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Poll Results for “Should I Avoid Embedding Pictures Showing Great Glute Development on My Blog?”

By September 18, 2013January 15th, 2014Announcements

Hi Fitness Friends!

A few days ago I posted THIS poll and asked for reader input. Here are the results:

  • 2,130 readers voted
  • 92% (1,966) didn’t find the pictures to be offensive or distasteful, whereas 8% (161) did find the pictures to be offensive or distasteful
  • 86% (1,818) found the pictures to be motivating or inspiring, whereas 14% (300) didn’t find them to be motivating or inspiring
  • 7% (154) want me to stop embedding glute pictures into my blog, whereas 93% (1,967) want me to continue posting glute pictures
  • 53% (1,126) of respondents were male, whereas 47% (996) were female
  • These percentages remained stable throughout the entire duration of the poll

In addition, there were 217 comments, of which:

  • 2 stated they they didn’t want pictures
  • 64 stated that they like the pics, want me to keep posting, and/or found them inspirational
  • 39 mentioned that they don’t like the hypersexual, lingerie-type pics
  • 31 mentioned that they wanted more male glute pics
  • 23 said that they wanted more “real-world” pics and more variety
  • 9 scolded me for my crappy poll questions
  • 16 felt that the pictures aren’t safe for work or home
  • 5 said that they would like more before/after pics
  • 1 wanted more male flute pictures (not ready to go there yet!)
  • 1 does not want to see anymore Banana Coconut Flour hypersexualization
  • 1 told me not to be a Thomas Jefferson (wasn’t he a good guy?)

Here is a video where I discuss the poll:

Here are my solutions, which really don’t require much change on my end:

  1. More male pics
  2. Continue posting gym and sport pics
  3. Less lingerie oversexed pics
  4. Continue to post before-afters

If you have some good before/afters, please send them to me so I can display them on the blog. I’ll reach out to some colleagues and try to obtain more pictures depicting good glute development as well.

Thank you for your participation!


JC Deen


  • Jolie says:

    Bret, I adore your glute info and savvy, but your stats got me all aflutter! Y’know, when you’re not indulging in Banana Coconut Flour hypersexualization. HA!!!!!

    Looking forward to before/after inspiration and motivation! Keep up the glute work! 😀

  • S Clark says:

    Hi Bret,

    I just finished week 2 of your Strong Curves book (Booty-ful Beginnings). I am enjoying it!! I personally am working on building more muscle and learning better form. The videos you have posted on Instagram have been so helpful. It’s great to see how these moves play out. For example, from one of your videos, I observed when a move involves a “pop” or strong thrust at the end of the range of movement. That was really helpful. It’s also helpful to see that some moves can be awkward and that’s okay. So, if you can keep with both the pics and some videos to help with form, that would be awesome. I think your glute training can change the world, after all most Americans suffer from back pain! Don’t get me wrong, I am doing this because I really love nice glutes too!!

  • Saoirse says:

    End Banana Coconut Flour hypersexualization now! I will not be objectified by the banatriarchy for a moment longer!

    Think your solutions are pretty sensible, Bret, and you’re engaging with your audience in a really productive way. Thanks for all the training info!

    • Estefania says:

      Hahahhahahahaha I laugh so hard when I posted but now I’m just dying, for the end of Banana Coconut Flour hypersexualization!

      Great decision. We all appreciate glutes in here but not banatriarchy!!!! lol

  • Martin says:

    I think “male flute pictures” may be definitively NSFW.

  • John says:

    The male glute pics just look out of place – why is there a random guy doing a back raise? I feel that’d be the reaction to most pictures of males because we’re not really accustomed to looking at pictures of males for their glute development, the same way you wouldn’t look at a female for her arm development (though if it sticks out, you’d notice). But since males most of the time have their buttoxi (I made that up) covered up, you don’t really get the “stick out” factor (no pun intended–the tush can physically propagate some distance away from the body).

