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Challenging Naudi Aguilar of Functional Patterns to a Debate

By February 19, 2015January 13th, 2016Grill the Guru

Attention Naudi Aguilar,

First of all, I want to clarify something. I never knew who you were as of several days ago. But your team recently tagged me in one of your posts about bilateral glute training, and several of you decided to badmouth my methods. Had your team not done that, I would still not know who you are or what your beliefs were. However, since you chose to come after me, I decided to do my research on you, and I found your methods and beliefs to be highly questionable and flat out contradictory with regards to what published research shows, Therefore, I intend on grilling you. I decided to first post an article providing a general overview as to how people like you go about your business; this way I could teach my readers how to spot pseudoscience, hence my last blogpost. I did not mention your name, but it turns out that many people recognized the fact that the article heavily characterized your actions. This blogpost and my next one will indeed mention your name and will not beat around the bush.

You seem to be acting shocked at the backlash you are currently receiving. I want you to know that people are responding to you because you and your team are actively calling them out directly. If you and your team laid low, remained humble, and let your results speak for themselves, you wouldn’t be receiving such backlash. However, this is not the case, and you’ve been very vocal lately, denouncing and declaring dysfunctional adaptations associated with:

  1. Deadlifts
  2. Axial loaded squats
  3. Olympic lifting
  4. Gymnastics
  5. CrossFit, and
  6. All bilateral glute exercises

Moreover, you’ve implicated the entire strength & conditioning industry in a large conspiracy to cover up your allegedly superior methods in attempts to continue lining our pockets with our inferior, antiquated methods. As the late Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” To date, I’ve seen zero evidence supporting any of your claims.

Perhaps more alarming than your claims is the way that you and your team interact with skeptical individuals. Rather than provide evidence or logical consistency, your team attempts to bully the opposition and resort to ad hominem attacks. A larger concern is that I don’t think you or your team even understand the scientific process, but that’s a separate matter. I fear that although there is ample evidence to refute your claims as well as ample logical rationale, you will not consider any of it and will continue to bash popular and successful forms of training that possess sound research supporting their efficacy. To quote Sam Harris, “If someone doesn’t value evidence, what evidence are you going to provide to prove that they should value it? If someone doesn’t value logic, what logical argument could you provide to show the importance of logic?”

Since my last blogpost, I see that your team has been accusing me of 1) being butthurt, 2) being jealous of your success, 3) stealing your methods, and 4) wanting your autograph? What in the hell is wrong with you guys haha? I’m not butthurt, I’m not jealous, I’ve watched your videos and I don’t use a single method of yours, nor have I stolen any of them from you, and I do not want your autograph. All I care about is science and spreading good information in the strength & conditioning industry. I have witnessed plenty of cult-like behavior in my time, but your team takes it to an entirely new level.

I have prepared an article that refutes some of your claims and backs it up with scientific references. However, rather than post the article, I’d first like to reach out to you in hopes that we can settle our differences in a debate.

Therefore, I hereby formally challenge you to a debate regarding various claims you have made. Since you seem to label most lifters as “beta males,” I’m hoping that you’ll act like an “alpha male” here and accept my offer.

In particular, I’d like to discuss the following:

1. Whether or not you realize that not everyone is concerned with their gait and throwing mechanics and that most people take up exercise because they simply want to look better

2. Whether or not it is okay for these individuals with aesthetics goals to perform bilateral exercises and exercises that target various muscles

3. Your claim that deadlifts are for beta males and that they do not lead to functional improvements

4. Your claim that Olympic lifting is for beta males and that it does not lead to functional improvements

5. Your claim that axial loaded squats suck

6. Your claim that all bilateral glute training conditions out the posterior oblique sling and that it does not lead to functional improvements

7. Your definition of functional training versus those of others in the industry (see a quote of Naudi’s definition of functional training toward the bottom of this article)

8. Your interpretation of human evolutionary biology and its relevance to resistance training, specifically whether we were in fact designed solely to run and throw, and whether or not every aspect of our training should be geared toward improving solely running and throwing performance

9. Assuming that running and throwing were indeed the only activities we should try to improve in training, whether or not your methods are best suited to achieve these improvements

10. Your claim that pectoral training (bench press, push ups, etc.) is dysfunctional because it interferes with throwing mechanics (see Naudi’s claim in quotes near the bottom of this article)

