What’s happening, fitness folks? Here is some new research, blog posts, videos, and other fun stuff I thought I’d share to get your weekend off to an informed start.

1. Glute Lab Seminar March 18, 2017

There are several spots remaining for my next Glute Lab Seminar which will take place on Saturday, March 18, 2017. The weather in Phoenix is amazing this time of year and I hope to see some of you in attendance.

About the seminar:

In the morning, I will lecture on the science of glute training and program design. You will receive a PDF of the slideshow, which I update each month to include all the latest research. All of my past attendees receive a new pdf every time it is updated.

After a catered lunch, we will then have a learn-by-doing practical where I will showcase the mechanics, cueing, variations, and progressions of glute bridges, hip thrusts, squats, deadlifts, back extensions, split squats, hip abduction, and more.

To finish the day, we’ll have a Q and A, we’ll take some fun pictures, and you’ll receive some free gifts (Ares Sports Rub and Squat Sponge stepped up and sent me some merchandise). You will leave much more confident and knowledgeable about your glute training and strength training in general. My attendees are always happy with their decision to attend.

2. The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness – Greatist.com

I’m pleased to be included in this year’s Greatist.com The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness list. Congrats to my fellow colleagues who also received the honor.

3. Sculpt a Better Butt With This Barbell Hip Thrust Move – BJ Gaddour of Men’s Health

I’ve teamed up with BJ Gaddour and Men’s Health to present the top 10 glute building exercises that will not only greatly improve your glutes but also help decrease lower back pain and make you a better all around athlete. First, we start with How to Do a Perfect Barbell Hip thrust. Even if you are very familiar with proper hip thrusting form, I encourage you to check this out because BJ is an excellent writer and this is going to be a fun series.

Sohee Lee busting out stellar hip thrusting form.

4. Why You Need to Start Doing ‘Frog Pumps’ For Your Glutes

If you are a regular follower, then you know I am a hyooge fan of the frog pump exercise. Do your glutes a favor and check out the 2nd installment of my top 10-glute building exercises HERE.

Karey Northington using excellent form with the dumbbell frog pump.

5. Muscle for Life: Podcast 106

Muscle for Life’s Mike Matthews invited me for a podcast interview to discuss a variety of topics ranging from my own experience in training and programming to how to become more scientific in your approach to strength and conditioning. Definitely check it out HERE.

6. Bret’s Badass Booty Circuits: Numero Dos

Last month, I kicked off my Badass Booty Circuit series with Badass Booty Circuit Numero Uno. The burn continues this month with circuits 2-4. Be sure and adjust the reps according to your fitness level. If you are doing this circuit as a warm-up, then just do 1 round. If you are doing this as a standalone glute workout, then do 3 rounds. Thanks to my niece Gaby for helping me out with these!

Bret's Badass Booty Circuits: Numero Dos Is this what you wanted – a badass glute circuit? Well then that's what you get! Here's what you're gonna do: 1. Knee-banded squat jump: do 10-15 jumps 2. Feet-elevated frog pump: do 20-30 reps 3. Knee-banded fire hydrant: do 10-15 reps per leg 4. Deep reverse lunge: do 10 reps per leg 5. Knee-banded single-leg hip thrust: do 10 reps per leg 6. Bottom-half goblet squat pulses: do 20 (half) reps 7. Band hip hinge abduction: do 10 reps (with a 2-3 sec pause on each rep) Adjust the reps according to your fitness level. If doing this as a warm-up, then just do 1 round. If doing this as a standalone glute workout, then do 3 rounds. Thanks to my beautiful niece Gaby @gaburrito_ #glutelab #gluteguy #gluteguycircuits

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7. Bret’s Badass Booty Circuits: Numero Tres

Here is the third installment of my Badass Booty Circuit series. Same deal as above: If you are doing this as a warm-up, then just do 1 round. If you are doing this as a standalone glute workout, then do 3 rounds.