    Herein lies the problem with male glute pics.

    TL;DR most males have glutes covered up so pics don’t really make sense since butt isn’t accentuated like it is in female pics.

  • Saoirse says:

    Just watched your video, Bret and here’s my contribution to the male glute imagery collection (bonus, there is spandex wearing involved).

    Vladislav Rigert, a Russian weightlifter and son of David Rigert, has a serious case of dat ass:

  • monica says:

    This cracks me up!! And awesome job on the techy stuff;)

  • Louise says:

    That’s quite the emphatic result, glad the photos are here to stay! My best friend and I have decided Bransilav Ivanovic (the football player) may have the perfect set of male glutes, although we bow to Bret’s superior knowledge in the area. If you’re looking for male models you could do worse!

  • Sarah says:

    Hi Bret,

    you are a smart guy. It was a very good idea to take this poll in the first place, and I think you have taken a very sensible decision (with your conclusions). I’m only *very* sorry that you will not delve more into the fascinating concept of Banana Coconut Flour Hypersexualisation, because I think it should be worthy of more consideration. 🙂


  • Shona says:

    Hi Bret, just wanted to say that I am really impressed that you took the poll and are committed to listen to people. I am a bit fan and have learned loads from you. Your solutions sound decent to me!


  • Josh says:

    Customer service and evolving with your clientele. Awesome work Bret, I admire you will to satisfy your readers.

  • George says:

    Dear coach Bret, i am basketball player, 6’6” tall. I started to do hip thrust 2 months ago, now i can do 2*8 with 150kg. Thank you so much!
    By the way i ll appreciate it a lot if you can check my technique, this was filmed 2months ago. Also, what are you think is bench high good or i should go on lower one?

  • Patty says:

    Thanks for the poll and the results. Another great way to continue to inspire and rally the troops. 🙂

  • ben says:

    I like how you looked to the readers. Still continue to do what you want, but checking in now and again is a good practice.

  • ann says:

    Your response was mostly very nice, and your proposed changes sound good, but “Women love glutes, but men love strength training.” Is that really what you said? WTF???

  • Emily Steezy says:

    I think your plan of attack is excellent. The undeniable fact is that when you start to be more in the public eye you have to pay more attention to how you’re perceived.

    There is, however, one major bias in your poll, and that is that it most likely only surveyed readers of your blog. I think there is a segment of the market out there (I’m assuming women, but who knows… maybe some men too) who have at this point written you off because they essentially think you’re a pig. (I tried to think of a more eloquent way to say that, but I couldn’t.) So they no longer read your blog so they didn’t take the survey.

    Maybe this doesn’t matter to you, because you’re not necessarily trying to accommodate this segment of the market. I’m not saying that you should be (or shouldn’t be). But the fact that this is true is at least something for you to consider.

    And here’s some more material for the collection 🙂 :

    • TS says:

      I think that this poll and response to it will help with those who reach those who did think of him as a pig. More equal representation of the sexes, less lingerie pics, more athletic and progress pics = less likely to have readers minimizing the screen + more likely to have readers forward the (consistently awesome) posts = increased viewership.

      • Emily Steezy says:

        I think (and hope) so too! In the very least it should help prevent other people from coming to that conclusion in the future.

  • Shelley says:

    What?!?!? You finally start posting some male glutes and all we get are blurry, black and white photos of glutes covered with wrinkly gym shorts. So unfair! LOL

  • Traci says:

    Great job on the poll! This should broaden your range even more. What you’re doing is important work, Bret. Thanks so much!

  • Fred says:

    Hey Bret, seems there’s plenty of male glute examples in MLB. Not sure about their training butt damn some of them have big butts. Those tight pants probably help!

