to 150 (bw) for 5 reps (PR 160 for 1 rep), I box twice a week and take aerobics and tabata classes 2 to 3 times a week. Yes, you can add significant amounts of muscle even in middle age. I now have more muscle than I ever had, even as a 20 year old. I was never a very athletic person, but now I can’t get enough. I wish I had found weightlifting back then. I would be unstoppable now!

    One frustrating thing is that there is very little helpful information on losing weight for post-menopausal women, since midsection body fat is an issue that dogs many women. Although Kim and your Mom don’t seem to suffer from that affliction!

  • John Finn says:

    Your mom should be an inspiration to all older women. My mother has been dealing with back pain for years and I’ve recommended musclue building with appropriate coaching but she considers herself too old for it. I will show her this article and hope that it can spark something within her. Thank you so much.

  • Jonathan says:

    Inspirational stuff… now to think of a diplomatic way to send it to my mother in law.

  • Nora says:

    I hope to look as fantastic and be as string as your mom at that age. I’m currently 46 now. Subscribed to your emails 6 or so months ago but officially started your routines a month and a half ago. Totally hooked! So inspired and encouraged for my future endeavors

  • Nancy says:

    Kim, you look like a boss! You are so strong, fit, youthful, and energized. I am a 57 year old female lifter and love to see fit people of all ages, men and women; but there is something special about seeing a woman so close to my age so fit and training legit! I have followed Bret’s research and teaching for a couple of years now and have learned so much from him. How lucky are you to have a top fitness professional in the family AND probably a hip thruster at home, haha! Keep training and inspiring, and thanks for the video.

  • Dunkman says:

    Just excellent. Congrats Kim.

  • Sharon Althouse says:

    After being rear-ended by a drunk driver five years ago and suffering a burst L1 (and 13 hour surgery) I had about given up being strong again. Your stepmom is my age and the video is quite inspirational…thanks for posting, couldn’t have watched it at a better moment in time…wish you were closer, Bret!

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