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The Fitness Summit

By May 10, 2011August 30th, 2014Announcements

I wanted to shoot out a quick blogpost to notify my readers about an awesome event coming up this weekend. It’s on May 13-14 in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s called The Fitness Summit, and it’s only $199. Click here for more information.

I’ll try to be brief and speak from the heart. I’ve been to many different seminars, and this event is one of a kind. I was actually a speaker last year, and I had so much fun. I wrote about it here. If I was still in the states, I’d be speaking at this event in a heartbeat. When I return I hope to be invited back to speak and be a regular at the event. Here are the reasons why I believe it’s such a great event:

1. I got to hang out with Alan Aragon, Nick Tumminello, and Lou Schuler. Alan is freaky smart about nutrition, Nick is incredibly creative and knowledgeable about fitness, and Lou is the top editor and writer in the S&C profession. Having these connections is very important if you want to one day have a career in the fitness industry. This is a rare event in that you get to spend quality time with the speakers. Alan Aragon is actually one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met and being around him is well worth the $199 alone. I had a bunch of little questions I wanted to get answered about nutrition, and I was able to ask Alan in person some of these lingering questions I had. I got to compare training notes with Nick Tumminello and I learned that we share much of the same beliefs and philosophies. Lou gave me some incredible advice regarding writing and professionalism.

2. The presentations were excellent. I learned a ton from the speakers last year and was presented top-notch information.

3. The community is solid. If you’re looking for a group of fitness folks to start mingling with, then look no further. Many of the attendees regularly post on the JPFitness Forums and have formed a supportive network. I met some amazing folks at this event and cultivated some meaningful friendships. Nick Bromberg organizes the event and does an excellent job at it.

4. It’s only $199! That’s very affordable.

So if you’re a trainer or coach in the KC area, or if you’re looking to network and learn more about strength, conditioning, nutrition, and fitness writing, consider attending this event. You have 4 days left!!!

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  • JC Deen says:

    Yea, I will be there again this year. It really is a great time and well worth the money spent. The speakers are great and the time spent with other enthusiasts is a lot of fun. GO!

  • Hey Brett,

    To bad you couldn’t be state side this year! Hope we get to catch up on that interview. I will be at the summit. Excited to hangout with that great group of people. Hope the other side of the world is treating you well!


  • allie says:

    sounds like an incredible experience!

  • Annette says:

    I’m signed up to go and I’m just a normal gal. I’m just looking for more motivation (and I happen to live in KC which helps.) Sorry you aren’t going to be here this year yourself.

  • Karen Ruff says:

    Hi Bret!

    I attended this year, my very first summit, and it rocked. I especially liked how you guys were all so personable and approachable. I shared dip at lunch with Nick, totally cool dude as well. And living in KC made it that much better for me!

    I liked your comments about making changes in your life and how you have the power to make those changes. I also was given a gratitude journal so I’m working on that, kinda weird at first but I see how it can totally change your mindset.

    I’m new to this game so your blogs & info are gonna be great for my training and my future female clients.:) I’m officially a fan!

    Thanks for keeping your presentation fun. Favorite quote: “Remember guys when you used to workout to get in shape so women would notice you, etc? I’m actually still working out for those same reasons.”…!

    Hope you had fun in KC & Sat night!

    KC Karen

    • Bret says:

      Hi Karen, living in KC makes it a no-brainer for you! Glad you liked that quote haha! I had a blast on Sat night, now it’s back to reality (Mondays – ugh). Cheers, BC

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