  • suecoolio says:

    I do love the pics of before and after. I like them better when they are athletic ones. And of course more spandex men. Who does not like to look at a guys nice butt, just like men like to look at women’s butts. Fair is fair.
    I do wish the before and after were more of like someone a bit overweight ( like me) then with one of those fabulous glutes. Some of them I would be quite happy with the before to be honest.
    I have Strong Curves and have done some of the workouts, I’ve learned alot from you and Kellie and Marianne, from the articles and videos. I’m really working up a program and hope to get to that great glute someday. I have a few pics and maybe I will get to where I have a before and after of good substance,
    BTW Bret, I got some bands the other day from Go Fit , it came with a booklet and it had Lateral walk, glute bridge, glute bridge march, and side lying hip extender rotation(the clam). You are totally mainstream! Of course I already knew what I was going to do with them. Woot Woot!!!

  • Kyla says:

    Good job Bret! I am happy with what you said and your plan of action. I think us gals love to see great glutes in non specialized manners. I agree with the man buns too, hard to get good shots due to no spandies but if any ever come up, it wouldn’t hurt. Thanks for putting the effort into your blog and all you do. Keep it up!

  • Ashley says:

    Lol, not good enough! I love that you care so much to try to change things for some people but I’m sure you know that that male picture doesn’t cut it. ;P

  • Laura says:

    From videos, if you pause the video where the glutes are on your computer, you can “Print Screen” to take a screenshot and capture your glute picture from them! That way you don’t have to sacrifice your coaching to take glute pics. You can then paste it into Paint or something, and crop as necessary

  • Amy says:

    More gratuitous male butt pics please. Also thanks for all the wonderful information you share with us! We appreciate it!

  • Ondřej says:

    I think you should use te words man and woman exactly the same amount of time, in all shapes and forms. And the number of female and male pics must be the same. And this site should also have a female domain. I don’t like to type a male name every time, I am actually offended by that, because I want to imagine a beautiful feminine woman with awesome glutes every time I write this blog’s adress:P

    Or people could just get rid of the idea that “equal” is somehow natural or even remotely good. Feminism is just one big test thrown at society, basically communism with curves, and you ask for permission to be a man and post whatever the hell you want. One of the most attractive man’s qualities is unapologetic leading. Another is a strong sense of self. Fix your attitude Bret:))

  • jordi says:

    Hi bret, The gluteus measures its circumference?
    I´m willing to buy the hip thruster.
    Great job Bret

  • Joe Miller says:

    Bret —

    The poll and your response about the results was really nice!! It’s really nice to hear that you DO care about what we, your readers and fans, think about your content.


  • catarina says:

    Dear Brett,

    Thanks a lot for the detailed analysis on your poll! It shows great respect for your readers!


  • Marcos Brauer says:

    Liked the picture. Very JuiCy ass indeed.

  • Leeny says:

    As a woman, I find the female glute photos inspirational and the male glute photos perspirational. More male glute pics in form fitting shorts, please!

  • Leeny says:

    Oh, and yeah, your training tips are great, too!

  • Solution says:

    How about if you simply implement a button that you have to click to view the pictures? such as when you’re reading forums and there’s a “spoiler” button that you have to click (which is right where the photos are) in order to show them.

    I think that way you could satisfy everyone, including me, who doesn’t want to see men’s glutes.

  • Simon says:

    Major props to you, Bret, for even being concerned about this. Most people go no further than “If I use these pics, will it boost my readership, clicks, bottom line?” (no pun intended!). Glutes are just another muscle, and you’re all over making ’em bigger. Basically, it’s no different from looking at a big bicep. But whatever the pros and cons, I think you deserve major respect for even worrying about it. Cheers, Simon

  • Connie Ross says:

    Oh boy, keep those male pics coming!!!!!!!

  • Kashmir says:

    Hi Bret,

    Thank you for the poll and your response. I’ve just started on my Strong Curves journey (and already feeling much better for it!) and I really respect the work you do and the fact that you actually care about what you readers think.

    I look forward to learning more about you and your work and thank you for sharing.


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