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In the year 2000, I purchased my first piece of fitness equipment (a Powertec power rack with a bench). Along the way, I kept making small purchases, and fourteen years later, voila. I recently moved into a new house in Phoenix, AZ. Here is the new and improved garage gym. It has all the big things I like in terms of equipment, and also all the little things that make the gym awesome (bathroom, mirrors, rubber mats, mini-fridge, heater, AC unit, HDTV, stereo, etc.).

Here’s a quick video that shows a panarama of the gym:


Here is a more thorough video of the place where I explain all the various training tools and pieces of equipment:

Below are pictures of the place.


HD TV, Stereo, Computer, Lab Equipment


Mini-Fridge Stocked With Powerade Zero


Cybex Squat Press


Elitefts 45 Degree Hyper


Elitefts GHD


Dumbbell Rack & Various Accessories


AC unit (mandatory in Phoenix)


Squat Stands, Deadlift Area


Bench Press & Power Rack


Seated Shoulder Press, Lat Pulldown, and Accessories


Hip Thruster


Reverse Hyper


Incline Press


Hammer Strength Iso-Row


El Bano


Wide Angle 1


Wide Angle 2


Wide Angle 3


Wide Angle 4


Wide Angle 5

I encourage all fitness enthusiasts with their own homes to gradually build up their own gyms. There’s no waiting for equipment, no distractions, you can play your own music, and you can equip your gym with the vital tools that will give you a much better chance of succeeding. Most of my equipment was purchased at Elitefts, Sorinex, Rogue, and Perform Better (no affiliate links).


  • Sean Williams says:

    What Jake would say about your garage gym Bret:

  • James says:

    What brought you out to Phoenix?? I just bought a house here too and have an extra single car detached garage that I’ve been outfitting. Still got a long way to go to get on your level.

    • Bret says:

      James, I’ve lived here for most of my life (couple years in Flagstaff for undergrad, a year in Auckland for PhD studies). Nice job on getting started! A power rack/bench/barbell/plates goes a long way!

  • Steve says:

    What are you using to cover the floor? Looks good. Wish I had an elitefts ghr.

  • David H. says:

    I Love Your Gym Bret It Has Everything That’s Needed To Make Better Bodies. I Love The Fact That You Don’t Have 1 Piece Of Cardio Equipment In There Lol. Been Following You For A Whil, I’m Now A licenced Physical Therapist Assistant And Personal Trainer And Have Built Many Of Nice Butts And Strengthen ManY Hip Extensor Muscles In My Clients And Patients Respectively. Wish You continued Success And Let Us See Your New Crib I Bet It’s Dope.

  • Shane Mclean says:

    Very nice Bret . Where did you put your cars?

  • Rich says:

    Wow! That is tough!!! Enjoy the awesome home gym!

  • brad says:

    What is that orange pad that you use for your Hip Thrust!?

  • Yuri says:

    Awesome gym!! I want one myself.
    How much room do you have there?
    Congratulations and thanks for all you’ve done here.
    I’ve been lifting for some years now and never found a place to go for solid info. In past few months, I found your blog while was trying to improve my gf’s workout. Since then, you’ve become my go to guy to all fitness related cause there just to much bs in the internet and you are on the other hand the must humble, open minded and still research focused coach.
    I hope someday I can spend somedays in US training with you.
    Sorry about my english. I’m brazilian (no wonder I’m here)

    • Bret says:

      Thank you very much Yuri! Much appreciated my friend. I think there’s 770 square feet of space. Ceilings are 8.5 feet high I think. Thanks again 🙂

  • Keats says:

    Awesome gym Bret! I love having my own home Gym too!

  • NIck C says:

    What kind of ac unit is that and how was it installed? I’m in Texas and using fans just doesn’t work when its 100+ out!

  • Gaurav Kapil says:

    Hey Bret, you have best of ROI equipments. So it is kinda maximalist home gym.
    Due to lack of space I have a power rack (load bearing upto 800lbs), Olympic Barbell with coloured Bumpers, adjustable bench, pull bars, ab rollers, 16-24-32 kg KBs. Almost no dumbbells except light weights.

