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The Hip Thruster – Now in the UK and Europe

I’m excited to announce that the Hip Thruster is now available in the UK and the rest of Europe!

After launching the Hip Thruster in the US just over 2 months ago, I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received from people all over Europe, asking when it would be made available there. So to make it available as quickly as possible, I enlisted the help of my friend Chris Beardsley, who lives in the UK, and together we partnered with Metal Rhino, an amazingly innovative gym equipment manufacturer based in Northern Ireland.

So as of today, if you live in any of the European countries listed, you can buy the Hip Thruster and have it shipped to you within 6 weeks. If you put your order in right now, you will have it just in time to start your New Year’s gym promotion or New Year lifting program at the start of January!

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New and improved Strength & Conditioning Research Free Newsletter

Chris and I launched our monthly research review service back in February 2012. Since then, we’ve published 21 editions and we are rapidly approaching the start of our third year in existence!

From the beginning, we have tried to provide our subscribers with only the very best reviews of the most up-to-date research. This is because we believe that sports science is crucially important for helping you and your clients or athletes achieve the best possible results.

However, we know that some people aren’t sure whether reading reviews of up to 50 of the latest sports science studies is something for them. We’ve heard some people say that the technical jargon is too daunting, others find it hard to implement the information into their training practices, and others struggle to find the time to read it all, every month.

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Introducing The Glute Lab: Part I – The Gang & The Strength Equipment


Hello fitness friends! I am super excited about today’s post. Some of you may remember a couple of months ago when I posted a blog mentioning that I was seeking to hire assistants. Well, I ended up hiring three guys! One of the benefits of working your ass off all the time is that you don’t have any time to spend money. Therefore, I was able to save up enough money to build a kick ass research and training facility (and hire amazing workers). We call our facility The Glute Lab

Over the course of the next year, we will be learning as much as possible about individual exercises and various training methods. In Part II of this series, we will discuss and showcase our technology and laboratory equipment. Needless to say, we will be bringing you some incredible information and reporting a ton of exciting data throughout the year.

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Poll Results: You Love the Hip Thrust!

Poll Results

Last Friday I posted another poll HERE. Below are the results. Sorry that the data is tiny and difficult to read, but there’s a video below as well.

In summary, I have a bit more male readers than female readers, most of my readers are just lifters looking to get results, followed by personal trainers. My readers are primarily concerned with their physique/aesthetics, followed by strength. More of my readers fall into the 10+ years of training category than any other category, indicating that my readers are very experienced. My readers tend to train 3 or 4 times per week and prefer full body training followed by lower/upper splits.

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