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10 Things I’m Thankful For

I intended on writing this first thing this morning, but I ended up sleeping in. Then I ate way too much Thanksgiving food and was out of commission for a few hours. But better late than never! Below are ten things that I’m thankful for this year.


1. Chris Beardsley

One thing I am extremely proud of is S&C Research Review. Without Chris, there is no research review. He also maintains the S&C Research Blog all by himself. In almost 3 years of monthly reviews, we’ve never been late or failed to deliver, and this is due to Chris’s high standard of excellence. It’s such a privilege to be working with highly competent individuals. Chris and I are educating hundreds of strength coaches, personal trainers, and physical therapists around the world and helping them elevate their methods and practices.

2. Brad Schoenfeld

Over the past several years, Brad and I have published 15 peer-reviewed journal articles together. We currently have at least 6 more articles in the works together in various stages of development, ranging from review papers, to experimental papers, to training studies. Brad is one of my best friends and our frequent phone conversations are priceless. I’m very pleased to be able to carry out meaningful research with Brad and continue to help push the strength training field forward.

3. Andrew Vigotsky

Andrew is currently my intern and he’s doing a kickass job. Andrew’s technological and mathematical expertise enables us to do some really cool things together. In addition to my PhD, we’ve been working on various other things, such as a mathematical modelling of the relationship between muscle hypertrophy, cross-sectional area, pennation angle, moment arm, insertion angle, specific tension, muscle force, and torque production, and also a model that calculates hamstring length based on hip and knee angles. Andrew’s passion and intellect are of great value to me, and I dread losing him when the internship is completed.

4. Speaking Opportunities

I haven’t been able to speak very often lately since I’ve been so busy. But I do manage to speak a few times per year at various events. During these times, I get to hang out with my fellow fitness friends. Usually I end up hanging out with Alan Aragon until the wee hours of the morning.


At these events, I also get to meet with passionate trainers and coaches from around the world, which is highly rewarding. It allows me to effectively spread my methods and ideas across the world. Next year, I intend on speaking in the UK, Norway, and possibly Spain. But not until I finish my thesis!

5. Glute Lab

Words can’t describe how awesome it is to have a badass garage gym. I pride myself on having the best equipment possible for enabling highly productive training sessions for myself and my clients. I even get to help out my twin brother when he trains here a couple of times per week, and I’m conducting my PhD research out of the lab as well. In a perfect world, we’d all have our own glute labs.

glute lab

6. Scientific Advancement in S&C

I’ve noticed that the strength training industry is gradually changing. Readers are no longer satisfied with pseudoscience – they want more. Fitness magazines, websites, and blogs are seeking more scientific information these days, and conferences and summits are calling for more scientific speakers. Science is winning, and readers are thirsty for accurate content.

7. My Clients and Lifting Friends

I have a pretty big online fitness presence, which is cool. But I don’t feel right if I’m not interacting with people in person and making a difference locally. I gain tremendous insight from my lifting friends at Revolution Training, and I thoroughly enjoy training my hardworking clients week in and week out. They inspire me to work harder and be better.

8. John Cronin

My PhD supervisor John Cronin from AUT University is far more than a professor to me – he’s almost like a second father. What I’ve learned from him about life far trumps what he’s taught me about sports science and research methods. He gave me a chance by accepting me as a PhD student and believing in me, which I’ll never take for granted. I have many fond memories from New Zealand working with John. For example, one night at his home in the Kaimais, we were discussing torque angle curves, and right there in the office we busted out the calculations for my Are All Hip Extension Exercises Created Equal article. John is all about making things happen.

9. My Readers

Several years ago, some dude who called himself The Glute Guy started up a blog and began pushing strange exercises and methods to fitness enthusiasts. He could have easily been laughed out of the field and dismissed as a lunatic, but you all listened to me and paid attention to what I had to say. An authority on any given topic is nothing without an open-minded audience, and you guys and gals have granted me that. Thank you for hearing me out and experimenting with my methods, and thank you for spreading the word, sharing my articles, tagging me on social media outlets, sending me before and after pictures, and defending me to naysayers. I appreciate it immensely.

10. Yoga Pants

I think this picture says it all.

yoga pants


Random Announcements

Hi Fitness Friends, here are some quick updates for you.

First Study for PhD Has Been Submitted

I just submitted the first study for my PhD two days ago. It always takes several months to get accepted, so I have to be patient. I’m very excited for you guys to see this research so hopefully it gets accepted (and gets accepted quickly).

NSCA Personal Trainer Conference

Last weekend I was in Washington D.C. presenting on glute training for the NSCA Personal Trainer Conference. I had a great time and met some enthusiastic and talented personal trainers. I also got to hang out with my friends Brad Schoenfeld, Alan Aragon, Nick Tumminello, Tony Gentilcore, Dean Somerset, Chad Waterbury, James Krieger, and Jason Silvernail, which was a blast.


NSCA Personal Training Conference 2014

Flex Magazine Column

For some strange reason, the fitness magazines are finally starting to reach out to me. I’ve contributed to Men’s Health dozens of times and also Men’s Fitness and Shape, but lately it’s been crazy. Flex Magazine recently asked me to write a monthly column for them, and I accepted. I think my first column will appear in the November issue.

FitnessRX for Women Online Column

FitnessRX for Women Online also just asked me to start writing for them, and I accepted. They want me to choose between writing a monthly feature on either glutes or fitness myths. I’m still undecided, but I think I’m leaning towards the fitness myths.

Muscle & Fitness Hers Article

Muscle & Fitness Hers recently asked me to write them a glute workout for their magazine. They told me that they’d have a model shoot the pics, and lo and behold the model ended up being my friend Nathalia Melo. Can’t wait to see the article when it appears.