Bret's Badass Booty Circuits: Numero Tres Is this what you wanted – a badass glute circuit? Well then that's what you get! Here's what you're gonna do: 1. Pause deficit Bulgarian split squats: do 6-12 reps with a 3-sec pause at the bottom 2. Supine band hip abductions: do 30-50 reps 3. Dumbbell hip thrusts: do 20-30 reps 4. Ankle weight quadruped leg swings: do 20-30 reps per leg 5. Alternating jumping lunges: do 16-20 reps (8-10 reps per leg) 6. Side lying hip raises: do 8-12 reps per leg 7. Glute dominant back extensions : do 20-30 reps Adjust the reps according to your fitness level. If doing this as a warm-up, then just do 1 round. If doing this as a standalone glute workout, then do 3 rounds. Thanks to my beautiful niece Gaby @gaburrito_ for demonstrating the exercises. #glutelab #gluteguy #gluteguycircuits

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8. Bret’s Badass Booty Circuits: Numero Cuatro

Ready for more? Check out Numero Cuatro below. Again, do 1 round as a warm-up or 2-3 rounds for a standalone workout.

Bret's Badass Booty Circuits: Numero Cuatro Is this what you wanted – a badass glute circuit? Well then that's what you get! Here's what you're gonna do: 1. 4/3/1 db sumo squats: do 8 reps with a 4-second lowering count, 3-second pause at the bottom, and 1-second rising count 2. Knee banded db glute bridges: do 20-30 reps 3. Lateral band walks: do 20 steps each way 4. Single leg foot elevated glute bridges: do 20 reps per leg 5. Db front squat: do 10-15 reps 6. Monster walks: do 20 steps up and back 7. Braced single leg RDL : do 8-12 reps per leg 8. Suspension pistol squat: do 8-12 reps per leg 9. Deep hip hinge abduction: do 20-30 reps Adjust the reps according to your fitness level. If doing this as a warm-up, then just do 1 round. If doing this as a standalone glute workout, then do 3 rounds. Thanks to my beautiful niece Gaby @gaburrito_ for demonstrating the exercises. #glutelab #gluteguy #gluteguycircuits

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9. ASU Announces Biomechanics Master’s Degree Program – Fall 2017

Fellow exercise science peeps, check this out!

The Exercise Science and Health Promotion Program at Arizona State University is pleased to announce the start of a Biomechanics Master’s degree program for Fall 2017.

This degree program will focus exclusively on the study of biomechanics to prepare students to continue to a doctoral program or seek employment in a clinical, research, or industry setting. The program curriculum has been designed for the advanced study of human movement through the implementation of mechanical principles. Coursework will heavily focus on the application of biomechanical concepts with regard to both clinical and research applications by transitioning the students to intensive hands–on, experiential learning during the second year of the program.

Interested students should contact Chuck Hale (email: Chuck.Hale@asu.edu)

10. Is Cholesterol the Forgotten Anabolic? – Menno Henselmans

Cholesterol typically gets a bad rap in health and fitness circles but available research suggests that cholesterol may be advantageous for building muscle. Scientist and physique coach Menno Henselmans breaks down the relationship between cholesterol and muscle gains in THIS blog post.

11. Fasted Cardio…An Undeserved Good Reputation – James Krieger

In a post-apocalyptic world, two things would survive. Cockroaches and the myth that performing cardio in a fasted state will in any way enhance fat loss. Okay, that’s a little good humored hyperbole. HERE is an excellent blog post by James Krieger that details the mechanistic reasons why this myth needs to die for once and for all.

12. Slingshot Bench Pressing Study – James Dugdale and Lee Hamilton

HERE is a new study I recently shared on my Facebook page that I think my powerlifting friends will find interesting: Influence of the “Slingshot” bench press training aid on bench press kinematics and neuromuscular activity in competitive powerlifters.

You can read the full executive summary in my post but in short, Slingshot creator Mark Bell‘s advice of getting a bench pressing triple (3 reps) with your raw 1RM (1 rep maximum) whilst wearing the Slingshot seems to hold true. But wearing the slingshot does appear to activate the triceps less than lifting raw so do stick to a strategic plan when utilizing the device to avoid a weakening of this muscle.

13. Weight Loss Barrier Study – Justin Kompf

Friends, if you or a client are embarking on a weight loss journey, please consider participating in Justin Kompf‘s very brief SURVEY regarding specific individual barriers to weight loss.

14. The Impact of Weight Loss on the Drive to Eat – Stephan J Guyenet

I have another diet related blog post to share with you. In THIS post, fellow Ph.D. and author Stephan Guyent discusses several components behind the starvation response theory as well as new research that explores the connection between appetite and weight loss.

