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Sexy Challenge Update

By February 3, 2012January 10th, 2014The Sexy Challenge

Okay folks, there are just several days left in the challenge so get your scores and vids posted.

So far Jen Sinkler is in the lead for females and Jaime Rodriguez is in the lead for males. Only time will tell if they have Queen and King Sexy locked in.

Nine people have currently achieved over 100 reps in the challenge (Dead Sexy Award).

Only two males have achieved 15+ reps on each exercise and only 2 females have achieved 10+ reps on each exercise (Sexy All Over Award).

21 out of 30 (which is almost 70%) contestants have beat my 75 rep total (Sexier than BC Award). So it turns out that being sexier than me doesn’t mean much these days!

121 is the current female record (Queen Sexy Award).

146 is the current male record (King Sexy Award).

Out of the contestants who submitted Youtube videos:

22 is the current front squat record (Quadzilla Award).

61 is the current RDL record (Dr. Deadlift Award).

41 is the current hip thrust record (Gluteus Magnificus Award).

21 is the current incline press record (Chisel Chest Award).

22 is the current chin up record (King Cobra Award).

A couple of these were exceeded by folks who didn’t yet submit vids so if those come in then I’ll update the chart.

If you plan on competing in the challenge make sure you post your results in the next few days.

I’ll announce awards on Sunday. Thanks to all who have competed thus far!

Here is a chart showing the current status:

Here are the videos of the current male and female leaders.

Jaime Rodriguez

Jen Sinkler

Gotta love their post-hip thrust faces haha!



  • Jaime says:

    Bret I had to get rid of first video. I was scolded for my typo. I put the updated video on you other post in comment box. I was also scolded by mrs. For not doing better. (tough love)

  • Clifton says:

    I want the “best video” award!!

  • Derrick Blanton says:

    Hey Bret, I think two males have sexy all around award..Jaime and Drew both got all 15’s or better..

  • Derrick Blanton says:

    Btw, after watching Jaime’s video, I was so amped, I did the Sexy Challenge again today. Was I recovered after 72-hours from Sexy 1.0? uh..Hell no!!

    I reversed the order of the exrcs., and managed to beat my previous score by one get a Sexy 2.0 score of 112.

    Sadly I was on pace for 131, but I ABSOLUTELY melted down big time on the final leg of hip thrusts..ha ha..

    I put up the vid of Sexy 2.0 on this thread when it’s finished..This is fun stuff. Brutal, but fun..

  • Derrick Blanton says:

    FSQ-15, IB-14, RDL-45, CHINS-13, HIP THRUST-25= 112.

    • Bret says:

      Damn! So close with the incline…had you a hand-off you’d have gotten it. Same thing happened to me with the hip thrusts! I’m good for more but my glutes were fatigued from the RDL’s. Great job maybe I’ll do it again tomorrow and see if I can beat my previous performance. Cheers mate!

  • jay says:

    How much days are left for this contest? I now how a injury but when im done im gonna crush that Quadzilla record:)

    • Bret says:

      Three more days until I announce awards but of course you can always do the challenge whenever you want (I plan on doing it every six months or so to test myself).


    I’m pretty happy with 127 reps, but if it wasn’t for that damn RDL gaffe I had a bunch of reps left in me. Good challenge Bret – it was strangely fun!


    • Bret says:

      Sweet Danny! I knew you’d kick butt at this. I agree – you def had more RDL’s in you…lessons learned. I had to laugh at the spotter too…such a rookie.

      • Yep, DEFINITELY a rookie! Check his smile/excitement out at the 3:28 mark… he looks so happy to be on camera and to actually be helping out a “real lifter.” I stayed afterwards and gave he and his buddy a few pointers and they were very grateful for that. Always fun helping youngins that are eager and appreciate!


  • Stefanie says:

    Awesome challenge Bret! I didn’t have a day this week to do it, so I had to rock this out after my Oly training this afternoon.

    I am pissed though, I didn’t realize that the bar wasn’t hitting my chest on the presses as I’ve never done them before!