Nathalia and Bret

Experience Life Article

Finally, Experience Life Magazine just interviewed me for an article and had me provide them with some simple glute workouts. I think this is for their March edition, so it won’t be out for several more months.

Epic Fitness Summit

I’ll be speaking at next year’s EPIC Fitness Summit in the UK on May 15, 2015 at 3-5 pm. Some of my favorite speakers will be there, including Brad Schoenfeld, Alan Aragon, Menno Henselmans, Spencer Nadolsky, Greg Nuckols, Jose Antonio, and many more to come. It’s a rockstar line-up. They even made me my own playing card which is pretty badass if I must say so. Here’s the website:


Glute Squad

I haven’t yet discussed this on my blog, but in mid-July I started training another glute squad. Every Monday and Friday, I train around 6 different women. One of them is my stepmom who I wrote about HERE, and I’ve featured many of the others on my Instagram channel over the past few months.


Ciji hip thrusting

The reason why I’m telling you about the squad now is because in just 10 weeks, all 6 of them are hip thrusting at least 225 lbs for 3 reps. The strongest can hip thrust 315 lbs for 3 reps. They all started out with between 65 lbs and 135 lbs, but now they’re much much stronger. Most of the time I have them thrusting in the 8-20 rep range, but sometimes I load up the weight and see what they can do.

MMA Fighters Hip Thrusts

Lately I’ve noticed that hip thrusts are catching on in MMA. First there was Jon Jones doing barbell glute bridges HERE. Then recently Ryan Bader posted a pic of him doing hip thrusts HERE (and single leg hip thrusts HERE). And finally my friend Ben Bruno posted a video of his client Brendon Schaub hip thrusting HERE (I think he’s using 495 lbs here). It’s about time!


Ryan Bader hip thrusting

Cost of Hip Thruster Versus Other Equipment

A few people have complained about the cost of the Hip Thruster lately. The $599 includes the cost of shipping. But you also have to keep in mind that I paid a boatload of money for my patent. I deserve to make a little bit of profit off of each unit, but I can’t manufacture it on my own. I have Sorinex manufacture it for me, and they need to make a profit too. So two parties need to profit off of the units, which isn’t always the case with fitness equipment. At any rate, I still believe that it’s reasonably priced when you consider the cost of other equipment.


Hip Thruster

Check out Elitefts glute ham developers HERE – they range from $649 to $1,999 (without shipping). Shipping is another $229-$329, so this brings the cost to around $900 – $2,300.

Check out Westisde reverse hypers HERE – they range from $1,440 to $2,600 (without shipping). Shipping is probably another $200-$300, so this brings the cost to around $1,600 – $2,900.

HERE is Sorinex’s posterior chain equipment, HERE is Rogue’s smaller sized reverse hyper, HERE is an Elitefts 45 degree back raise, HERE is Rogue’s glute ham developer. Check these out and you won’t feel that the hip thruster is unreasonable. Even an Ader 203-lb monster kettlebell from Amazon is $640 with shipping HERE.

I love (and own) all of these pieces of equipment (and spent a lot of money attaining all of it), but if growing glutes is your goal, then I believe the Hip Thruster reigns supreme, and it’s less expensive than similar pieces of equipment. I love the Hip Thruster for many reasons, as do all of my clients. Some lifters and trainers (like me) don’t mind spending extra money to have our training environments exactly as we want them. But if you don’t want to buy a Hip Thruster because it’s out of your price range, please don’t be upset at me – I’ve taught you every freakin’ way imaginable to thrust HERE.

Why I Want a Huge Ass

My friend Jonnie Candito posted this video today. I’m in complete agreement with what he said. The way I see it, not wanting glutes is like not wanting testicles!

Have a great weekend!

The Year of the Booty: The 25 Best Booty Songs of All Time

Recently, Vogue magazine declared that “We’re Officially in the Era of the Big Booty,” Entertainment Weekly declared this summer, “The Summer of Butts,” the New York Times discussed buttocks appeal in an article titled, “For Posterior’s Sake,” and apparently “Vogue Has Just Discovered Big Butts.” With the release of Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea’s new song “Booty” (see video below, and try not to drool), I figured it was time to pay homage to booties.


It’s quite apparent that booties are in. But are booties a new obsession? In Meghan Trainor’s new song, “All About that Bass,” she announced that she is, “bringing booty back.” Songs and general attention to the booty are surely on the rise, but the booty has actually been popular for quite a while. Below are the 25 best booty songs of all time (in no particular order), and as you’ll see, there are songs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, and 2010’s – all focusing on booty. Suffice to say, booties aren’t going anywhere – they’re here to stay!


Shake it Fast

Shake That





Back that Ass Up

Baby Got Back

Big Ole Butt

Da Butt

Thong Song

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

Ms. New Booty

Fat Bottomed Girls


Shake Your Booty

My Humps

All About that Bass


Ass Like That

Bubble Butt



Boogie in Your Butt

Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy – Now in 4 Languages With More to Come!

Hi Fitness Friends! Just wanted to post a quick blog to mention that my Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy book has now been translated into German (can’t find the book via the link for German site), Spanish, and Russian. I’ve heard that it will soon be translated in Korean, Czech, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, Simplified Chinese, and Portuguese!


I am VERY proud of this book, so if you are a foreign publishing company and are interested in publishing a translated version of the book, please contact Drew at:

And if you don’t yet have the English version, you can pick it up on Amazon HERE for less than $15. If you want to see a sample of the book, click HERE. Every lifter, personal trainer, strength coach, physical therapist, and athlete should possess a mastery of bodyweight strength training – it’s the foundation of resistance training.