15. Evidence-Based Practice in Exercise and Nutrition: Common Misconceptions and Criticisms – Anoop Balachandran and Brad Schoenfeld

Definitely take the time to check out THIS collaborative blog post from my two astute colleagues, Anoop Balachandran and Brad Schoenfeld. This dynamic duo clears up several common misconceptions about Evidence-Based Practice (EDM) and elaborates on why this combination of science and practical experience is the most effective approach to health and fitness.

EPB Hierarchy

16. Anatomy of a Glute Focused Back Extension

I like to have my clients and Strong by Bret members perform back extensions one of two ways, depending on the programming focus. Take a look below at my friend and West Coast training partner Emily Thibault demonstrating the more glute-focused back extension variation. To perform this exercise with an increased glute emphasis:

  • Flare the feet at about a 45-degree angle
  • Round the upper back
  • Use your glutes to pull yourself up and drive your hips into the pad with a strong glute contraction (think of “humping” the pad)
  • Do not unravel your spinal positioning at the bottom and repeat
  • Check out the 2:45 mark of THIS video for a full tutorial

Repost from @emilytbofitness 🍑Glute-Focused Weighted Back Extensions🍑 Hip Thrusts will likely forever be my favorite glute exercise, but these are quickly becoming one of my favorites. . Back Extensions are a common exercise used to work the erectors (lower back), but with a couple tweaks it makes for an AMAZING glute exercise. Personally when I do this variation I feel zero involvement in my lower back, and instead feel it in my glutes first and foremost, with some hamstring activation as well. ➡️➡️BUT keep in mind everyone is different! Some may love this variation and others may not feel it at all, or may feel better activation with alternate exercises. I just want to encourage you all to try new things…If you don't feel it, it doesn't necessarily mean you're doing it wrong, and this goes for all movements. . Try these tips: ⏺️Turn toes out ⏺️Keep upper back rounded ⏺️Arms folded to your chest, or weight held close to your body ⏺️Visualize thrusting your hips into the pad, forcefully contracting your glutes. . I also keep my knees just barely unlocked, idk if that's just me but I find it's more comfortable for me that way. You can do these with bodyweight for high reps and minimal rest, or you can add bands or a dumbbell for some added resistance. As always, this exercise I learned courtesy of @bretcontreras1 😂 . Happy lifting! 💪🏼

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17. How to Hip Thrust Off a Taller Bench

Ideally, you would be hip thrusting off of a Hip Thruster but I know many folks only have access to taller benches at their gym.  I filmed this video to help make hip thrusting more comfortable using a standard bench:

How to hip thrust in a commercial gym off of a taller bench (how to thrust without a @the_hip_thruster). It's simple, just crawl up into position (climb your back up the bench until it is aligned with the lower scapulae) so you're hinging from the midback. Don't touch down with the barbell; reverse the reps in mid air. At the top, you want vertical shins, weight on the heels, a forward eye gaze, a tucked chin, a flat torso, a slightly posteriorly tilted pelvis, full hip extension, and a big glute squeeze. Alternatively, you could use an aerobics step with 4-5 risers per side. The bench in the video is 17" or 43 cm in height. A hip thruster or an aerobics step with 5 risers per side is 14" or 35.5 cm in height. If you're not yet strong enough to use 135 lbs or 60 kgs (big plates), just pick the bar up, place it at your hips, sit down on the bench, then slide down into position. It'll be much easier when you're sufficiently strong to use the bigger plates. I hope this is helpful to you! Thanks to @kaginaz for the demonstration. #gluteguy #glutelab #thethrustisamust

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18. Band Glute Bridge Variation Tutorial – Ali Eaves and BJ Gaddour

There are many, many bodyweight and band variations of glute exercises that are both highly effective and convenient. Take a look below at the very buff and always entertaining BJ Gaddour demonstrating a glute bridge variation using a 41″ band.

19. Aspetar Hamstring Protocol Video

I think many of you will find this video interesting – check out this excellent and highly detailed demonstration of the Aspetar Orthopedic and Sports Medicine hamstring rehabilitation protocol.

20. Optimizing Sprint & Jump Training Based on Individual Force-Velocity Profiling

And finally, HERE is a cool ass article detailing how the use of Force-Velocity (F-V) assessment tools can be utilized to create individualized, targeted programming to improve sprint and/or jump performance based on unique F-V profiling.

Well, I think that is going to wrap it up for this month. I hope you enjoyed the content and look forward to seeing some of you at the next Glute Lab Seminar.


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