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By August 16, 2013January 23rd, 2014Random Thoughts

Hi friends! I have 7 things to share with you today:

BC on Instagram

I just started up an Instagram account HERE. Please follow me if you’d like.


30 Days of Thrusting Challenge Graphic

Kellie made this last night since my graphic from yesterday’s post was so pathetic! Click HERE for a pdf.

Thrusting Challenge

Erin Stern’s 9 Year Glute Transformation

Many of my female followers are big fans of Ms. Figure Olympia Erin Stern. I recently saw this pic on her Instagram account from several months ago.

Erin Stern

Many women want overnight glute transformations. This one took nine years of hard work and effort. Each month the glutes will look better and better, but it’s important to have long term perspective.

40 Minute Podcast on Glutes

Armi Legge just interviewed me on glutes HERE. Seriously non-stop glute questions all the way through!

More Booty Transformation Testimonials 

I received my copy of Strong Curves last week and it is so, so wonderful.  I love your honesty, no-nonsense attitude about nutrition, and of course, the training regimen. I began incorporating hipthrusts and bridges into my workouts based on reading your emails about two months ago, and my glutes are rounder and fuller.  I feel that various social media has brainwashed women into thinking squats are the be-all, end-all move for building glutes…you have confirmed my suspicion that this is not the case! – Nicole

I had been going to a boot strength/cardio boot camp class at a local gym for 8months Oct-May 3x/week. In June of this year I quit attending boot camp decided to try your 30day glutes challenge. I wanted quicker results to get rid of my cellulite and to get my glutes to lift and salute. I started the challenge with just my own body weight and focused on proper form. Once I felt confident doing the high reps of the hips thrusts and deep squatting, I added a barbell. I became addicted to the soreness I don’t think I ever felt on my glute muscles before. For the 2nd 30day glutes challenge I continued to add more weight to some of the exercises. My glutes feel like I have gained more muscle now my cellulite is a lot less visible back there. The booty is definitely more rounder and firmer after completing your both June and July’s 30day challenges. I will forever be grateful, Thankyou!  I did was able to hip thrust 105×4 last night!! I’m pumped!! Can’t wait to show you my results in a few weeks!! I can’t stop smiling. – Edith


Yesterday my friend and I stayed at a resort. We were at the pool and I noticed that these ladies kept looking over towards us. Eventually one walked over and said that they were all admiring my booty and that it’s amazing! Lol. Then these guys sitting next to us after a bit leaned over and told me that I win the best ass award!! Lol. Then his wife started crying and got mad a ME!! I was like wtf!!! Thanks for the added booty in just a few months of being on Strong Curves! – Allie

Hi Bret and your lovely associates Kellie & Marianne! I just finished the 12 week Gluteal Goddess Advanced Workout and thought it’s time for some feedback. I have gone from 40 kilos to 105 on the hip thrust. Not bad for a woman of 43 weighing 50 kilos! I even managed to trash the padding on a bench at the gym;-)

The results on my upper body isn’t quite as impressive. From 20 to 27.5 kilos on the bench press. Still doing three x three chin-ups but in the beginning I didn’t have the courage to do them in the gym. Now I walk over to the guys and ask if I can do them in between their sets:-) This has given me the courage to stand my ground in other men dominated areas outside of the gym as well!

I really liked the book Strong Curves and learned a lot from it. By going through the workout program I have learned how it’s built up and I really like how it gets my glutes active and just a tiny bit sore on rest days. Like many others I trained like the guys before with only one leg day a week. I got results from that training too, can’t deny that, but not even close to the astonishing strength I built up in the 4 months it took me to complete the 12 weeks Goddess program!

