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The B & B Connection: Episode 8 – Functional Training

Hi Fitness Folks!

Welcome to the eighth episode of the B & B (Bret & Brad) Connection. In this episode, my colleague Brad Schoenfeld and I discuss functional training.

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Episode 8

Click HERE to download the MP3, or watch the YouTube video below.


Do Single Joint Exercises Enhance Functional Fitness?

High-Intensity Strength Training in Nonagenarians Effects on Skeletal Muscle

Resistance training modes: specificity and effectiveness

Specificity for sport

Specificity of machine, barbell, and water-filled log bench press resistance training on measures of strength

Strength outcomes in fixed versus free-form resistance equipment

The Effect of Open and Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises on Dynamic Balance Ability of Normal Healthy Adults

The specificity of strength training- the effect of posture

Training principles – evaluation of modes and methods of resistance training ‐a coaching perspective

Training-specific muscle architecture adaptation after 5-wk training in athletes

Transfer of Strength and Power Training to Sports Performance

Transference of Strength and Power Adaptation to Sports Performance – Horizontal and Vertical Force Production



  • JXXD says:

    Bret, just so I have this right?. At 20:40, You stated you could do a 165lb weighted ring dip but you didn’t have the ‘stability/balance’ to do one bodyweight ring dip? (when you consider all that weight training your doing).

    • Dunkman says:

      What I understood was that he could do a 165lb standard dip (parallel handle type) but the ring dip was a struggle.

      • JXXD says:

        So everything that Bret is currently doing in the gym isn’t working towards increasing his stability? (ring dips). I thought hip thrusts/squats/deadlifts increased stability?.

  • Nicole says:

    Hi Bret, I first want to say thank you for continuing to provide your readers with such awesome information. My question to you is this, I love researching and have planned out tons of training programs for myself but I feel like I’m on information overload. It’ll much reading and planning to do and not enough doing. The main reason is I feel like I need to plan the best program before I actually do the workout. I need help and wanted to know if you could advise me on where to start I love “bodybuilding type training” but feel with so many imbalances I should start with functional training first. Please help!

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