11. Your claim that calisthenics on bars is counterproductive because it makes you perform like a gorilla

12. Your insinuation that rotational training should be the centerpiece of functional training

13. Your usage of unstable surface training for functional improvements

14. What the general purpose of the Functional Patterns training system is – who is it for, what does it claim to improve, and what does it do better than other forms of training

15. Whether or not everyone should be adhering to your system (some of the methods shown at the bottom of this article), or if other methods are better suited for various people depending on their goals

16. Whether or not rotational training is in fact the best way to build rotational power

17. Your claim that sagittal plane training should be avoided and whether or not sagittal plane training leads to functional improvements in other planes

18. Your claim that there is a huge conspiracy going on in S&C to cover up your methods and continue promoting archaic, traditional methods

19. Your insinuation that individuals seeking increased glute mass would be better off performing  THESE and THESE exercises rather than the ones I utilize HERE and whether or not you truly believe this

20. Whether or not you have obtained a single before/after picture of a client like I do HERE showing an impressive glute transformation 

21. Whether you intend on conducting any randomized controlled research using your methods and comparing the functional transfer to those of other popular and established forms of training (powerlifting, Olympic lifting, CrossFit, gymnastics)?

22. If so, what the measures of functional performances would be – would they examine speed, power, strength, and hypertrophy (which are in general what people seek in training), or would they examine subjective measures such as gait aesthetics, throwing aesthetics, TVA function, and posterior oblique sling coordination (which are in general not what people seek in training, but even so, how would one go about measuring this anyway)

23. Whether you think that everyone should be standing all day with the posture you propose to be ideal (see Naudi’s example of exemplary posture shown at the very bottom of this article)

24. Your take on THIS article written by sports science legend Mel Siff in 2002 (13 years ago) on functional training/functional trainers and whether you think it accurately describes you and your methods

25. Your take on my article from the other day and whether or not you think it accurately describes you and your methods

And by the way, let’s make a deal. If you share this on your Facebook page, please allow me and my people to chime in and don’t block them or delete their comments. If you do this, I will do the same; I won’t block you or your people or delete comments. Your modus operandi seems to be to block and delete your opposition, but hopefully that won’t be the case this time around. But rather than go this route, it would be far more productive to simply hash this out over conversation. We could easily find a 3rd party who could host a live Google Hangout of our debate.

If you accept the offer, then I will not post another article that debunks some of your claims. But if you decline the offer, I will go forth in posting my article. I look forward to hearing back from you.



P.S. Since people might be wondering where you made these claims, I’m posting some of them below, along with links to your social media pages.

Naudi Aguilar Facebook

Functional Patterns Facebook

Functional Patterns Twitter

Functional Patterns Instagram

Functional Patterns YouTube

Functional Patterns Website

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Screenshot at Feb 17 23-52-26

Naudi on Functional Training

“Functional Training” is a term thrown everywhere in the fitness industry. With the majority of fitness professionals promoting Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics as “functional training”, it seems the industry as a whole has been a bit misguided. Analyzing the “science” the majority group in the fitness industry have put forth to validate that these types of training platforms, it has become obvious to anyone with enough education that they have neglected so many variables that apply to all human beings on this planet. Specifically when we bring up the context of human biology influencing a person’s training goals. The fact is, to deem something as Functional Training, there has to be a basepoint in which people can all agree upon. We are humans. We prioritize the improvement of certain functions with the way our musculoskeletal system adapted over the course of millions of years. In short, the answer is very simple. Train for your biology. Not your ego. Then again, this is if the end goal is living longer and stronger for an entire lifetime.”

Naudi on Pectoral Training

“I don’t recommend that you work your chest. It’s really destructive. It created lots of problems in my shoulder and it took me quite a while to undo those deficiencies. Just think that one dysfunctional pattern repeated over and over and over again can create an assortment of different problems. It took us a very long time to evolve into human beings, to get very good at running, to get very good at throwing. So think about it, if I’m loading my pecs over and over again, it’s quite possible that your external oblique, your pec major, your serratus anterior, your intercostals, all become one thing. And when you think of something for functionality, like summation of forces of throwing something, you need separation of all those tissues. Something like a bench press or a chest fly or anything that builds the chest is counterintuitive to how the pec muscles evolved. From what I can speculate on is that we evolved our pectoralis major as a muscle to help us throw something and if you are overstimulating that muscle and you’re not enabling it to separate from the external obliques, the intercostals, the serratus anterior, that the fascia associations are not separated, you’re going to build a very structurally screwed up body.”

