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Strength of Evidence Podcast: Episode 3.5 – Special Analysis of “Effects of aerobic and/or resistance training on body mass and fat mass in overweight or obese adults”

By December 28, 2012January 11th, 2014The Strength of Evidence Podcast

Before I get started, I have a favor to ask. For those of you who like the podcast, please click on THIS LINK, go to iTunes, click on “ratings and reviews,” and give the podcast a rating or a review (or both). I’m trying to get the podcast more popular so more folks benefit from the service. Thanks!

Also, HERE is a link to what Jon was joking around about in the beginning of the podcast – a list of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness in 2012 by This is a huge honor for me as there are some really important folks on the list. In fact, my mom now thinks I’ve “made it” since I’m on a list with the people she admires like Dr. Oz, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra. I’m number 70, hopefully next year I’ll continue to make progress and move up on the list!

Welcome to our first “Special Analysis” episode, where Bret and Jonathan take a detailed look at new and specific research making waves in health & fitness! Unlike a regular episode, the “Special Analysis” breaks down a single paper to give you an “inside look” at how research methodologies and design can impact the quality and usefulness of a paper. On this first episode, the guys take a critical look at Effects of aerobic and/or resistance training on body mass and fat mass in overweight or obese adults,” and break down the strengths, weaknesses and overall impact of this new and exciting paper! Along with Bret and Jon, friends of the show Alan Aragon and Brad Schoenfeld also give their impressions in a special correspondence! This one is not to be missed.

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Here are some show notes, if you can understand them:

* Prior studies inconclusive

66 RT, 73 AT, 57 A+RT

18-70 years old, sedentary, overweight or moderately obese, males and females

8 months long

RT – 3X/wk, 3 sets/day, 8-12 reps/set

AT – around 12 miles/wk @ 65-80% peak VO2Max (treadmill, elliptical, cycling)

A+RT – Both

Ramped up

RT – 1 set weeks 1-2, 2 sets weeks 3-4, 3 sets week 5, targeted all major muscle groups, weights increased 5 lbs when 12 reps with proper form on all 3 sets was reached during 2 consecutive sessions, 2.53 sessions/week

AT – 2.99 sessions/week

Both – 2.46 RT sessions/week, 2.88 AT sessions/week

2010 calories/day all 3 groups

Results – See Table



  • Dan Pope says:

    A battle to the death! I’m excited to listen to the outcomes of this one.

  • Ash says:

    This study isn’t that surprising on its face. People who don’t restrict their calories, won’t lose a lot of weight, no matter what they do, and most people would probably burn more calories running 4 miles than they would sitting on some weight machines for an hour. If only we could get people to control their diets and get excited about exercise (especially weight training). If only I were a millionaire and were 5’10. C’est la vie.

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