    23 Front Squats
    10 Chin Ups
    25 Hip Thrusts
    0 Chest Press (boo! 28 incomplete reps)
    37 RDL’s
    95 Total @ 145BW

    Reppin’ Golds in Ahwatukee 🙂


    • Stefanie,

      You went 3/4 of the way down on each rep… so I say take 75% of your total and count that as your incline press number! 🙂


      • Bret says:

        Stefanie, nice to have someone representin’ AZ!!! You did very well and I agree with Danny you could have performed around 20 complete reps but according to the rules you get a big fat zero for those. But next year you know you can easily get 115-125ish. Again, great job!!!

        • Stefanie says:


          My glutes are still sore from the hip thrusts, which is awesome. This challenge opened my eyes that I need to work on my muscular endurance more, as I don’t have as much as I used to have. Doing Olympic lifting has settled me into heavy weights at 3-6 reps max.

          Thanks again for putting this challenge together, it was great to see such amazing athletes and their scores!


          • Bret says:

            Stefanie, well…it depends on your goal. Oly lifting doesn’t require muscular endurance so training this way won’t help your Oly lifting proficiency. However, if you have other goals such as hypertrophy and stamina, then of course this type of training will assist in those goals. I have a personal bias toward low reps too and that won’t change. But I do throw in a few sets of higher reps throughout the week so I don’t lose the ability altogether.

  • Melody says:

    Aw, man, I was one incline press away from the Chisel Chest! *facepalm*

  • Chris says:


    Excellent challenge. Here is my entry:

    20 front squats
    44 RDLs
    22 Hip thrusts
    9 Incline Presses
    20 Chinups


  • Strini Naidoo says:

    Hey Bret,

    Strini did the challenge this morning and smoked it!

    17 Chinups
    30 Front Squats
    10 Chest Press
    50 RDL’s
    100 Hip Thrust
    207 reps at 72kg BW

    He was completely munted afterwards and spent about 15min flat on the floor while I made protein pancakes for breakfast. Awesome challenge!

    Cheers, Ruth and Strini

    • Bret says:

      Hi Ruth and Strini,

      I suspected Strini would rock it. This will be the unofficial record but after our talk today I’m curious to see how the hip thrusts would be affected if performed from a higher bench. Anyway I’m sure Strini would still achieve the record but of course we will await video proof down the road (maybe in another month when Strini is recovered haha!). But this is why I urged you to compete…I knew Strini would rock it.

      And glad you’re taking good care of your man Ruth; after a set of 100 rep hip thrusts a man needs some protein pancakes to refuel his gluteal glycogen haha!

      Much love! BC

  • Denis says:

    Unrelated question, couldn’t find an answer from google. What is your strength standard for hip thrusts(i.e. 2x bodyweight for back squats)?

    • Bret says:

      Denis, as I’ve mentioned in the past, most folks can hip thrust more than they can squat and deadlift more than they can hip thrust. So it goes:

      squat < hip thrust < deadlift A 400 lb squat, 450 lb hip thrust, and 500 lb deadlift is impressive (but the hip thrust is more suited toward sets of 3 reps or higher since it's a contracted-position exercise with a descending strength curve), and relative to bw maybe 2X bodyweight for 3 reps is a better indicator as it takes into account relative strength. Hope that help!

    • Bret says:

      Very good Miguel! I wonder how your RDL’s would have been affected had you kept a big arch and sat back and only went down just past knee height. In other words, your RDL’s looked more like regular deads with high hips and a bit of rounding (this is how I deadlift when the loads get heavy) than Romanian style which is characterized by an anterior pelvic tilt, lumbar extension, vertical bar path that skims the body and a maximal posterior displacement of the hips relative to the bar’s COM. At any rate, great job and thx for competing.

      • Miguel A. says:

        True. I might have misinterpreted the rules a bit, but then again this was after a 2RM Deadlift day for me (I’ve been doing deads all week), so my hips and back have really been fried from the get-go. Thanks for the reply. 🙂

  • mike says:

    just finished this. 26 chin ups, 25 hip thrusts, 22 front squats, 12 incline bench, 73 rdl = 158 total. Will post video in the next coupld of hours for form critique/approval.


  • Mike says:

    Just finished this. Weighing 70kg – 26 chin ups, 25 hip thrusts, 22 front squats, 12 incline presses, 73 rdls, = 158 total.

