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Great New Single Leg Hip Thrust Idea!

By May 12, 2011January 8th, 2014Sport Specific Training

This idea comes from Eirik Forlie and it’s a great one!

I’ve written in the past about exercises that require simultaneous hip extension and hip flexion under load.

This is a valuable exercise variation to have in your arsenal.


  • Bret, cool idea! The question I have about doing a movement like this (whether the hip flexor is under load or not) is;

    I always try to make sure the “other” leg is not giving me any momentum, making the hip extension leg (glute) work less. I see a potential problem being what I just mentioned, AND what may be happening in the mind. We know that is takes a great deal of “muscle-mind” connection to optimally recruit the glutes. If some of that mind “energy” is being put into flexing the hip (especially under load), I’m afraid less glute may be contracting (therefore bringing in ham and/or low back).

    I know that you are not suggesting this combo move for newbies, but I still have the above concerns for more advanced people.

    I’m not saying this is a bad combo move (as I still haven’t given it a go yet), I’m just thinking out loud and am curious as to your thoughts.



    • Bret says:

      What’s up Danny! Great to hear from you. Your question is excellent. I wonder the same thing. You’re right, obviously this is an advanced exercise variation for more athletic folks, and novices would likely end up doing exactly what you said. Thanks bud!

  • Eirik Forlie says:

    Thanks Bret!

    From my personal experience with this so far I feel it like crazy in the glutes. Requires some focus though, to make the glutes do the work and avoid any momentum like Danny says.
    I think the bench would probably tip over, or at least move, if you push off from it instead of letting the glutes do the work.

    Wrote a quick post about how this variation got to me and how it feels, stop by if you’re interested.



  • James says:

    Would this exercise be classed as a GREAT hip extension exercise? over anything else that is currently out there?.

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