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Updates: Thesis, FAQ Tab, and 605 lb Deadlift PR

Hi fitness friends, just wanted to provide a few updates:


I have less than one year to finish my PhD, so I’ve been cranking on research/data collection. I realized that very few sports scientists focus their strength & conditioning research on women, so I decided to hone in on females for my studies. Here are some things that I’ll be looking at with my thesis:

1. Gluteus Maximus EMG Review: what does the literature currently have to say about gluteus maximus activation associated with rehab, functional, and resistance training exercise? What are the gaps in the literature?

2. Gluteus Maximus MVIC Position: the gold standard in the research for maximum voluntary isometric contractions is the prone bent leg hip extension against manual resistance applied to the distal thigh. Does just standing and contracting the gluteus maximus leads to greater, equal, or less upper and lower gluteus maximus activation? Hypothesis: standing will lead to greater upper glute activation, whereas the gold standard will lead to greater lower glute activation.

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New & Improved Garage Gym

In the year 2000, I purchased my first piece of fitness equipment (a Powertec power rack with a bench). Along the way, I kept making small purchases, and fourteen years later, voila. I recently moved into a new house in Phoenix, AZ. Here is the new and improved garage gym. It has all the big things I like in terms of equipment, and also all the little things that make the gym awesome (bathroom, mirrors, rubber mats, mini-fridge, heater, AC unit, HDTV, stereo, etc.).

Here’s a quick video that shows a panarama of the gym:

Here is a more thorough video of the place where I explain all the various training tools and pieces of equipment:

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Training for Strength: Bonus e-book!

The importance of strength

If you are a strength coach, I’m guessing that you probably spend a lot of time on building programs designed to increase your athletes’ strength. Call it an educated guess.

Or, if you’re a personal trainer, I am guessing that you might want to help your clients gain strength so that they can lift a greater volume of heavier weights and improve their body composition. Again, I might be reaching here, but please stay with me.

And if you’re a physical therapist, you might be putting late-stage rehabilitation programs together that help your patients improve their full function after regaining pain-free range-of-motion. That sounds like increasing strength is a big part of the process.

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Recent Gym PRs


Just a quick update with my training. I’ve been a PR machine lately. Funny how PRs make the day so much more enjoyable.

Yesterday I pulled 515 x 3, then followed it up with 535 x 3!

Several days ago, I front squatted 300 x 1, then 275 x 3. Then, I hip thrusted 635 x 2 and 585 x 4.

What’s really nice about this is that I’ve lost 8 lbs since my meet and I’m still setting PRs. My benching this week was good but military presses seemed to be affected slightly by the weight drop. At any rate, I think I could have pulled 545 x 3 with the deadlift had I not done the 515 x 3 first, and I think I have a 305 lb front squat in me. Can’t wait to hit 315 one day on those! I also think I have a 650 lb hip thrust in me. I’ll probably give this a whirl next week. My sumo and conventional pulling strength flipflops; right now I’m wondering if I’m better at conventional. A front squat, deadlift, and hip thrust PR in one week? I’ll take it!

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