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Random Thoughts

Hi fitness friends! I want to share some random stuff with you.

New Well Travelled Wellness Podcast

The guys at Well Travelled Wellness (Jake and Rowand) recently interviewed me. Click on the following link to listen to it.

Podcast With Bret Contreras


  • Does hip extension training improve performance?
  • The best exercises to increase glute strength
  • How important is glute training for sports?
  • The difference between USA & UK/AUS/NZ PhD Programmes
  • Flaws in the Strength and Conditioning research literature
  • How to produce increasing horizontal force
  • Applications of postactivation potentiation (PAP) research

With shout outs to speed researchers JB Morin, Matt Brughelli, and Jurdan Mendiguchia.


New T-Nation Article

A few weeks ago, I had a new article posted on T-Nation pertaining to deadlifts. I’d like for y’all to check it out. HERE are all my TNation articles by the way, and here is the new one: 9 Best Deadlift Tips


New FitnessRX for Women Online Article

A few days ago, I had a new article posted on FitnessRX for Women Online. HERE are all my articles (only 2 so far but it’ll be ongoing), and the new one is here: Do Light Weights Tone and Heavy Weights Bulk?

tone and bulk

Impromptu Deadlift Competition at Revolution Training

Last Saturday I attended a deadlift competition at Revolution Training System in Tempe, AZ. I showed up in plain street clothes and didn’t plan on competing since I had pulled 3 times last week (usually I only dl once or twice per week). But my buddies talked me into it, and I ended up pulling 570 lbs. HERE is a video of the performance on my friend Steve Kleva’s Instagram, and below is another video of the entire performance.

Here’s a pic of my first pull.


Is it the Shorts?  

This recent hip thrust video is receiving a lot of attention. Should I be wearing these shorts when I film my hip thrust videos?

Dead Squat Bar

I finally bit the bullet and ordered a dead squat bar. This bar dwarfs a standard hex bar. I bought it so I could perform maximal hex bar deadlifts (with the standard hex bar, the shorter sleeves limit how much weight you can load, especially with bumper plates), but since it’s rackable, I’ve been using it for incline presses too, and my inclines have never felt so comfortable in my entire life. It feels like dumbbells, but more stable. You can also use it for rack pulls, farmer’s walks, shrugs, Bulgarian split squats, floor presses, military presses, and bent over rows.


Recent Testimonials

I do my best to keep my TESTIMONIALS page up to date – at this point in time over 200 women have proudly displayed their bodacious booties to promote good glute training methodology. I appreciate all of you for sending me pics, tagging me on social media, and putting your backsides on display so that other ladies can be inspired to transform their bodies too. Here are some recent gems – these glutes are insane:

1 Rach Rachael

Squats and Band Hip Thrust Transfer to Leg Press and Barbell Hip Thrust

I haven’t done leg presses or barbell hip thrusts in several months. I’ve just been squatting 3-4 days per week and performing band hip thrusts twice per week. Apparently this didn’t hinder my strength as I ended up PR’ing on both lifts two nights ago when I decided to include them in my routine.

Here’s an 810 lb x 10 rep leg press:

And here’s a 585 lb x 5 hip thrust:


I posted the following message about haters the other day on my Facebook page, and apparently it struck a chord with the fitness community. It received almost 1,500 likes and over 230 shares.


What impressed me even more was the dialogue, quotes, and funny memes that my Facebook community shared. Click HERE to check it out.

Have a greet weekend my friends!


Random Thoughts

How’s it going fitness peeps? I’ve got some great articles, videos, rants, and before/after pictures for you to check out. Just keeping you in the know!


Good Articles

Here are some great recent articles to read, written by various colleagues.

Scientific Articles

Chris Beardsley

Chris has written some great scientific articles in the past month. Several months ago he focused on hypertrophy, then he moved on to strength, and now he’s examining power. Here are the last six blogposts:

  1. Resistance Training and Power
  2. Ballistics and Power
  3. Injury Rates in Strength Sports
  4. Range of Motion on Strength Gains
  5. Rest Periods on Strength Gains
  6. Training to Failure on Strength Gains

Other Scientific Articles

We’re getting fatter due to less exercise, not more calories. See HERE.

Are you tired of pseudoscience? HERE are 10 claims that the authors would like to see go away forever.

Nick Tumminello teaches you some B.S. detection strategies HERE.

Learn the science pertaining to bodybuilding contest prep HERE.