    Will post video soon.


  • Andrew Firth says:

    Hey Bret, above is my entry hope I’m not to late.



  • Jaime says:

    Oh well I knew I wouldnt be able to hold on to the crown. Great job mike. I need to improve my hip thrust. I’ll be ready next time. Unless I try it again next month. =>

    • Mike says:

      Thanks mate. You’ll be out in front next month – there’s no way I’m subjecting myself to that again for a while! Looking above though,I think Strini now has the unofficial record @ 207 :O

      • Jaime says:

        I don’t know strini but 100 reps of anything seams hard to believe. I’m sure the guy is an animal though. I praise him.

        • Bret says:

          Strini is a machine. He is a rare combination of strength, power, and endurance and I knew he’d rock this comp. That said, I’m wondering if he could repeat this hip thrust performance off a higher bench (I called him and he informed me that he used an aerobics step). Personally I think that this would bring his hip thrust total down to around 60-70 reps but I’m merely speculating.

          Anyway, this is a good piloting year and next year we can repeat the competition and be more strict/stringent with the requirements.

      • Bret says:

        Hey Mike,

        First off I want to congratulate you as you did an outstanding job and you’re super strong. I will, however, take you up on your offer, as I’d like to take the opportunity to turn this into a “teachable moment.”

        Before I begin I want to say that my form isn’t “all-that” and I’m not as strict in my own training as many of my colleagues, so I could stand to “practice what I preach.”

        If I were in Jaime’s shoes I’d be a bit annoyed right now as you’ve beaten him but your form wasn’t as strict. If he chose to be more lax, he could most likely match or beat your score.

        For example, when watching your chin up vid, pause the screen when you get to the bottom of the rep. You’ll notice that your arms and shoulders are still a bit bent and you’re not at a dead-hang. Hip thrusts are pretty good; you go deep enough but some of the reps you aren’t quite locking out up top. Front squats are fine. Incline press is fine (elbows are quite flared but I do that too and don’t find it problematic for incline press). Many of the RDL’s appear shallow and your upper back is quite rounded on them. Hard to tell as the bar is in the way…I’m not sure if you’re descending past the knees. I round my upper back too on deads but I know it’s not ideal form. For RDL’s, however, I arch the entire back and don’t allow thoracic flexion.

        I suspect that if you did the challenge again and used very strict form, you’d probably shave 8 reps off your chin, 3 reps off your hip thrust, and 10 reps off your RDL, so around 20 reps less on the challenge if you were strict.

        I would love it if you performed the challenge again with more strict form. I’m not trying to take anything away from you as you’re a very strong dude pound for pound and I very much respect that. But you have room for improvement in the form department and it’s really good to be using good habits as the longer you perform the incorrectly, the harder it becomes to correct the bad habits.

        So congrats and hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two with my response. Cheers!

        • Jaime Rodriguez says:

          I promise at least 160 next time.

        • Jaime Rodriguez says:

          So what is the judges ruling on the crown holder?

        • mike says:

          hey bret, that’s cool i take it on board.

          In response, my shoulder/upper back mobility is crap, hence the rounding on the rdls, and not quite dead hanging the pullups – working on it though :).
          Hip thrusts – first time ever doing them, so can’t really argue if form wasn’t spot on.
          Rdls – hand on heart, every single one did go below the kneecap, although i realise you can’t see that, maybe a front view would have been better for judging that.

          Cheers, mike.

          • Bret says:

            Mike, I believe you regarding RDL’s. And I’m not sure if the RDL’s/chin ups are due to restrictions in thoracic/shoulder mobility. I’m not suggesting that you have optimal mobility as I believe you could use more.

            For the chins, you do go down far enough on some of the reps, indicating that you possess sufficient ROM to reach full depth. I argue with my twin bro about this all the time as his chins look identical to yours. I go all the way down on mine and he stops around 5-10 degrees shy of dead hang. If I make him do it from dead hang he gets around 6 chins but if he does it his way he gets 12. So he sticks to his way. This is simply due to the fact that his “starting muscles” are weak as the pecs and low traps initiate a chin (Youdas et al. 2011) while lats and biceps brachii lockout.

