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Good Reads for the Week

By December 2, 2010July 20th, 2015Good Reads for the Week

Here are some good reads for the week! Tomorrow I’m going to try to put up a blog on rotary training for badasses. Hopefully I’ll have time. I filmed the videos, but I’ve been absolutely swamped working on a review paper. Can’t wait to be finished!

Chris Beardsley on flexibility. This is a great series by Chris. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out! I’m a big fan of Chris’ blog.

Matt Perryman talks about fitness. Matt needs to blog more often…he always comes out with great stuff.

Dan John shares the “Big Five” of getting big

 Regression and Simplicity – Keys to Progress in Strength & Conditioning – by Anthony Donskov (this is a paysite –

Ben Bruno gives us the videos of the week. Ben’s blog is already one of my favorites!

 Gadgets and Toys by Vern Gambetta – I liked this one – not what you think.

 Is Sprinting Frequency or Length Reliant? Mike Young shares a cool new study.

New study – The Science of Muscle Hypertrophy: Making Dietary Protein Count

New study – Maximizing Hypertrophy: Possible Contribution of Stretching in the Interset Rest Period

 Tom Martin breaks Ed Coan’s longstanding record and deadlifts 771 lbs at the 181.5 weight-class. That’s well over 4X his bodyweight. This guy is a strong SOB, and he’s also a sprinter!

Here’s a video of a 300 lb’er busting out bodyweight exercises like it ain’t no thang. Crazy!

Cool new study – side dominance doesn’t affect the symmetry of bilateral barbell lifts

 Tony Gentilcore turns 34 years old and therefore shares his 34 favorite things

 Ben Bruno offers some stuff worth checking out

Tracy Fober posts an awesome video – Olga rules!

Cool exercise I stumbled upon – The Bueler 

Ten Tips for Good Trainers by Smitty from the Diesel Crew

David Lasnier on Single Leg Progressions

Fantastic Hamstring Movements by Bret Contreras and Ben Bruno – TNation article

Timothy Ferris Does the Hip Thrust – I’ve never tried it hinging this low on the back. I’m intrigued and will test this out tomorrow.

Greek Pole Vaulter Erika Prezerakou! Aye Caramba! Some Serious Booty!

That’s all folks!


  • paul says:

    Hi bret,

    iv’e been doing hip thrusts (and variations) for 12 weeks now. i started out with bodyweight on 2 feet then moved onto 1 foot, glute bridge – on a bench. im now in my hypertrophy phase of the year so i added about 100kg earlier this week on 10 hip thrusts, 3 sets. i wasn’t hurting from this workout. yesterday i done 3 sets of 10 bulgarian split squats, and this morning as i write this my ENTIRE butt is in lockdown, i feel like a gym virgin. This is the first time i’ve done BSS for 15 weeks, but have been doing other axial loaded exercises deads, step ups……..

    I read your book, and science says that hip thrusts activate the glutes more than squat and deads variations, particularly the upper glutes. logic also tells me that the hardest part of the hip thrust is at the top of the ovement where sprinters need to be strpongest (hyper extension). However, practical experience tells me that i suffer more from BSS than hip thrusts, pendulum quadruped hip extensions or any other exercises i’ve come across when concerning the glutes. Maybe it’s because i havnt done BSS for 15 weeks and have atrophy, maybe my hip thrust is’nt moving into enough hyper extension (although im pretty sure it is (mirrors).

    What am i doing wrong bret?

    Paul Graham

  • Don says:

    Here’s a test comment

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