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By January 1, 2012January 10th, 2014Strength Training

Around this same time last year I posted a blog that listed all of the instructional videos I had created on Youtube. This year I’ve filmed plenty more so I wanted to put up another post since I like to have all of the videos in one place for reference. In case you haven’t seen all of them, here are 20 instructional videos. Happy New Year to all my readers. I’m very excited about 2012 and already have tons of good stuff to share with you. Let’s make this an amazing year peeps! Cheers, BC

Hip Thrust



Band Hip Rotation

Back Extension

Glute Ham Raise

Box Squat

Rack Pull

Bulgarian Split Squat

Bodyweight Hip Thrust Variations

American Deadlift

Chops, Lifts and Pallof Presses

Eccentric Accentuated Ab Mat Crunch

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Floor Press

Shoulder and Foot Elevated Hip Thrust

Double Standing Hip Abduction

Double Quadruped Hip Transverse Abduction

Single Leg Abducted Deadlift

RKC Plank

Happy New Year from the Reef Girls!


  • Neal W. says:

    Hey Bret, the free report that’s advertised when you load the blog, has that come in a previous mailing? I’m already signed up to your mailing list but I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten a free report that sounds like the description.


  • maureen says:

    I started doing the bulgarian split squats with my leg on the curl pad when i first saw your video awhile back.. Have not done it any other way since…Makes all the difference in the world..Thanks for the great info and videos

  • Hadley Allen says:

    Yes Bret,
    I am on your list as well and would like the free report as well. Thank you

  • Kim says:

    Thanks so much, Bret. It’s great to have them all in one post, especially the ones I missed earlier in the year prior to finding your blog.

    Thank you again for all that you do. Hope that 2012 is a great year for you.

  • Michele says:

    Hi Bret – I wrote this on Nia Shanks blog site, but wanted to also get your advice regarding my question as I trust you and your knowledge of safety with lifting! Thanks!!
    Hey Nia! Thanks to Marianne Kane, Bret C. and you, I have come to LOVE deadlifts. However, I have a question – I have limited dumbbells at home so I go to a cheaper gym to access heavier wts at this time. Unfortunately, the “free” barbells only go up to 60 pounds and the heavier barbells are on a Smith machine (I think that is the name – the one that has different levels you can lock the bar into – the bar is always within the tracks of the frame). I’m thinking deadlifts on this machine would NOT be safe as I would not be able to adjust the bar for a correct weight shift and placement near my shins during a deadllift – would I be correct?? If it is possible to safely perform a deadlift with this machine, could you please let me know! I am already at 60 pounds and would like to progress – could use the heavier dumbbells, but need to improve my grip to hold onto the suckers!!!

    Thanks for your advice and guidance!! Michele

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