Naudi’s Example of Excellent Standing Posture



  • Chad says:

    I feel like by debating them they’re getting the attention they crave. Typical snake oil salesmen trying to reinvent the wheel with shitty training methods – inb4 one-legged medicine ball throws on bosu ball..

    • Alex Strauss says:

      Also, I don’t think you’re “lowering yourself” by doing this. This is actually good for the fitness community… To call crap when you see crap… To debate science instead of practiced theory.

    • Matt says:

      He blocked me when I suggested a few things to change about his approach to his information. Took him a while to get rid of me, he was very active & obviously upset. I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

      • Adam says:

        I know them feels 😂😂 he blocked me after I told him that the physical being is only one aspect of life, there are 4 pillars to living, which account for our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical needs. His ego controls him, he is balancing on one pillar, which means he can easily fall when the other 3 legs are broken. Plus, anyone can do what he is doing. 😂 anyone can put in the effort to find a new way of exercising, and anyone can be dick about it too 😂

      • Lauren says:


  • James says:

    Please crush this idiot Bret.

    • Jeff says:

      Seems Bret isn’t around to be found now that Naudi has accepted his challenge… too bad that it was all talk. I was looking forward to learning from this debate.

      • Listen Jeff, I doubt you’ve ever been paid to present somewhere. Last week, I was in Auckland, presenting at two conferences, one of them being the SPRINZ Conference where all of New Zealand’s top sports scientists and strength coaches attend. I was busy putting together my slides and presenting. I won’t be distracted by anything when I’m presenting. But let me get this straight. I challenged Naudi 2.5 years ago. He finally decided to accept my challenge and since I didn’t respond within a few days, you accuse me of ducking? I’ve never ducked anything in my life and especially not a debate challenge from Naudi. Though I’m pretty sure it will never happen. When and where?

        • Jeff says:

          I hope that you were well prepared for your presentation. If you haven’t seen his post yet, here it is in the link below. Do you plan to address him and carry through with an actual debate? It looks like you are both now on the same page and ready to debate. Go ahead and reach the out to accept and schedule it.

          • Jeff, I can’t reach out to him. He blocked me from his FP and Myohacker (or whatever his latest nickname is) IG pages. I don’t have his email. I’m too busy to go out of my way to track this stuff down. Seems like you’re in his circle. Can you let him know I gladly accept his debate and would like to know when and where. I am available tonight, tomorrow, the next day, etc. Can we film this and put it online? How is this gonna work? Thanks.

  • Adam says:

    Wow… the ignorance of people like this is astounding. Brett shouldn’t lower himself to their level by debating with this guy because it’s pretty clear that any hope for an intelligent conversation is out the window. Keep doing your thing Brett, the critical thinkers in the audience know who is full of crap and who knows what he’s talking about.

  • Zoe says:

    Thank you Bret for taking a stand against ‘bad science’ and people more attuned to manipulating social media than contributing to the health and fitness industry. As a junior dietician I see the same people in the food and nutrition industry, and it infuriates me! Your open letter provides an excellent template for approaching ‘snake oil salesmen’ in any industry, using evidenced based practise and logic to come to educated conclusions.

    I hope you get an adult, educated and informed response from Naudi, but in my experience with people like this – I doubt you will.

    Goodluck and I will keep a keen eye on your blog to hear his response!

  • Tyler Satnick says:

    Holy shit that whole thing was disturbing. Truly disturbing.

  • Michael Cronin says:

    I know a lot of people are going to say you should have just left it alone and kept doing your thing, because we can all look at your clients and research and see incredibly impressive results. We also know you put your heart and soul into contributing to make us all better and don’t call out people like this clearly hostile, in your face “team” does. They didn’t respect you and you are setting the example, which hopefully they’ll get the lesson. Maybe they should enter your next powerlifting competition and get beat there too? lol

    • Adam says:

      I disagree. I think it’s great that you have created this article and brought light to this person. People have a right to be informed. Some people may not have even come across this or may follow this guy without knowing the full story, even though it’s quite easy and quick to find out how much of ignorant person naudi is 😂 And Bret is doing the right thing by helping others get the facts on how to best look after yourself physically. Who wants to follow someone with a blindfold and just assume that what they are telling you is correct. Experience and evidence is what works best.

  • Shaun says:

    Everything else aside, if I were this guy, I wouldn’t want to debate with someone who just reads off a list.

    It’s difficult to watch any sort of interview you do because you always have to go back to pre written questions in the same order and can’t just go with the flow of the conversation and incorporate what you want to talk about. This is coming from someone who appreciates your written content a great deal. I know others have the same opinion, but I don’t know if anyone has actually ever let you know.