Speaking of contest prep, HERE is an image on Alan Aragon’s blog detailing their recent study on the topic.

HERE are 8 philosophical questions we’ll never solve.

The 10,000 Rule predicts only around 12% of performance? See HERE for details.

Can alternative medicine be a bad thing? Read HERE to learn one woman’s experiences.

Only 1% of scientific authors publish at least one paper per year. See HERE for more info on this. This boosts my confidence – I’ve published 7 so far this year, with 5 more in the works.

Greg Nuckols details a recent study comparing band resisted pushups versus bench press with similar EMG activity on strength gains HERE.

push up


Personal Trainer Quarterly

NSCA members, in case you didn’t see the latest issue of Personal Trainer Quarterly (PTQ), HERE is the link. We’ve had some great feedback on this issue. If you’re interested in submitting an article to PTQ, please submit to Matthew Sandstead at this address: – make sure you read the author guidelines HERE.

NSCA Response to Lawsuit

In case you haven’t seen it, HERE is the NSCA’s response to the CrossFit lawsuit. To be honest, I was disappointed when I saw the lawsuit – both with the phrasing (they accused NSCA and ACSM of being jealous???) and with the fact that they sued the journal. If CrossFit felt that the authors/researchers had a hidden agenda, then I can understand going after them. But you don’t go after the journal, especially considering that JSCR has published pro-CrossFit articles, their articles are balanced, and their publishing process is very fair. If CrossFit wanted to publish quality research investigating their methods, they too could submit to JSCR and get the articles accepted and injected into the body of literature. In this case, I’m sure they would value the NSCA, just as many of the evidence-based strength and conditioning community members do. I wish that CrossFit could see the NSCA as an ally and not as an enemy. The way I see it, the journal is not at fault; the onus is on the researchers.

New Hamstring Paper in JSCR

Brad Schoenfeld and I recently published an article HERE on hamstring EMG activation during stiff legged deadlifts versus lying leg curls. Our hypothesis was that the SLDL would activate more upper hammy and the lying leg curl would activate more lower hammy, but what we found was that both exercises elicited similar levels of upper hammy, but the lying leg curl activated greater lower hammy.


Female Training Articles

I’m pleased that many great strength training articles pertaining to women have emerged in the past several months.

For example, on T-Nation alone, HERE is my latest article on glute training for women, HERE is an article by TC Luoma on common training mistakes for women, and HERE is an article by Dani Shugart on breast implant considerations for lifters.

HERE is a very important and fascinating anecdote on how intensive/obsessive yoga can absolutely wreak havoc on your body. Yoga instructors – if you intentionally instruct people to avoid using their glutes, it can destroy their bodies over time.

Speaking of glutes, make sure you keep them in shape. A recent trend HERE shows how women are flipping up their dresses to show off their assets during wedding pictures.

But make sure you don’t hip thrust too blatantly in public, as THIS woman got arrested for her lewd conduct.

Last, but not least, HERE is an awesome glute transformation posted on Rob King’s blog.

Megan glute

Other Articles

Is there any skill required in manual therapy? Adam Meakins shares his intriguing thoughts HERE.

HERE is a recent T-Nation article about the sport of bodybuilding and how it should be judged – it’s not a beauty pageant!

HERE is a good article by Eric Bach on the front squat.

Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan invited me to appear on their Live Life Aggressively podcast HERE; they gave me a great interview.

Armi Legge from Evidence Mag recently interviewed me HERE for his podcast; we discussed best glute exercises.

THIS was a rather chilling article about Lance Armstrong, addressing the aftermath of the scandal.

Bryan Krahn wrote a kickass article for Elitefts HERE on the price of the platform. I’m a champion of the raw/natty movement as I these guys have more fun with powerlifting and don’t get so demolished by it.

HERE is a new glute ham roller from Sorinex; I own one and it’s a great hamstring training tool. Stronger lifters can do them against band resistance for a pronounced training effect.

HERE‘s a cool article on All Things Gym on Klokov’s assistance lifts.

HERE is a nifty article on training considerations and program design by Charles Staley.

THIS is some seriously badass stuff on Spot Me Bro – African beasts getting jacked with what most would consider inferior training and nutrition environments. If there’s a will, there’s a way.


Good Videos

Here are some great recent (and not-so-recent) videos to watch.