I guess I’m starting over with the same program from the beginning now, with the addition of classic dead-lifts since I really missed them. Nothing makes me feel as strong as doing them 😉

Thank you so, so much for your professional approach to women’s training! Love, Karin Glisell – Sweden


THIS is a cool paper by Richard Brand, MD. Here’s the abstract:

The field of biomechanics is inextricably linked with orthopaedic surgery: loads and load distribution play a major role in the problems we treat and in the success and failure of many of our treatments. Nonetheless, despite powerful investigational tools, I would argue biomechanics has made a relatively minor impact in clinical practice primarily because most studies fail to account for the major distinction between living and non-living systems: adaptability. While any study requires a clear question or hypothesis or goal, without accounting for adaptability and tissue tolerance, these studies might well be termed “necromechanical.” These studies will always have limited clinical relevance unless they contain several key features: 1.) A choice of a mechanical parameter which is arguably a surrogate for relevant biological behavior; 2.) A set of loading regimens which arguably represent the entire range of loadings experienced in vivo; 3.) An explicit discussion of tissue tolerance to the mechanical perturbations of the study; 4.) When appropriate (i.e., the question relates to longer-term effects), an explicit exploration of tissue adaptation over time. Without meeting these requirements, any biomechanical study is suspect and requires interpretation with great caution. When meeting these requirements, biomechanics can provide powerful tools to explain the function of the body and to predict the success or failure of treatments prior to using them on patients.

Barbell Glute Bridge Sliding Solution

Many lifters slide backward when performing barbell glute bridges. Here are a couple of solutions to prevent this from happening:

That’s all for today my fitness friends! Have a great week.


  • Allison says:

    Hey Bret, sorry to ask this but I’m not familiar with Pyramid sets and everything I’ve looked up hasn’t helped so I was hoping you could give me a brief description? Thanks! And my butt hasn’t looked this good ever BTW 🙂

  • Shanna says:

    Thank you Kellie!!!! 🙂

  • Dee says:

    It’s great to see that it takes hard work and time (most importantly, time) to see real noticeable results.

  • Steve says:

    Hey Brett I had a question about the bridge progressions. In your pdf, you have weighted glute bridges ahead of single leg bw brigde. How much weight should i be putting up before I move on to the next progression? I’ve been following the progression list to deal with my knee issue/recovery.

  • antonio says:

    Hey bret, ive learnt alot of things about training glutes but i cant seem to fit all my lower body/glute work in a 2 day split (I am a sprinter)…..please help

  • Magalita says:

    Dear Bret,
    I want to start off by saying your research and your work has changed how I train. I have purchased a number of your resources, your 700-page glute manual being my favourite acquisition (it is incredibly impressive), and your 2×4 being my latest. When I first discovered your work, I was elated and wished I had found you (digitally) sooner. I respect how you and other fitness professionals (for example, Mark Verstegen who I discovered before you) are stressing the importance of strong glutes.
    I am writing in today because I don’t feel it is acceptable to post the testimonial of a woman who brags about how her booty was the center of attention at a resort and who appears to have no concern for the distress of a woman whose husband somehow felt it was appropriate to make comments on this woman’s apparently wonderful bum in his wife’s presence (she felt her booty didn’t measure up…and she was justified in feeling that way, and it made her cry). That is just not right. Is it acceptable to say to a stranger: “my, your breasts are admirable.”? How is complimenting a woman’s bum in the presence of his wife acceptable behaviour for a man? The woman who owns the nice set of glutes should know better than to ask “WTF” regarding the wife’s tears, and show a little bit of empathy. She can’t hide her gorgeous body, she should be proud of it, but she can be respectful and be mindful of her conduct, and keep the men who think it’s okay to be jerks in check.
    Many women have had the privilege of discovering your program, have discovered the hip thrust and are thrusting their way towards more beautiful curves, curves worthy of respectful attention. Not all women have joined the “movement”, and some have but have not had the results they had hoped for, and some could care less about hip thrusting and doing butt work.
    I am sorry to say while I find most of your blog content excellent, I find that lately some of the content is of questionable taste, i.e, the 120 tips on strength training for women, the very sexually provocative images of women bent over in suggestive positions (I get it, is a glute blog after all, just like on a recipe blog you would expect to find appetizing photos, I guess you have to post perfect booties most of us will never have as a testament to the value of hard glute work.)
    I appreciate the opportunity to give feedback.

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