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May Research Round-Up: Bloodflow Restriction and Hypoxia Training Edition


  • Oreste says:

    I found a way to induce HYPOXIA in the glutes. While sitting on them flex them hard and fast and within a minute or two you will feel the hypoxic burn. Body weight supplies enough compression to sharply reduce the blood supply to the glutes. While riding in a car I did it repeatedly and got the same burn each time. I submit that without the butt flexing, sitting has a negative impact.

  • Oreste says:

    Additional thought. Is the hypoxic burn I described above something that you would do daily to get the most hypertrophy?

  • Oreste says:

    I have done some more experimenting. I find that I can apply hypoxia to my chest by laying on a chair with a firm cushion and grabbing the chair legs for extra compression and then flexing my chest hard and fast. Caution: Too much compression can crack the ribs. Body weight compression works on the ham strings and oddly, the calves are also affected. The abdominals are a bit more difficult. I was only able to get a mild buzz.

  • Kellen says:

    Forgive my ignorance here, but is systemic hypoxic training not referring to less oxygen into the entire system? (i.e. restricting oxygen to the lungs via an elevation training mask or similarly operating apparatus?)
    I imagine you can get a good burn in the glutes by flexing them, and I imagine it would be interesting to see if that pressure would provide the same blood flow restriction, but my assumption would be that it does not work through the all of the same mechanisms.

    I was thinking about squatting benching and hip-thrusting with an elevation mask on to get the hypoxic training effect in those muscle groups affected, but I am not sure if i understand what systemic hypoxia looks like now.

    great review with a lot of great information.

  • John says:

    They have similar bands on amazon that work great. I’ve struggled with making myself a band that stays tight but also easy to remove at the end of each exercise.

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