Rocky IV Training Montage

Whenever I watch these, I’m amazed at the competency of those involved in the production. This is almost 30 years old! They use biomechanically similar means to illustrate Rocky’s old school regimen versus Drago’s new school regimen – it’s just brilliant. Some of this would be innovative even by today’s standards! Here are two videos:

Here is one scary-ass strongman video. Atlas stone dropped. Don’t watch if you’re squeamish.

Below is Coco doing a booty workout on a new surf-board machine. Looks very cool!

Here is Kellie Davis showing off a unique way to do band hip thrusts out of a power rack. One of our Get Glutes members figured this out.

What type of fitness chick are you? This is freakin’ hilarious – it’s from the same guy who filmed the “Do you even lift” video I posted a while back.

Here’s a way to do standing hip thrusts with a cable column:

Here’s a video of Pete Rubish’s deadlift training. Pete is one of my favorite powerlifters.

Jonnie Candito provides a great discussion here on how to mentally overcome a bad workout:

Below is India Paulino’s glute workout. Though I disagree with some of her explanations and would like to tinker her form a bit on some of the movements, I love her well-rounded workouts and her amazing attitude.

I didn’t even know that Weird Al was still around, but this video is hilarious. It’s on “word crimes” and is a spoof on “blurred lines” by Robin Thicke.

Facebook Rants

Here are my Facebook rants over the past few weeks:

The mental transformations that take place when adhering to a fitness regimen typically parallel the physical transformations. You’ll notice a dramatic difference in the way people carry themselves when they take control of their health and physique. They can go from Negative Nancy to Positive Polly in a matter of weeks. I see clients booming with self-confidence and zeal, and you’d never know that several months back they were overly withdrawn and self-conscious. Being proactive about health & fitness breeds success in other areas of life, including careers and relationships. There is no doubt that strength training affects the mind, body, and spirit. If you’re a fitness professional, be very proud, as you’re in the business of bettering lives and empowering people. 

What an amazing night. I’m staying at the Paris in Vegas, along with all the 2014 NSCA National Conference attendees. I went down to grab some snacks, and suddenly I kept getting stopped by one person after another to chat and take pictures. I ended up talking to various trainers and lifters for 2 straight hours – each of them telling me how my training methods have changed their lives. One used hip thrusts for rehab after lumbar surgery, one cured her chronic hip pain with hip thrusts, one guy knew my methods like the back of his hand and considers himself the “glute guy” in Florida (he’s training tons of women and figured out a very unique way to do band hip thrusts), one woman finally grew her glutes (which were the bane of her existence) and will be competing in figure in September, and one powerlifter informed me that his deadlift lockout strength has skyrocketed since implementing my methods. Ladies and gentlemen, the glute gospel is spreading!

I have a confession to make; I have a pet-peeve. Our industry loves to note the disparity between “working out” or “lifting” and “training.” Apparently, according to many experts in our field, “working out” or “lifting” implies that you’re aimlessly wandering around the gym with no goal in mind just to squeeze in a session, while “training” infers that you’re attacking the gym with purpose, a plan, and the goal of getting better over time. You might feel that this is all well and good, but I’d argue that it’s a semantically-driven ploy designed to make some lifters feel superior about their intentions. I’ve noticed no correlation between how lifters define their workouts and results. Genetics, effort, wisdom, and consistency determine your rate of progress, not terminology. Now please excuse me while I go lift.


Glute Training Feedback

Below is some glute training feedback from around the web. I sincerely appreciate all of you women and men who take the time to write me, tag me (or Get Glutes, or Strong Curves, or hip thrusts), and post pictures. It makes it all worth it! My apologies if I left anyone out; I’ve had trouble keeping up lately.

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Random Thoughts

How’s it going fitness peeps? I’ve got some great articles, videos, rants, and before/after pictures for you to check out. Just keeping you in the know!

Arnold Dancing

Quick Announcement

I have a surprise announcement. My fiancee Diana and I just bought a house in Phoenix! Here are some pics below.


It’s one block away from my twin brother Joel and his wife Angie. It has a 4-car garage, which I’ve obviously converted into a gym/lab. As soon as I’m finished setting it up, I’ll film a video of the new lab. It’s going to kick some serious ass. I absolutely hate moving, but I love this new place. Needless to say, I’ve been very busy, which explains my absence on social media lately and my reliance on guest articles. I’ll be back to full speed very soon though.

Good Articles

Here are some great recent articles to read, written by various colleagues.

