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By December 7, 2013December 22nd, 2015Random Thoughts

Hi there my fitness friends! I have some great stuff for you today. Here are 26 great articles and 6 great videos for you to check out, in addition to some awesome feedback from my readers! Have a great weekend!

Good Articles

Stuff from Chris Beardsley – the Best Damn Sports Science Blog on the Internet:

Survey Time

HERE Chris issues a survey so you can help him provide you with better articles. If you’re a fan of Chris’s blog and sports science research in general, speak up now or forever hold your peace!

Effective Recovery Methods

HERE Chris writes about which recovery methods are effective in strength training and sports.

Partials vs. Full ROM for Strength & Hypertrophy

HERE Chris discusses how range of motion impacts hypertrophy.

Does Stretching Increase Muscle Length?

HERE Chris discusses the science of stretching.

Best Rest Periods for Maximizing Volume

HERE Chris determines the best rest periods for maximizing workout volume.

Does Aerobic Training Interfere With Hypertrophy?

HERE Chris examines whether aerobic exercise interferes with hypertrophy.


Other stuff:

Meta-Analysis on Nutrient Timing

HERE my buddies Brad Schoenfeld (Broenfeld), Alan Aragon (Alagon), and James Krieger just published a meta-analysis examining the effect of protein timing on strength and hypertrophy. In just a few days it has nearly 36,000 views and is the most popular article in the journal’s history by far. Click on the link to access the full pdf.

Interview With Tom Venuto

HERE Broenfeld conducted an excellent interview with Tom Venuto – a guy whom I highly respect.

Confirmation Bias?

HERE Broenfeld pretty much owns John Ivy, a highly-respected researcher in the area of nutrient timing (he actually wrote the book on nutrient timing – literally!). I’m disappointed that John hasn’t yet responded – it makes him lose points in my book. Either step up to the challenge John, or change your views. By the way, I read the book Nutrient Timing when it first came out in 2004, but I’ve since updated my views due to Alagon and Broenfeld’s reviews of the research. It is quite clear that the importance of the “anabolic window” for the common lifter is grossly exaggerated.

Glute Training Science

HERE my friend Chad Waterbury discusses some cool scientific glute experiments and methods that he’s doing in conjunction with researcher Chris Powers.

Beginner’s Guide to Strength Training

HERE is a free pdf from Jordan Syatt – a good up-and-comer in the S&C profession. The pdf is a beginner’s guide to strength training.

How Does Fedor Train?

HERE Ross Enamait posts videos on Fedor Emelianenko’s training.

Recent Research in Strength & Power Development for Athletes

HERE Jimson Lee posts an excellent video from professor Rob Newton on strength and power training.

The Knees-Out Debate Rages On

HERE and HERE are more fuel for the “knees out” debate – I’m really enjoying both sides of the debate here. I’ve always been a “knees out” guy like Kelly Starrett (and still am when I train people), but I always enjoy a good conversation and opportunity to learn and scrutinize my thought process.

Knees out

Bench Press Tips

HERE is a compilation of bench press tips from Melody Schoenfeld (I chimed in on this one)

Recovery and BDNF

HERE Bill Hartman writes a thought-provoking blog on recovery, with some thoughts on BDNF.

Low Back Pain

HERE is a sweet infographic on low back pain, for those interested in the topic (it’s embedded below too).

Best Glute Exercise

HERE Anthony Dexmier writes an awesome blogpost on “The Best Glute Exercise.”

Free Squat Manual

HERE is a free squat manual from Dave Tate.

Rippetoe on Crossfit

HERE is an awesome article by Mark Rippetoe on Crossfit – I think this is his best TNation article to date. Though I often disagree with Mark, he often has insight that nobody else in the strength training profession has. And this article is very balanced IMO.

Tips for Strength Coaches

HERE is a great article on Elitefts – it’s an interview with strength coach Andrew Paul by strength coach Todd Hammer. Aspiring strength coaches need to be reading this stuff.

Reverse Transfer of Training

HERE is a cool article from Martin Bingisser, a hammer thrower, on “reverse transfer of training.” Martin knows his strength training as it applies to sport!


DOMS and Programming Considerations

HERE is a great article from Will Levy on DOMS (he quoted Brad and my article so kudos for that).

Dodgy Hips

HERE is an important article on femoral acetabular impingement (FAI) by Tony “The Tiger” Gentilcore.

Variety-Specificity Continuum

HERE is a great article by Charles Staley on the “Same but Different” concept (which I love).

McGill vs. Cook

Those who are interested in a Stu McGill versus Gray Cook showdown on January 25th at Stanford University, click HERE. I don’t think I’ll be attending this event. I’ve learned a ton from both Gray Cook and Stu McGill over the years, and I’m quite familiar with the ways in which both practitioners agree and disagree. I hope it’s a good lecture and progress is made. I know that Laree Draper will film the event and offer a DVD later on for those  who can’t make it.

Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy

The Kindle version is still kicking butt right now in sales. I hadn’t checked Amazon for a while, but it’s nice to see that the book is appreciated by the folks who purchased it!

A Return to Sport Algorithm for Acute Hamstring Injuries

THIS is a badass article written by my friends Jurdan Mendiguchia and Matt Brughelli. They wrote it several years ago, but I just came across a link to the full pdf and thought I’d share.


Good Videos

Andrey Malanichev 420kg x 3 reps Raw with wraps


YouTube Commenters Invade Conan’s Audience – gotta love the modern YouTube generation!


