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Random Thoughts


Hi Fitness Friends! Here are 11 good articles, 4 good videos, and some glute training feedback to kickstart your week.

Good Articles

Here are some good articles from the past couple of weeks.

The Muscle Pump: Potential Mechanisms and Applications for Enhancing Hypertrophic Adaptations

Click HERE (click on the pdf button at the link for the full paper) to see an article my good friend Brad Schoenfeld and I recently got published, in The Strength and Conditioning Journal, on da Pump.

Does training heavier lead to more hypertrophy?

HERE‘s a great article from Chris Beardsley.

Does training to muscular failure lead to greater hypertrophy?

HERE‘s another great one from Chris Beardsley.

Big Time Fitness Peeps

Click HERE to see lay down the Top 100 Most Influential Health and Fitness Professionals, and HERE to see Jason Maxwell’s Top 40 Fitness Professionals he predicts will make a huge impact in 2014. It’s nice to be included on these lists and to see many of my esteemed colleagues on the lists as well.

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Random Thoughts

Hi Fitness Friends!!! I’ve got some great content for you today!

Article of the Year

Biosignature Reviewed – Are Hormones the Key to Weight Loss? 

I’ve been wanting someone to review the literature pertaining to this topic for a very long time. In THIS article, Menno Henslemans reviews the literature and science pertaining to hormones and weightloss. It’s a great read. Kudos to Menno for taking the time to write this!

Other Good Articles

Is Postexercise Soreness a Valid Indicator of Muscular Adaptations?  

The NSCA made Brad Schoenfeld and my recent article free! Click HERE to access the free pdf!

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Random Thoughts

Hi there my fitness friends! I have some great stuff for you today. Here are 26 great articles and 6 great videos for you to check out, in addition to some awesome feedback from my readers! Have a great weekend!

Good Articles

Stuff from Chris Beardsley – the Best Damn Sports Science Blog on the Internet:

Survey Time

HERE Chris issues a survey so you can help him provide you with better articles. If you’re a fan of Chris’s blog and sports science research in general, speak up now or forever hold your peace!

Effective Recovery Methods

HERE Chris writes about which recovery methods are effective in strength training and sports.

Partials vs. Full ROM for Strength & Hypertrophy

HERE Chris discusses how range of motion impacts hypertrophy.

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Random Thoughts

Hi Fitness Peeps!

Here is this week’s random thoughts post.

Good Articles and Videos

Hip Thruster Sighting!

This is the first video I have seen on the net of the first batch of hip thrusters that was sent out.  IFBB Pro Holly Mitchel pumps out a set of banded hip thrusts at Live Fit Cincinnati.


Vote for Joe Kenn for NSCA Coach of the Year

Click here to VOTE for Carolina Panthers strength and conditioning coach Joe Kenn for NSCA Coach of the Year.

Nick Horton & David Dellanave Interview

HERE Nick Horton interviews David Dellanave, the owner and head strength coach at Movement Minneapolis.  David teaches you how to improve your deadlift, avoid injury and be a better coach.

The Train to Be Awesome Guide

Click here (not an affiliate link) for Nia Shanks’ new product: The Train to be Awesome Guide, Become a Stronger More Awesome Version of Yourself.  Nia talks the talk and walks the walk.

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