One of the Best Scientific Articles About Life I’ve Ever Read: The Fermi-Paradox

Do any of you wonder like I do about other life forms out there in the Universe? With so many stars and so many galaxies, why haven’t we been contacted yet by “aliens”? I stumbled across THIS article on The Fermi-Paradox yesterday, and I found it to be absolutely fascinating.


Coregasms: Potential Mechanisms

My friend Dean Somerset and I are trying to get to the bottom of the biomechanical/physiological mechanisms behind exercise-induced orgasms (coregasms). Click HERE to complete a quick survey about them.


Exercise Science: What is it Good For? 

In THIS article, Greg Nuckols does a great job of discussing the importance of Exercise Science.

New Study on Protein Overfeeding

In THIS article, Brad Schoenfeld critically analyzes a new study on protein overfeeding.

7 Principles of Exercise Selection

HERE, Menno Henselmens lists his 7 principles of exercise selection.

Should You Externally or Internally Rotate Your Shoulders at the Top of a Snatch? 

I was always taught to externally-rotate, but the Chinese weightlifters and also Klokov feel that you should internally-rotate. Very interesting discussion! Click HERE and HERE to read different perspectives on this issue.


Sprinting: Hamstrings in the Air and Glutes on the Ground

Some of you may recall that in THIS blogpost, I reasoned that hamstrings are more critical in the air for hip extension torque, whereas glutes are more important when on the ground. I recently stumbled upon THIS study which lends further support. Here’s a quote from the abstract:

Hamstrings load was found to be greatest during terminal swing for sprinting. The hamstrings contributed the majority of the terminal swing hip extension and knee flexion torques, whilst gluteus maximus contributed most of the stance phase hip extension torque. Gastrocnemius contributed little to the terminal swing knee flexion torque. Peak hamstrings force was also substantially greater during terminal swing compared to stance for sprinting, but not for walking and jogging.


What You Can Do About Those Puny Arms of Yours

HERE Lou Schuler wrote a great article about genetics and arm training. I’m grateful that Lou reached out to me for this one.

9 Essential Strength Benchmarks for Women

HERE Patrick Striet wrote a nifty article on strength benchmarks for women. I’m appreciative that Patrick requested my input.

Interview With Kiefer 

Kiefer recently interviewed me on his Body IO FM podcast and we had an excellent time. Click HERE to listen to it.


List of Inventors Killed by Their Own Inventions

I recently stumbled upon THIS Wikipedia article. If I’m ever found dead in my garage, stapled to my Hip Thruster apparatus from overexertion, please make sure I’m added to the list.

Hip Thrust

Interview With Eric Helms

HERE is a great interview with natural bodybuilder and researcher Eric Helms.

Why You Should Hip Thrust: The Awesome Exercise That, For Some Reason, Nobody Does

THIS article by James Fell was very well-received. He did a great job on this! Thanks to James for reaching out to me for insight.

Expert Tips for Healthy Travel

In THIS article, several fitness experts (including myself) chime in to provide you with tips for healthy traveling. Thanks to Will Owen for requesting my input.

5 Steps for Dealing With Anterior Pelvic Tilt

HERE is a great article by Eirik Garnas on training for reducing APT.


3 Things Entrepreneurs Already Know About Fitness Even if They’ve Never Done a Single Workout

HERE is an interesting article by Charles Staley. Charles is a fabulous writer.

New Strength & Hypertrophy Info from Chris Beardsley

HERE is a free eBook from Chris on strength development research, and HERE is a free video on hypertrophy development research.


30 Day Napping Challenge: Do You Have What it Takes? 

This made me LOL. I don’t know who made it, but well done!


Good Videos

Here are some great recent videos to watch.

My Guru is Better than Yours

This dude recorded this video 2 years ago, but it’s still hilarious.

Dogma is Dead

Here’s Layne Norton talking science.

How to Squat With Team Lilliebridge

The Lilliebridges are legendary in the powerlifting community but I’ve never heard them speak before. Papa Lilliebridge is very knowledgeable and respectful. Good stuff!

905 lb Deadlift

Here’s Christopher Spegal busting out a 905 lb deadlift.

Kim Valentine Powerlifting Training

Here is 97-lb Kim doing 280 lb squats, 320 lb deadlifts, and 160 lb bench presses.

