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The B & B Connection: Episode 9 – Recent Research

By July 26, 2014January 13th, 2016The B & B Connection

Hi Fitness Folks!

Welcome to the ninth episode of the B & B (Bret & Brad) Connection. In this episode, my colleague Brad Schoenfeld and I discuss recent research.

In case you missed them, click HERE to listen to episode 1 (hypertrophy science), HERE to listen to episode 2 (HIT vs. HVT), HERE to listen to episode 3 (periodization), HERE to listen to episode 4 (variety in training), HERE to listed to episode 5 (good versus bad exercises), HERE to listen to episode 6 (tempo training), HERE to listen to episode 7 (evidence-based fitness), and click HERE to listen to episode 8 (functional training).

Episode 9

Click HERE to download the MP3. To watch the podcast on YouTube, click below.


Effects of different volume-equated resistance training loading strategies on muscular adaptations in well-trained men

The Effect of Inter-Set Rest Intervals on Resistance Exercise-Induced Muscle Hypertrophy

Regional Differences in Muscle Activation During Hamstrings Exercise

Plank article should be HERE soon.



  • Ted says:

    Do NOT deactivate your anti-virus software, I do not trust that site.

    But: For an audio file, you can download it here (as an mp4, though, not an mp3):

    31.6MB, 128kb/s

    Hope this helps.


    • Ted says:

      Just noticed that the file won’t play for me. If you are experiencing the same problem, I apologize for having wasted your time.

  • Drew says:

    Bret, i usually visit your site every day. Every time I get to it, and every time I click a link, I get the stupid “Sign up for a Free Newsletter” pop-up. I’ve probably closed that thing like 1000 times. Anyway to have your web designer make that slightly less obnoxious?

    • Martin says:

      I agree. I’m already signed up anyway, but it’s just bad practise to ask for an e-mail before the reader has even had a chance to see the article yet, how are they supposed to tell if it’s worth it? I suggest implementing a cookie to stop the prompt for regular visitors and prompting only after scrolling at least half-way down the page for new visitors.

  • Scottie2Fit says:

    Last link for episode 8 is not working.

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