    • Bret says:

      That’s kind of what I had for a really long time; a cheap power rack and bench, a barbell, plates, and a collar. A year later I bought a pair of 25lb dummbells LOL. A few years later, I picked up the GHD, 45 degree hyper, reverse hyper, heavier dumbbells, etc. Then I got the incline press, military bench, etc. Last year I invented the hip thruster and picked up the Cybex leg press, squat stands, bumper plates, etc. This year I bought the Hammer strength row and some more accessories. But you can do a ton of stuff just having a power rack and bench on some rubber mats. Barbell is king!

  • Albert says:

    Watched the gym tour and like you were saying… Yes, it is inspirational to see how much you have accumulated since you first started. Thanks Bret for sharing and inspiring.

  • Riyadh says:

    What kind of reverse hyper do you have?

  • Kwol says:

    Hi Bret

    I really want to know how many sq ft is this gym and what’s the height?


  • Dunkman says:

    I have a much scaled back version in my house, but even at that, being able to work out at home is so, so, so much better. Thanks for sharing – great ideas for “someday”

  • chrysta says:

    Hey Bret! Awesome garage gym! What AC unit is that? Im asking because Im outfitting my own garage gym and I live in Texas…so I feel your pain. Ha! Is it pretty strong?


  • Josh says:

    Bret when are are we gonna see an article on the benefits of strong glutes on ones sex life? My girlfriend has been using your program for the past year and OMG the difference in our sex life is unreal, she’s flinging that thing at me like naomi russell on steroids “hip thrusting” and power gyrating it is INTENSE! … I don’t know what it is but we are more in love than ever. You da man Bret! Power to da GLUTES! Ladies, take heed more glutes= BETTER SEX

  • John Finn says:

    Wow! You home gym beats a lot of commercial ones, great job Bret.

  • Brett Smith says:

    Sweet! I would love to have a home gym!

  • Tyler says:

    Hey Bret,

    The garage looks dope! I imagine its going to be PR central. Is this all new equipment or did you get some of the stuff you had before you moved to New Zealand?

    Looks like you’re settled for the most part, so I’m looking forward to some new vids/articles now that you have an official lab! 🙂

  • Matt Dragon says:

    Nice gym Bret, reminds me of the garage gym I had in Texas. I miss it.

  • Tim says:

    Where are you guys gonna park your cars? lol

  • Chris says:

    That’s a pretty sweet home gym. But, I have to admit that the atmosphere at any gym is more important than the equipment IMO. That’s why I have no desire to train at home. Although I am a self motivated person I just can’t put the same level of effort in at home. Home is safe, secure, quiet, and relaxing. So, getting away is necessary for me to turn it on, get out of my comfort zone, and challenge myself. This is why a home gym will never get the results I can get by going to somewhere else.

  • glen says:

    Sick space bro! Congrats! What are the size of your pulling blocks (18×18)? Also, which MAG ,handle did you get? Continued success!!!

  • Patrick O'Flaherty says:

    Hey Bret,

    If you had more space, what would you add in descending order of importance?

  • Travis Knuckles says:

    Bret a quick question for you. For clusters, drop sets, pyramids, ect. what percentages do you use of your max for these. I’m not sure what weight to use on these. My bench max is 315. Can you give me percentages on these different schemes please?
    Thank you
    Travis Knuckles

  • Amy says:

    Totally inspiring! I want to go to there!

  • Tamika says:

    Hi Brett:

    I just bought my first house in Phoenix and am starting the process of building a home gym. I didn’t watch the video. What are you using for cooling/heating (It was a cold winter for us. 🙁


    • I have a heater and an AC unit in my garage. The heater was already there…it’s old school and I have to keep a pilot lit all winter long, but it works insanely well. I bought the AC unit and it works well too, but I also have a giant fan.

  • Heorge says:

    Hello, I am visiting Phoenix for EXOS. I follow and learn from your post on social networks, and if possible, I would like to know your space in this city. I will be until Sunday. thank you very much

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