Facebook Rants

Here are my Facebook rants over the past few weeks:

I lifted at a commercial gym today, and while I love much of the equipment, training glutes is never the same as it is at The Glute Lab. There wasn’t a convenient place to hip thrust, there were no bar pads for bb glute bridges, there were no bands for band hip thrusts, there were no heavy kettlebells, and the back extension machine was crummy and wasn’t conducive for tall guys. I did my front squats and rack pulls which are great, and I could have done some db walking lunges and American deadlifts, but I never feel like I train my glutes thoroughly unless I add in barbell or band hip thrusts, or weighted back extensions. Single leg hip thrusts are okay, but just not the same. I tried cable pull-throughs, but I find them far inferior to hip thrusts. I wish all of you had your own glute lab – building glutes is much easier this way! #GluteGuyProblems 

Glute Training Feedback

Below is some glute training feedback from around the web. I sincerely appreciate all of you women and men who take the time to write me, tag me, and post pictures. It makes it all worth it!



Hey Bret, here’s yet ANOTHER booty testimonial! I have ALWAYS had a flat ass, and was never really “proud” of it. After a few years of heavy glute bridges, hip thrusts and GHRs, my toosh is a different breed!! Another girl mentioned this as well, but now I feel comfortable being at a lower weight (117lbs) AND a higher weight (126lbs) because either way my new curves compliment me. Thanks again for all you do, and as a trainer myself, I have ALL my clients doing some sort of glute variation, male or female! Thanks again!! – Jess

34 5 6 7 8 910 11

Any here is my progress. The first pic is before even lifting but i have progressed (slowly) since the last time i reached you. Hope you keep helping women, as I know you will! – Barbara


Hello! I just want to thank you for all the great info/articles/wisdom you share with us. I’ve always struggled with gaining muscle, especially in the gluteal area. I’ve always been weak. Well, following people like you, the Strength Guys, Layne Norton, to name a few, have encouraged me to keep strength training and training smarter!

About 6 months ago, I finally saw an MD for my chronic low back and hip pain. Both he and my chiropractor told me to discontinue squats and deads, which brought me to tears (I know: baby!). I have decreased disc spaces at L-4/L-5 and L/5/S-1 and lumbar scoliosis. So, I backed off for a while, tweaked my form, began again with LIGHTER weights, and taking it slow. I’ve added Bulgarian Splits, hip thrusts, and glute bridges to the routine, and I’m getting stronger, with less lower leg pain/tingling. So- thank you for your encouragement, even though you have no clue who I am! Sincerely, Samantha

Hi, I wasn’t sure if I should upload my transformation for obvious reasons, but I wanted to show all of you especially slim girls that you can build nice glutes, even if you have got flat bum. The first pic was taken in March 2013, I was doing different program at that point (I was 4 weeks into doing it and then I took photo). The second one was taken in September 2013. I was working out only my legs and glutes 3- 4 times a week at home using only dumbbells (no cardio). From November 2013 to April 2014 I got really busy and worked out only once or twice per week. In April I started adding hip thrusts and bridges with dumbbells after reading the book SC. The dumbbells were only 5kg each but it made a difference looking at third pic that was taken in May 2014. I’m going to join the gym soon and looking forward to see even better results using heavier weights. – Iwona


14 15 16

I just wanted to touch base and thank you for all of your glute research!!! I implemented every single aspect from your books and my glutes will now hit the bikini stage 4.5 inches larger, and my legs 2 inches smaller, with my waist sitting somewhere around 24-25. I am sending you a picture, please pardon the torn up gym floor (posing in heels in that space). It isn’t glamorous but the sweat and results go hand and hand! Hip Thruster Fan for Life!! I can’t wait to add heels to the equation! POWW!!! Cheers, Gina

17 18 19

G’day Bret, Just wanted to contact you to let u know I have been working on my gluteus for months and months, a few weeks ago ( 3 to b exact ) I discovered and started working on your list of lower body progressions and believe I have had more progression with glute strength and activation within the 3 weeks compared to the previous many months
Thanks so much for the info :-) Vickie


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Random Thoughts

How’s it going fitness peeps? I’ve got some great articles, videos, rants, and before/after pictures for you to check out. Just keeping you in the know!

What’s this trainer doing by the way – spotting her shoe?

Good Articles

Here are some great recent articles to read, written by various colleagues.

What Exercises do More Harm than Good?

In general, I don’t like telling people not to do various exercises. Exercises are tools, and each tool is useful depending on the situation. Nevertheless, I found THIS article by Alexander Cortes to be very well-written, and I can tell that he’s highly experienced.

Supplemental Strength

Powerlifters, do yourselves a favor and check out THIS article and video by Dave Tate.

