Kettlebell Deadlift/Swing Hybrid

I learn many things from observing clients. One thing I noticed with my stronger female clients is that when they’d perform heavy kettlebell deadlifts, many would naturally begin to perform a modified swinging motion. The kettlebell would sink back and rise up in an arced motion (sort of a half-deadlift/half-swing movement). I tried this out myself and found that it was an excellent glute exercise and served as an intermediate between kettlebell deadlifts and heavy ass kettlebell swings.

Here’s how it looks:

If you only have lighter kettlebells, it’s perfectly acceptable to simply perform the barbell deadlift in addition to lighter kettlebell swings. As time ensues, barbell loading can increase in and heavier kettlebells can be utilized.

However, another option is to begin with heavy kettlebell deadlifts, transition into the modified deadlift/swing, and finally into the full swing. Or, it can simply be used as a variation to perform every once in a while as it could assist the deadlift or swing movements.

I believe that more coaches and trainers should be purchasing heavier kettlebells for their athletes and clients – you’ll use them all the time, trust me!

Deads and Swings: A Killer Combination

Deads and Swings: A Killer Combination


  • tempest says:

    Great video

  • Cheri says:

    Thanks for such great videos!

  • robert says:

    Hey, Bret!
    Funny, Ive been teaching this technique for years. I dont have my clients swing the bell, but I do coach them to tip over at the hips a bit more to exaggerate the Glute stretch to enhance the the Glute contraction. i started using this Modified Kbel Romanian Dead Lift for myself, due to Miniscus pain in my Right knee when doing traditional deadlifts. This was from an old football injury that was repaired and again injured. In the past 7 years this has been my “Go To” exercise with all of my clients who have also had similar pain in the knee Jt. And it has worked tramedously, inaddition to the proper corrective exercises before hand.
    Butch Sand
    P.T.A. NASM PES CES TRX RIP Kinesio Tape Box Kbox

  • Eugene S says:

    Could one use a dumbbell in each hand on the outside. my gym has no ketttlbells. Not many do have them. Ty.

  • Alana says:

    Hi Bret,
    Do you recommend deadlifts for people with torn shoulder joint tendons? I would love to switch it up and try these, but I have a lingering pain on my left shoulder that I don’t want to irritate by overdoing anything. Let me know what you think.

  • CLAY ADAMS says:


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