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Strength & Conditioning Research Preview: Muscle Activity Edition


  • Chris says:

    Thanks for the info, Bret!

    If you try very hard not to be diplomatic but coldly and heartlessly interpret the data 🙂 – could we say that for hypertrophy all those pet peeves of (drug) bodybuilders like prolonged TUT by a very slow negative, drop sets, pre exhaustion and artificially reducing inter-set rest pauses dont work? Whereas high reps/low load, esp in blood restriction scenarios (“da pump”) do work?
    I searched Chris Beardsley´s hypertrophy summary and that was the result. Add to that the incoming studies…what do you think?

  • Carolina says:

    Hi Bret! I’ve just purchased your book Strong Curves and I have 2 questions.
    Should I eat in a caloric surplus to grow my glutes? I’m a litte afraid of that bc I don’t want to gain fat. I’m 5,2″ and about 107 lbs. Not need to lose weight as you see, but I don’t mind if I lose a little more fat.
    And the second, is there a more intense option for workouts? I see that the Gluteal goddess program for advanced lifters is only three days/week, and I’m used to lift at least four.
    I really want/need massive gains on my booty!
    Thank you.

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