Ask the Experts Volume 2 – Neglected Muscle Groups and Training Tools

I chimed in on THIS article by Chris Slone.

Strength Physio Podcast

In case you missed it (I shared this in an earlier post), HERE is a podcast I did with Chris Lendrum. Physical therapists, you should subscribe to this podcast.

10 Commandments of Physiotherapy

HERE are Adam Meakins 10 commandments of physical therapy. Adam isn’t afraid to stir up the pot.

Insufficient Sleep

Greg Nuckols shares another great blogpost pertaining to the importance of sleep HERE.

Deadlifts Destroy Your Spine

In case you missed it, HERE is an article that Tony and I teamed-up on regarding the efficacy and danger of deadlifts.

The Real Reason You Still Have Back Pain (And What to Do About It)

Armi Legge wrote an excellent blogpost HERE on back pain.

Ladies, What is Your Goal?

HERE is a passionate article by Emily Soccolinsky that I appreciated.

Spurious Correlations

THIS website is hilarious. Correlation does not imply causation! This site will help you realize that. Correlations are certainly important and a component of science, but longitudinal research is needed to show cause and effect.

US spending on science, space, and technology correlates with Suicides by hanging, strangulation and suffocation

US spending on science, space, and technology correlates with Suicides by hanging, strangulation and suffocation

Type I and Type II Errors Simplified

Below is a hilarious pic from THIS website to help illustrate type I and type II errors in research.


Do You Even Mobility?

HERE is a very comical flowchart by Todd Hargrove. If you’re submerged in the physical therapy scene, then this will undoubtedly make you LOL. I’m not posting this to knock any approaches out there, but folks must admit that this is funny.

Physiology is Fascinating

The point of sharing THIS article on NO Boosters is simply to point out that physiology is complex. Research reports averages. Anyone who conducts research knows that there are large interindividual responses to various stimuli. Doctors know this, as should physical therapists, personal trainers, and strength coaches.

Shoulder Quadrants

Here’s a good pic showing the shoulder quadrants:


Stu Phillips on Protein Metabolism

HERE is a nifty little interview by Shelby Starnes and John Meadows with Stu Phillips on protein metabolism.

Good Videos

Here are some great recent videos to watch.

Are Athletes Really Getting Faster, Stronger, Better?

Below is an intriguing video by David Epstein. I have David’s recent book too and am a big fan. I don’t agree with David’s premise, but I don’t have the time to respond as it would take me a great deal of time to provide a counterargument to this talk. Nevertheless, it’s very intriguing and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Golfer Jonas Blixt Training

I highly enjoyed watching THIS video (embedded below). Very innovative training. The Hip Thruster makes a couple of appearances too! Sweet.

The History of the Universe in 150 Seconds

Below is a badass video detailing the history of the universe. This took 8,000 computers working for 5 years to create. See THIS blogpost, based on THIS published article and THIS project, for details.

Dan McKim Sets Scottish Hammer World Record

Two weeks ago I attended the CSCCa conference. I hadn’t met Dan McKim, but I spent two days with him working the Sorinex booth. Dan is the world champion in the Highland Games, and he and I hit if off instantly when we discussed training. He recently set a world record in the Scottish Hammer Throw. Check it out below. Total badass!

Pete Rubish Deadlift Assistance Training

Here is Pete Rubish performing some of his favorite deadlift assistance lifts. This dude pulls over 800 with no belt! Notice that he employs exercises that hit flexed range hip extension (Bulgarian split squats) and end range hip extension (bb glute bridges and 45 degree hypers).

Facebook Rants

Here are my Facebook rants over the past few weeks:

In my professional setting, I choose to associate with scientific individuals. One simple litmus test I use to determine if an individual is scientific is noting whether or not the person will change their stance on a particular topic given sufficient evidence. If they will, then they’re my kind of people!

During pull ups and chin ups, pay attention to lumbopelvic-hip mechanics. A little “English” is acceptable, but try to minimize lumbar hypertension/anterior pelvic tilt and swaying at the hips by thinking of the exercise as a “moving plank.” This increases the challenge for the core and the upper body muscles.

For the first time in several years, I decided to download and examine my list of newsletter subscribers. I was surprised to find that dozens of professional sport coaches, elite/Olympic athletes, and research professors subscribe to my newsletter. I guess that means I’m doing something right!

