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I always enjoy observing how other trainers and coaches train glutes with their clients and athletes, so I thought up this series to share with my readers. It’s nice to see training clips involving a broad range of clientele, so I intend on highlighting methods used with everyday Joes and Janes in addition to collegiate and professional athletes.

I was tipped off about Ben Woods, owner of STA Sports Performance by Strong by Bret members Kristen and Emily, who recently met up to train there. STA uses some novel and solid techniques to hammer the glutes and increase sports performance, and I highly encourage you to take a look at some of their methods:

Check out Kristen slaying some belt squat machine hip thrusts:

#strongbybret at @staperformance

A video posted by Kristen (@40inchcakes) on

And Emily deftly demonstrating this wicked move. If you have access to a belt squat machine you should definitely give these a try:

If you don’t have a belt squat machine, you can mimic some of these moves while wearing a dip belt with weight attached. It’s not quite the same, but beneficial nonetheless. I may film a separate video showing these down the road.

I get really fired up watching these highlight vids. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do and I look forward to sharing the next one.


Ben Woods, STA Owner

Ben Woods, STA Owner

STA Sports Performance LLC is located in Elma, NY and is a leader in sports performance and adult fitness. It caters to all individuals and athletes including, but not limited to, baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer, track and field, softball, volleyball, tennis, and wrestling. Over the past several years, STA Sports Performance has trained some of the top athletes in their sport ranging from youth sports to the professional level. STA’s clientele includes athletes in the NFL, CFL, MLB, NBA, PGA, IAAF, NWSL and Olympic Gold Medalists. Check out and follow STA Sports Performance on social media to find out more about their athletic training programs:

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  • 57FN says:

    In conjunction with your model about load vector training… where would you categorize the belt squat machine ‘hip thrust’ ?

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