            If you made it a policy to start chinning from a dead hang every single repetition, then within a month it would feel naturally and you wouldn’t be tempted to skimp on your ROM as you’d be equally strong throughout the entire range of motion.

            Second, with the RDL’s and upper back rounding, I don’t see this as being due to mobility deficits either. I have the same issue and I have good thoracic extension mobility; it’s just that I’ve trained my body to be stronger in this position through years of practice. So the rounding feels normal to me and when I arch the entire spine it feels strange. This isn’t mobility-related; it’s motor control.

            You can choose to ignore it and perform deads like this your whole life as I have, or to start working on it and spend six months getting dl’s to feel natural with a big upper back arch (which takes time as you’re regrooving neural patterns).

            Just my two cents!

          • mike says:

            fair enough, you’re probably right, maybe i use crappy mobility as an excuse, and motor patterns aren’t as they should be on all exercises. I’ll work on it.

          • Bret says:

            Well Mike, the good news is that research shows that strength training is just as effective for mobility purposes as stretching, so if you use full ROM on overhead and chinning work, and you arch the upper back hard on deads, you’ll be building mobility and cementing new motor patterns while gaining strength. But don’t beat yourself up as you rocked this competition. However, as you get older you tend to appreciate folks who are super-strict.

            When I was 19 yrs old I was quarter-squatting with 275 lbs and some huge beast walked behind me and said, “Why don’t you drop down to 135 lbs and squat all the way down like a man?” He didn’t even look at me and just kept walking. I implemented his advice, full squatted 135, was sore as hell the next day in good places, and I’ve never looked back to this day. In other words, I try to use full range on all movements and I try to have really clean form (except I round when deadlifts exceed around 455ish).

            So I have a feeling that one day you’ll thank me for my somewhat harsh advice to you, just as I thank that beast who scolded me 16 years ago. But amazing job nevertheless.

  • Mike says:

    Here’s my video. I think my form’s okay, although if there are any issues with anything I’ll take it on the chin, so feel free to criticise.

  • Derrick Blanton says:

    BC, I tried to broach this topic early on in the original thread. My honest intention was not to be a “nit-picker”, but b/c I knew that these types of issues would come up. I remember when Waterbury had a pull up challenge, and the winner I don’t think went to a dead hang one time, and there was a bit of an uproar. I knew that I had zero chance at winning this thing, but every one wants to have a uniform standard to compete against. I realize that we are all in theory competing against ourselves, but I think it helps us all to go to the wall, if we have another competitor in our minds as we wade into the “danger zone” of later reps.

    Along these same lines, if Molly used a safety squat bar, this frankly does give her a biomechanical edge over Jen. Make no mistake, Molly is truly a REMARKABLE athlete, simply outstanding, but so is Jen! They both represent the best of what training can do for a person. They both take my breath away.

    Let me just say that everybody who put themselves through this test gets my admiration, and I like to feel like we are all brothers and sisters in arms. Most of us aren’t going to set any world records, or anything, so it is just the pure love of training that drives us.

    Mad props to everyone, and thanks to Bret and friends for devising this challenge which has given me one of the best weeks of training ever!

    • Bret says:

      Derrick, I hear you brutha. I had the same fears which is why I tried to create clear rules up front (without overwhelming readers with too many rules or getting too wordy) and went with exercises that were easier to standardize. I’m aware that you weren’t being nit-picky and I’m the same way; I like a level playing field. Regarding the sqb front squats I can only speculate as I haven’t performed them…my friend Ben doesn’t think there’s much of an advantage and I value his input. I’m more concerned with ROM as we all know cutting things a bit short makes an exercise much easier. But this is all a learning experience and next year we can revisit the challenge with more stringent guidelines. I appreciate your input Derrick, BC

    • Jen Sinkler says:

      Derrick, many thanks for the compliments on Molly’s and my performance. Right back atcha!

  • Derrick Blanton says:

    One last post, b/c I think I have “over-posted” already.