When you perform push-ups, consider squeezing the glutes and abs into a posterior pelvic tilt and holding that throughout the duration of the set. While it’s not necessary, it will prevent lumbar extension and anterior pelvic tilt from creeping in, which are typical patterns of form deterioration during the push-up. It will also provide a training stimulus for the core musculature and make the movement more challenging for the upper body muscles, thereby giving you more bang for your buck.

Whenever I’m at the airport, I’m reminded that my mission is far from complete. The world is in need of more glute development.

Glute Training Feedback

Below is some glute training feedback from around the web. I sincerely appreciate all of you women and men who take the time to write me, tag me, and post pictures. It makes it all worth it!


Thanks Bret.  That explains it.I just want to say that the fitness world on the ‘Net is a maze of conflicting misinformation but you (and Nia) stand out as beacons of reason and common sense.Keep up the good work! – Dave

So let me take a second and say how much I love your stuff…..I mean your blogs!  😉 It changed the way I worked with my swimmers, and the rest of my clients. I have been saying since January…this is the year of the Butt! Both theirs and mine. And I’m 60… And I’ve made improvements. Thanks for all you do! Linda

I love how strong my glutes have become. It’s like what ever I do, I can always count on them. They protect my back, whether I’m doing heavy DL, squats, sprinting and so on. It is an amazing feeling when you feel all that strength you have gained from heavy lifting transferred into a lot of power when sprinting or doing other athletic stuff. I have never felt something like this before, even though I’ve been lifting for a while. But now I hip thrust, that is the main difference and of course this well thought through Get Glutes program. What is amazing is that my daughter’s sprint group has now incorporated barbell glute bridges and hip thrusts into their strength program. People who don’t lift, don’t know what they that are missing out on! – Irene

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Hi Bret, here is my picture of before/after booty that I’ve achieved from using programs in your book Strong Curves.

As you can see, I had no butt at all. Thanks to my Asian genetics. I was like most women that thought doing hours of cardio or lots of HIIT would give me a body that I want but I was dead wrong. Besides, I was suffered from a chronic lower back pain. Too much cardio even do more harm than good to me. Then when I started lifting weight in year 2012, I focused solely on just squats, lunges and deadlifts to build my butt. Still, they didn’t improve much like I thought it would. 

UNTIL, I found your site and bough Strong Curves book. I finally learned how to fire up my glute properly and added hip thrust and glute bridge to my routine. Those 2 exercises gave me such a remarkable result. I got compliments from both men and women. Now I can say bye-bye to my pancake bum and my chronic lower back pain.

It has been a year since I started my booty-building journey and I will keep going and spreading glute gospel. Thank you so much Bret & Kellie for taking your time to write a book and awesome articles. More women (& men too!) need to do hip thrust. Ann

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Thank you Jesus for Bret Contreras – Edith

I just wanted to share my progress with you! These pics are one months progress, after making heavy hip thrusts a staple part of my training programme. I’m competing for the first time in UKBFF bikini this October, so glutes are obviously very important! But I am pleased to be seeing progress! Thanks Bret

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Hey Bret, I hope this note finds you well. First, I just wanted to thank you for always putting such great information out there, love your positive page & knowledgeable information. I purchased your Glute book several months ago & I have been working with Layne Norton as my nutrition coach since January 2013. Layne recommend that I add Squats & deadlifts to my Leg training program since this was an area I could not seem to develop & a team mate suggested I purchase your book & incorporate Hip thrusts as well.

I had an incredible 8 month off reason reverse diet accompanied by some insane PRs thanks to my CARBS & HIIT cardio, I am a reformed low carb 1-2 hours cardio bunny…anyway during my last elevated hip thrust session, I hit a new PR of 275lbs, I weigh 140 & I accomplished this while getting ready to hit the stage next weekend. YOUR BOOK has CHANGED MY LIFE & MY GLUTES which I truly believed was a helpless case…. I am 7 weeks away from my 50th birthday, a proud wife & Mother of 3 beautiful children..I am blessed. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could lift my butt, especially at my age, its never too late..NEVER & I’ve still have work to do….I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon…sorry for the long winded story, just wanted to say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my Heart & GLUTES…lol…keep sharing & doing what you Love, your changing lives everyday…you changed mine…& I’m constantly turning people on to your page & recommending your Glute book..Take Care…I’ll be listening, Lisa…btw pic of left May 2013 2 days b4 my show, pic on right 7 days out..a balanced life is a happy life…Love my Elevated Hip Thrusts – Lisa

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