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How to Be the Worst Personal Trainer Ever!

jillian michaels

Last week,  I witnessed a personal trainer at a commercial gym berating his client for utilizing poor form. It was clearly evident to me that the exercise was too difficult for the client’s current fitness abilities, and that the fault was on the trainer, not the client. However, the trainer was too ignorant to know any better. I’ve seen this same personal trainer try to “impress” his clients by using fancy terminology and informing them of all of their “dysfunction.”

Enough With the Negative Labels!

As I’ve gained experience as a personal trainer, I’ve moved far away from labeling clients and informing them of their “weaknesses.” Instead, I focus entirely on their strengths and assure them that they’re healthy and able. The way I see it, clients are already insecure and lacking in confidence; they definitely don’t need some “know-it-all” trainer honing in on all of their flaws and poor movement patterns. With proper exercise prescription, proper instruction, and praise, clients will gain confidence and excitement for exercise and look forward to their next session in the gym.

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Please Vote: Should I Avoid Embedding Pictures Showing Great Glute Development in My Blog?

Since I started this blog in 2009, I’ve always embedded pictures of glutes into my blog. Athletic glutes, sexy glutes, round glutes, perky glutes, celebrity glutes, sprinter glutes, bikini and figure competitor glutes, glutes in spandex, glutes in bikinis, glutes on land, glutes in water, and glutes soaring through the air.

As you can tell, I love nice butts and I love looking at them. I’m not ashamed to admit that either. And since I’m The Glute Guy and I regular write blogposts on glute training, I’ve purposely depicted great glute development in my blogposts over the past four years. To me, pictures of nice glutes are just a form of art which go hand in hand with the text I write. I feel that by consistently showing people what good glute development looks like along with good before/after pictures, the bar will be raised and people will keep striving for improvements. That said, I realize that not everyone feels the same way that I feel about this topic.

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Defending Hugh Jackman: Don’t Be a Fitness Snob!

Hugh Jackman Deadlift

Last week, Hugh Jackman tweeted a picture of himself deadlifting. Since then it’s been retweeted over 9,000 times and favorited by over 6,000 followers.

I’m a big Hugh Jackman fan, so when I saw the picture, I instantly thought to myself, “What a badass,” and, “I knew that son of a bitch deadlifted.”

This is the mindset that we should have with fellow lifters. Sadly, many of my fellow lifters did not share the same sentiment. My Facebook and Twitter feeds were littered with haters mocking his “chicken legs” and subpar deadlift strength. Most critics scoffed at his estimated 350-385 lb deadlifts, bragging that they could easily out-pull the actor. A Google search yielded dozens of hits to forums that poked fun of him as well.

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What You Need to Know About Rhabdomyolysis: Insights from the University of Iowa Incident

In the last Strength of Evidence Podcast Episode, Ms. Jenny Sinkler, Jon Fass and I discussed exertional rhabdomyolysis. I confessed to not being comfortable with my familiarity of creatine kinase levels following various training protocols. Just recently I stumbled across a brand new study involving the infamous University of Iowa incident from 2011. I decided to review the study along with a couple dozen others in order to educate myself on the topic. I’d like to share with you my findings. Near the bottom of this article is the information from the new study involving the University of Iowa.

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