    The advantage of the SSB squat may be negligible as far as hip/PC leverages. However the real front squat weak link is the upper back, particularly in an extended set type setting. If you watch Molly’s squats, particularly as the set wears on (ex. 3:41), she is able to drop her elbows altogether, and regroup. This would be more or less impossible on a straight bar squat, as the upper back would begin to roll forwards.

    Most of us could keep repping out legs and butt-wise, but the crumbling of the upper back is what usually terminates a front squat set.

    Once again, let me stress that I mean no disrespect to Molly, who “brought it” big, big time. Just trying to see it from a neutral standpoint. I don’t know any of these competitors; I’m not a fitness pro, I’m not on Facebook, etc. I’m just a random dude who loves to train.

    Hopefully I haven’t worn out my welcome on your blog, and thanks again, Bret.

    • Bret says:


      Your input is highly valued on this blog as you’re a critical thinker and you’re respectful; two qualities that I greatly appreciate. Very good point about the upper back being the limiting factor. Since the safety squat bar front squat is still placed in front of the neck (but the plate placement is shifted posteriorly), I wonder how much that changes matters and if it does in fact shift the limiting factor to the hips/legs.

      BTW this would be an excellent study idea.


  • ddn says:

    Here’s my 2nd attempt. I had a huge deficit to overcome with the pressing so I didn’t know if it would be worth it, but since Jen was gunning for the top spot I joined in. It definitely makes a big difference when you’ve got a number in mind to hit.

    Total of 152.

  • Jen Sinkler says:

    Aaaand here’s my second attempt, for score of 150 this time: (Side note: Turns out Dave beat me by TWO reps, not one…dammit.);)

    I was able to make some progress on incline bench, RDLs and hip thrusts (which are my new very favorite thing). Molly lit the fire when she turned in a score of 124 the other day, so I couldn’t resist giving it another go with more of a game plan (although I think I’ll be able to hold off for at least few months now).:)

    Front squats: 21 (same as last time)
    Incline bench: 28 (up from 21)
    RDLs: 61 (up from 50)
    Chin-ups: 9 (down from 10…oops)
    Hip thrust: 31 (up from 19)

    Must say, this has been a LOT of fun, and I’ve greatly appreciated the kind comments and positive feedback in the comments. Bret, you’ve done a fantastic job cultivating a thoughtful and respective space here — kudos to you and your crew.

    • Bret says:

      Jen, I’m very impressed that you made so much progress in such a short amount of time; my take is that there was a large training effect given that you hadn’t performed incline press, high rep RDLs and hip thrusts and you had sufficient rest in between bouts to allow for improvements/adaptations. Thanks for the kind words, it has been fun! BC

      • Jen Sinkler says:

        That’s gotta be it! Gotta love the mad progress you make when you first start doing a lift. I think, in addition, you more rapidly break down mental barriers once you get a starter set under your belt (weightlifting pun!). 😛

  • Derrick Blanton says:

    BC Sexy v.3.0: 127-reps


    3rd attempt this week. Didn’t really intend to go through with it, but watched ddn, and jen..

    “nuff said.

    Vid to follow..

  • Derrick Blanton says:

    Don’t know if I made it in under the deadline. Posted the above results on Sunday night 8:17pm, US PST.

    • Bret says:

      Derrick, that had me cracking up; luckily dropping the bar with only bw bb loads isn’t particularly dangerous for you as it’s pretty light. Interesting choice of exercise order…

      • Derrick Blanton says:

        Ha ha!! I know, right? For a split second, I considered continuing the set, “Zercher-style”, lol..

        The working theory is that the IB’s and chins don’t really affect the lower body totals, but the lower body lifts smash you pretty good, and downgrade the upper body numbers. Stole it from one of Martin Rooney’s videos, (who btw would crush this thing).

    • Bret says:

      Dale, I didn’t see your post until now. I have reviewed your video and am going to announce the contest results shortly, so stay tuned.

  • Doug says:

    Great Challenge Bret,
    I did it a week ago and here are my results. Sorry no video I was in a hurry.

    Body weight @195lbs. Workout Time 31 min.

    Front Squats 8 reps
    RDLs 31r
    Inc. Bench 3r
    Hip Bridge 25r
    Chin Ups 13r

    Great challenge and I look forward to doing it again next month

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