17 year old Ukrainian Powerlifter, 881 SQ, 500 BP, 716 DL


Johnnie Jackson Powerlifting Training – Johnnie is a frequent Mr. Olympia contestent in bodybuilding and also a powerlifting competitor – here he trains with expert trainer Josh Bryant at Metroflex in Texas (one of the baddest gyms in the world)


Robert Newton Seminar – strength coaches this is badass shit so watch it!


Fedor’s Training


Random Email

Hey, Bret! In The B&B Connection: Episode 6 – Tempo Training, you mention a study comparing plyometric push-ups and explosive push-ups where you don’t leave the ground. I dug the paper up (Garcia-Masso et al., 2011). They found that the rate of force development was significantly greater for explosive push-ups than plyo push-ups. Maximum force was not statistically different, and they didn’t look at impulse.

I decided to do a little N = 1 study of my own this morning in my motion capture lab with 10 second trials of push-ups. My data showed a 15% greater maximum force for explosive push-ups, but a 16% greater impulse for plyometric push-ups. Crazy stuff. Thanks for the motivation! – Travis


Glute Training Feedback

To be quite frank: This thing fucking rocks. – Michael (referring to his new Hip Thruster)

Hip Thruster

Hi Bret, I saw amazing results from the Advanced program in Strong Curves. My booty & my boyfriend THANK YOU and i want you to know that for me you’re not only the Glute Guy, but The Glute Guru – Olivia

On another note, I ordered my wedding dress today (getting married next summer).  The seamstress was measuring me to figure out which size to order.  I’m one size on top and in the waist and a size larger on the bottom because of my ass measurement.  They commented on the “sway” of my back (nice way of saying big bootie?) and how it perfectly suited the dress.  I’ve gone up about an inch in my butt measurement since starting Get Glutes while going down in my waist measurement.  Duh, winning! – Jill

Hey Bret,

I wanted to let you know that after reading more of your work I’ve started to program the hip thrust more, and so far it is working great!

A triathlete I train is using it and she set 3 personal records at her last race and a back pain client is using it as a main lift since he can’t dead or squat without pain and really enjoying it!

I thought this was cool and that you might want to know!

Take care! – Benjamin


I keep meaning to write you but forgetting so I’m just going to reply to this email. A few short weeks ago you wrote about using back extensions when the ghr and using the cue of pushing your pelvis into the pad and squeezing your glutes at the top. Brilliant!  This has completely changed the exercise for me. I’m using this in between squats and kettle bell swings and loving it. I’ll be using these for a while as a staple. Thanks again! – Jeffrey

Dude I have been reading your blog now for 6 months and it must be the best fitness blog online or anywhere. Phenomenal info and it’s evidence based. Keep it up! Love it – Patrick


I am a huge FAN!!!!  I read everything you write and use your Strong Curves almost daily!  Your research has changed me life! (yes, sounds corny but true!) Just remember you truly are a pioneer and a warrior for putting yourself out in the arena.  Tough place to be at times.  I am thankful for your work and your work amazes me! – Rachele

You are without a doubt among the smartest and most practical personal trainers I know. You’re an inspiration. – Anthony


I bought your Strong Curves book and read it from cover to cover. I have never been able to do that with any fitness book because halfway through it sounds like all the others. Yours had logic and science behind it and was well written. – Angie

God dam Contreras why are you so awesome! If I could have coffee with anyone in the world it would be you. Meeting you is on my bucket list. And on my probably never gonna happen list is training at the Glute Lab.

Idea for a promotional giveaway – Training session in the lab with Bret.

Just a thought – Tyson

Thank you Bret!  You really have changed my life.  I love the look of the new me and I feel so much stronger.  I’ve lost 5% bodyfat (not intentionally) and I weigh the same (about 109 lb).  That’s a lot of muscle right?  …and I’m still hitting new PR’s every month!  It’s so fun.  Also, as a bonus, people (including hubby) love my butt.


OK, I’m finally reading Strong Curves~ YAHOO!!! Although I am already doing many of the exercises, I feel so much smarter!! Putting it down to train glutes then getting right back to reading!!! Have an awesome day – Paula

Hi Bret!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Discovering you online has not only helped me make huge transformations to my own physique, you’ve helped me go from a good personal trainer to a GREAT one. I’m perpetually broke these days so I haven’t been able to afford your programs more than a couple eBooks, but let me tell you I make the absolute most of all your free information and videos!

I have literally spent at least 30 minutes a day for months now reading either something you have posted online, or someone else I have discovered online through your website (T-Nation, Ben Bruno, etc etc etc).

You’ve helped revolutionize my training approach and every day I’m so excited about learning more and more. Oh, and I have an awesome butt now too, haha! So thank you, a million times over! I’m in the process of switching my personal training certification to NSCA, eventually finish my BS degree, get my CSCS, and hope to do great things like you in my future 🙂

Sincerely, Teralee Trommeshauser



  • Myles Moriarty says:

    Hi Bret,

    Any thoughts on Brad Waterbury and MPI’s comments on the glute bridge? They felt it was more hamstring- than glute-dominant.

    • Bret says:

      Myles, heavy glute bridges sure work a ton of hamstring, but also a ton of glute. So it depends on what you’re going for. If peak glute activation is the goal, then bb glute bridges are one of the best tools available. But if a high glute/ham EMG ratio is the goal, then the exercises they used are great tools. I think at their lab, Chad (and Chris Powers) are more concerned about fixing people’s knee valgus and teasing in more glute activation into their motor patterns, so I agree with their approach. If they were charged with maximizing someone’s posterior chain musculature, I’m sure they’d agree with my approach. Good question! BC

  • Xan says:

    This is by far the most impressive compilation of knowledge to date. Thanks!

  • Eric says:

    I’m looking forward to checking out the Nutrient timing information. Thanks for sharing!

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