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Good Reads

Hi Fitness Friends,

Here are links to some articles you might want to check out:

Force Vector Training

Some of my readers will recognize THIS article. I wrote it several years ago, but I decided to update and revamp for the NSCA so they could share it on their site.


Coregasm Survey Results

Dean Somerset and I posted a survey several months ago. HERE are the results which are quite intriguing.

Personal Training Quarterly

The latest PTQ issue is out, and it includes information on foot pronation solutions, budgeting for the PT, nutrition for the PT, HIIT, complex training, motivating clients, carbohydrates, and lunge variations. Click HERE to access PTQ 1.3 (must be an NSCA member).

Building Bigger Glutes – Sumo or Conventional Deadlifts? 

Below is a video I filmed for Candito Training HQ. It answers the question of which variation is best for building glutes – conventional or sumo deadlifting. Powerlifters or aspiring powerlifters, make sure you subscribe to Jonnie Candito’s channel – he regularly puts out great info (see the link above for his YouTube channel).

13 Exercises That’ll Floor You

HERE is an article I recently wrote for The article lists the best kneeling exercises (exercises performed in a kneeling position), discusses proper form, and showcases a video for each movement. Here are several of the exercises from the article:

Chris Beardsley’s Index of Blogposts

Have you read all of Chris’s scientific articles? It’s quite spectacular. See HERE for a comprehensive list.

Brad Schoenfeld’s Blog

Brad wrote 5 blogposts in the month of August, which is a record for him (I urge him to blog more often, he urges me to publish more peer reviewed articles and speak at more conferences, so we keep each other in check). Click HERE to access Brad’s blog.

I hope you enjoy the reading! Have a great week, BC

Skewed Views of Science

I’d like for you to take ten minutes of your time today to watch this video. My friend Charles Staley sent this my way, and it’s excellent. It’s almost as if the person who created this video did so specifically for the strength & conditioning industry. I wish that more of the top fitness professionals understood the information contained in this video, if so we’d be in a much better position to cooperate and progress as a field.

Good Reads: Chris Beardsley Biomechanics and Sports Science Articles

Chris Beardsley has been on an absolute terror lately, cranking out one excellent blogpost after another. Chris is the best in the field at what he does!

Click HERE to subscribe to his monthly newsletter (where he links all of his new posts).

Below are links to his posts from the past couple of months:

Strength and Conditioning Research Review Posts

  1. Is your training approach evidence-based?
  2. The biomechanical principles of resistance training
  3. How is ballistic training different from traditional resistance training?
  4. Diagnose the strength qualities of your athletes for best results
  5. How are partial and full squats different?
  6. Comparing isometric training at a range of angles with dynamic training
  7. How does squat depth affect how hard the various leg muscles are working?
  8. What causes the bilateral deficit?
  9. Muscle length affects fatigue
  10. How does the weight used change the effect of lunges?
  11. Should the shin remain close to vertical during squats?
  12. How do rowing exercises differ?

The Greatist Posts

  1. Research Shows How to Boost Strength and Mobility
  2. Research Review: Boost Strength, Endurance, and Flexibility
  3. Research Review: Bigger Muscle Gains and Better Workout Plans

Guest Blogposts

  1. Fascial NeuroBiology: An explanation for possible manual therapy treatment effects (Greg Lehman)
  2. Shoulder Adaptations Over the Course of a Baseball Season (Mike Reinold)

Definitely make it a habit to read Chris’s blog regularly. He’ll make you smarter!

Good Reads and Updates

Just wanted to provide a quick update to everyone and link some good reads as there are so damn many each week that I stumble upon but I assume you’re checking my friend Ben Bruno’s blog every week as he provides weekly updates for good reads and views. Before I get started, I thought I’d embed this inspiring picture. What’s your excuse?

1. TNation Article

It’s been a while since I wrote a TNation article and I finally put together a bunch of studies and thoughts and submitted it to them last night. In fact I’m going to do this regularly since the information will reach a wide variety of coaches, trainers, and lifters. There’s always great stuff coming out in the research each month and I’m happy to be able to share with you the most interesting findings.

2. Program Design

I haven’t written nearly enough about program design but I believe it’s one of my best skills, and after grading the master’s students’ final exams this semester I realize I need to write more about it as many coaches and trainers are lacking in their program design skills. Some were downright atrocious.

3. SPRINZ Strength & Conditioning Conference

I’ll be speaking on Thursday to around 130 strength coaches at the SPRINZ Conference so if you’re in Auckland make sure you attend.

4. FMA Strength Training Conference

On December 2-5th I’ll be speaking at the FMA Strength Training Conference at Coffs Harbour in Australia. I can’t wait for this as we “Southern Hemispherers” are finally enjoying some great weather and it’ll be 3 days of much needed fun. Here’s sexy Latina Ximena Gonzalez discussing the event:

If you can make it to Australia for a few days of fun then register and I can guarantee you an educational and entertaining weekend.

5. Peak Diet and Training Summit

Joe Dowdell and Mike Roussell have put together a very comprehensive fitness product that discusses program design and nutritional information. I actually got a chance to look over the material before they had the presentation and was very impressed. Joe is a solid trainer and has reached the pinnacle of success in S&C for good reason. Check out their product HERE.

6. How to Return to Training Following an Injury

Tim Henriques wrote a fantastic article on how to return to training following an injury HERE.

7. The New Meathead

Nate Green wrote a hilarious article about new meatheads HERE. Don’t be that guy!

Don't Be a Meathead!

8. Functional Assessments

Though I’m a big believer in assessments, I can totally relate to what Nick Tumminello wrote in this insightful article about assessments HERE.

9. Overused and Abused MRI’s

Craig Leibenson talks about overusing MRI’s HERE. I’m a big fan of Craig’s as he’s extremely intelligent.

10. Tanorexia

This NY Times ARTICLE talks about how tanning changes the brain. Do you have tanorexia?

11.  Willpower

This Boston Globe ARTICLE is an interesting read on the topic of willpower.

12. What Kind of Stretching is Best Prior to Explosive Activity?

Mike Reinold wrote up a blogpost on a recent journal article on the topic of stretching prior to an explosive activity. I recently read over this study and was hoping that someone would do a write-up on it so I’m glad Mike discusssed it. I like Mike as he’s very evidence-based. Check it out HERE.

13. Strong Ladies!

And finally, Tony Gentilcore wrote up a hilarious random blogpost HERE. In it he includes the video below. This lady (her name is Becca) has been training at Cressey Performance for several years (she’s only a junior in high school) and has some of the strongest glutes I’ve ever seen. Here she is glute bridging 345 x 8. Insane!

How can you not love strong women!

All right folks, that’s about it. Hope you all have an excellent week!!!

– BC