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Ignorant and Incompetent People Aren’t Aware of Their Ignorance and Incompetence


If you are heavily immersed in the fitness industry like I am, then I bet you never cease to be amazed at some of the ignorance and incompetence displayed by various members of our community. It’s all over the place, and you simply cannot escape it. Scrolling through Facebook and reading the comments might make you want to do this:

Ignorance comes in many forms, and sometimes it’s hard to imagine that the ignorant person is serious. I’ve found myself on numerous occasions reading various comments on social media and saying to myself, “This guy has got to be trolling.” But it turns out that many times the ignorant commenters aren’t trolling; they’re just really dumb. But ignorance isn’t exclusive to your casual social media commenter; the experts are guilty of it too. We have a myriad of seemingly scientific writers engaging in cargo cult science - it might look and feel like science, but it’s not science. These types are unwilling to doubt their own theories, which is counter to the essence of a true scientist.

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A Discussion With Paul Carter on Anabolic Steroids

I recently asked Paul Carter if he’d be willing to jump on Skype and record a discussion on the topic of anabolic steroids with me. We ended up talking for nearly 2 hours. The information contained within won’t be anything ground-breaking for serious lifters who have been around the block. However, for those who are ignorant and naive on the topic of steroids, you’ll definitely learn a thing or two.

Paul and I are not experts on the topic of anabolic steroids; we’re not medical doctors/endocrinologists and we aren’t involved in research on anabolic steroids, so take our advice with a grain of salt. Personally, I would like to see more discussion on anabolic steroids emerge over time in our field as it tends to be a taboo in strength & conditioning media. Here’s the video (my apologies, I don’t have an MP3 file for you):

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3 Ways to Be An Insufferable Fitness Snob

Make no mistake about it – I’m all over social media. You can find me on Twitter, on YouTube, on Instagram, and twice on Facebook. Though I’m not as active as I’d like to be, I try to interact consistently on social media. And even on extremely busy days, I make sure to spend at least 20 minutes scrolling through the various social media posts. As a popular blogger, I consider this to be part of my job – it allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of the industry. However, to be honest, I’m growing increasingly apathetic with this aspect of my job.

I’ve come to realize that an alarming number of posts on social media pertaining to fitness are egotistically driven. I’m not singling out the experts here, I’m implicating everyone involved in disseminating fitness information. Most comments seem to be based not so much on logic, science, or a genuine desire to help others, but on a burning need to validate biases, commiserate, or stroke the ego.

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How to Be the Worst Personal Trainer Ever!

jillian michaels

Last week,  I witnessed a personal trainer at a commercial gym berating his client for utilizing poor form. It was clearly evident to me that the exercise was too difficult for the client’s current fitness abilities, and that the fault was on the trainer, not the client. However, the trainer was too ignorant to know any better. I’ve seen this same personal trainer try to “impress” his clients by using fancy terminology and informing them of all of their “dysfunction.”

Enough With the Negative Labels!

As I’ve gained experience as a personal trainer, I’ve moved far away from labeling clients and informing them of their “weaknesses.” Instead, I focus entirely on their strengths and assure them that they’re healthy and able. The way I see it, clients are already insecure and lacking in confidence; they definitely don’t need some “know-it-all” trainer honing in on all of their flaws and poor movement patterns. With proper exercise prescription, proper instruction, and praise, clients will gain confidence and excitement for exercise and look forward to their next session in the gym.

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