The B & B Connection: Episode 5 – Good vs. Bad Exercises & “Best Exercise”

Hi Fitness Folks!

Welcome to the fifth episode of the B & B (Bret & Brad) Connection.

Brad Schoenfeld and I are recording a 30-minute podcast each week where we discuss muscle science and anything else we feel like rambling about. The key is to keep it to 30 minutes so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

In case you missed them, click HERE to listen to episode 1 (hypertrophy science), HERE to listen to episode 2 (HIT vs. HVT), HERE to listen to episode 3 (periodization), and HERE to listen to episode 4 (variety in training).

Episode 5

Click HERE to download the MP3, or just listen below (or watch the YouTube video underneath).



Upright Row Performance

Grip Width and Upright Row EMG

To Crunch or Not to Crunch I

To Crunch or Not to Crunch II

Leg Extensions

Single Joint Exercises and Functional Fitness




  • ggs says:

    You guys do a good job..Really like this series..I always come away with some bit of info I can use or better yet clear out some of the clutter in my head.

  • Gareth says:

    My favorite b&b so far. Scientists from a bodybuilding background who are open minded discussing the most effective ways to build size and strength… your approach to discussing material I have always wanted to know more about.

  • Peter says:

    Regarding lever lengths and loads, is there a way to determine roughly how much weight would be equal to that of another exercise when there is a longer lever? For instance, in this talk there was some debate over how much weight could be used on the upright row vs a db lateral raise, since the lateral raise has a long lever. Could we determine some sort of easy comparison between the two? Would 20 lbs on the db lateral raise be near equal to say 100 lbs on upright row because of it’s longer distance between the fulcrum/effort to the weight?

  • I love that you get to talking about 3D motion capture, as that’s the technology I’m currently using for my biomechanics master’s degree (gait analysis)!

  • I also appreciate the objective discussion of spinal flexion. I’m a big fan of Stu McGill, so when I read your guys’ paper, I just didn’t know what to think anymore. I like the wait-and-see approach with regards to more research, and I can definitely accept an infrequent, low rep, and reduced ROM prescription. Thank you for the clarification!

  • One point you did not zone in on when comparing compound movement vs. SJM in reference to which would ‘best’ for hypertrophy is the influence of compound over sjm in influencing a larger (global) neural and subsequent cascading hormonal event to potentiate protein sysnthesis. But then we have a single joint movement that will provide a greater local event (occlusion and reperfusion) and that is very good for tissue growth. Comparing neural overdrive (compound) over local trauma (single)…Maybe they need eachother for BIG results

  • Bret, did not quite know why your style and info resonated with me so much (compared to other coaches, etc) until this podcast. I was a former bodybuilder…bingo. Excellent podcast, brother!

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