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Interview on BioJacked Radio

By October 28, 2012January 11th, 2014Interviews, Sport Specific Training, Strength Training

I was recently interviewed on BioJacked Radio by Kiefer and Alex Navarro. For those of you who like listening to me ramble, definitely check it out.

Click HERE for the link.

We discussed a ton of stuff – glute biomechanics, spinal loading, heavy kettlebell swings, muscle force curves, titin, partial reps vs. full range, guru tactics, stretch-shortening cycle, hip extension strength imbalances, training different muscle lengths, physiological cross-sectional area (PCSA), pennation angle, sprinting forces, Crossfit, the secret to glute training, Brad Schoenfeld, motor control tricks, Stu McGill, trends, fascia, nervous system vs. muscular system, ad hominem, agility, planks vs. RKC planks, Pavel Tsatsouline, daily training, Bob Peoples, and my silly website picture.

Hope you like it!


  • maureen says:

    Saturday night well spent…I was going to watch a Hugh Jackman movie…opted for the glute guy on bio-jacked radio…great stuff a lot of it went over my head but enjoyed it nonetheless…

    …well as you can guess I am a fan of yours… after you were done and they were talking to each other they mentioned before and after pics…great idea..How come you do not have any…no willing participants…

    • Bret says:

      Maureen I’d have opted for Hugh Jackman haha!

      I have plenty of before/after pics – I show some of them off in my slides when I present.

      Also, I have protocols for left-right glute imbalances and activation issues.

      I wish they asked me for this during the show!

      I’ll post my favorite before/after pic in an upcoming blogpost.

      • maureen says:

        Looking forward to it…All the glutes on your site look would be nice to see some before pics…most women young or old hate there butts..and if they just followed some of your tips they would be pleasantly surprised…I am a grandmother of three ..thanks to you my glutes look better than most women in their 30s….and I am not done yet…gluteal perfection exists and you have the pics to prove it…and soon so will I…Thanks for sharing your knowledge…Hey maybe someday I will start a Granny Glute Squad…haha…no faces only asses

        • maureen says:

          I misspoke..I should have said better than the average 30yr old not currently exercising and doing hip thrusts or glute raises…

  • Evan says:

    Great podcast! Lots of great info!

  • Sven says:

    Awesome! I really enjoyed this.
    So, if a Pallof press doesn’t activate any particular core muscle to a high degree, what are the real benefits of it and similar exercises?

  • Ethan says:

    Hi Bret,
    Sorry–this is somewhat unorthodox–but I have a question regarding your most recent T-nation article and my livespill is broken. Regarding your comment about HIT training once/week, is there a general sets/reps scheme you would recommend for this? I’ve been having trouble fitting time for workouts in, so I wanted to give this idea a try.


    • Bret says:

      That’s okay Ethan. I’d prefer once every 5 days but I’ll give you a good plan. One day per week, whenever you can make it to the gym, do 1-2 sets to failure in the 6-12 rep range. Pick big movements such as squats or front squats, deadlifts or sumo deadlifts, bench or weighted dips, chins or one-arm rows, military press or farmer’s walks. This workout will take you around 45-minutes. Then, at some point during the week, do a bodyweight workout at home consisting of 1 set to failure of feet-elevated pushups, Bulgarian split squats, single leg hip thrusts, and chins or inverted rows. This will take you around 15-minutes. Total weekly training time = one hour. Hope that helps!

  • ggs says:

    great article in T nation
    A must read!! It will be put in my favorites under NEVER delete.
    #14 variety struck a chord with me I recently paid for some personal training. He threw so many exercises at me I could not remember what I did. After a few times I commented on it. His reply was muscle confusion. The only thing confused was me.
    I was glad when it was over. Money not well spent

  • Michael M says:

    Great interview Bret.

    I’m curious if you still use/prescribe pallof presses since you were surprised how low core activation was in them. I really like them, too, and thought they were really working my core so I was surprised, too, at your emg findings. Do you substitute them with something else or just find them unnecessary?

    • Bret says:

      Michael – great question. Yes, I do. Well, I actually like “band rotary holds” for athletic males – a very similar exercise. You simply hold an isometric rotary hold for time using a resistance band. I like 10 second holds, as opposed to the brief-pulses you get with the Pallof variation. And I find the bands to be slightly more effective than cables. Just my two cents!

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