    • Bret says:

      Shaun, he won’t debate me because he’s full of shit, not because of the reason you mentioned. We could have a moderator anyway, but again, he knows he’d look like a fool so he would never do it in a million years.

      • Anon says:

        You don’t have any problem with seated machine knee/leg extensions do you ?

      • Sam says:

        Hi Bret, I just stumbled across this article by you as I was searching for this naudi guys credentials… Which dont exist. When I just commented on a picture on Instagram asking what degree he has, where he got it, and his logic behind making so many unsupported claims, he responded with several comments attacking and insulting me because I’m a rugby player! Real professional and mature! I think he was ‘butthurt’ that I’m a university student, and he failed to make it that far in his education. He then blocked me from Instagram and erased the comments. What a coward.

    • Adam says:

      I disagree, if I was this guy, and knew that what I was doing was valid and relevant and genuine, I would go into mega detail starting at question one adding in extra resources on top of the questions just to prove my work was relevant. If he had the evidence and knew he was in the right he would respond appropriately. But the guys ego is through the roof 😂 need I say more

  • joe daniels says:

    I’ve been the fitness industry for over a decade I like to keep a low profile but the thing is with the internet and social media, people really tend to get out of hand it’s a shame that so much bad or weird information gets thrown around. people get their cliques and friends involved and start fights, it’s easy to get taken out of context. it’s sad but I am glad that I tend to stay away from all this stuff. I respect your views and your knowledge Bret.
    Joe Daniels

  • Alex Strauss says:

    Deadlifts have no carryover… Except that I could pick up furniture no one else could when we were painting a room in our house… And I’m 5’4. I wonder what he says about farmer carries.. Because I can also walk&carry my 80 pound kid through Disneyland without issue. I think it’s interesting that he also uses “big words” at all times. Like he wants to keep his distance / be unrelatable / intimidating.
    If your methods are truly superior, no need for self-praise or putting others down. Everyone will know you’re a fitness genius when they see the results of your methods… If indeed they are superior.

    • Fred says:


      Results and praise from others are what prove your methods and make you rise above.

      In todays world of fast moving information and fad creation, if there truly was anything fantastical behind any of what he does or claims, it would be more well known.

      Not saying he doesn’t know stuff, but it looks like he does a mismatch of a bunch of stuff and calls it something new and special. A lot of what he does and shows off are things that take practice.

      Strength is strength. How one applies strength is where “practical” and “functional” come into play. He seems to not understand that.

    • Jason says:

      Indeed. I’m a bee keeper. Deadlifts help me lift full boxes off active hives. That requires good form and careful control to keep the movement slow and steady. No carry over to chatting online, however, so maybe that’s what he means?

  • shawn says:

    good luck with trying to get a debate. I hope he actually stands up for what he preaches to be true.

  • Kulin says:

    Charlatans in the fitness field should be exposed and discredited. – Brad Schoenfeld.

    Bret, nail this charlatan Naudi.

  • Nick Westendorf says:

    Hey Bret, just wanted to say, I’m glad that someone in this industry has the balls to call Naudi out, I tried having a grown up conversation with him in a very intellectual, humble way, yet all he could do is say shit like “you couldn’t understand me, when u wake up and do your own research, and drop your dogmatic ego, then maybe you will see the truth in my methods. I refuse to hold your hand, you are letting your cultural conditioning limit your mind, Your just another meathead lifter questioning the validity of my methods from your irrelevant, antiquated education” (though he has no idea that I went to a REAL personal training school, instead of receiving my cert online or from a 24 hour fitness) I am a graduate of NPTI Portland Oregon, and my instructor taught us all about corrective exercise and dysfunctional patterns as well as the Transverse plane movements, over use of Sagittal plane exercises, Unilateral exercises, TVA activation, natural correct posture (which Naudi DOESNT teach, he teaches the “proud puppy” chest puffed, tucked tailbone dysfunctional posture) and the AOS/POS as Naudi thinks are things ONLY he has access to ! He thinks he is the ONLY trainer that is “evolved” and addresses dysfunction and retraining poor neural patterns in our clients before moving on to strengthen their prime movers, like we just take someone who sits all day and has bad lumbar lordosis and an inactive TVA and make them do heavy, round back poor form deadlifts on top of their dysfunctions, for the sole purpose of a “1RM” ! He thinks that CrossFit doesn’t do any “rotational” AOS/POS work, I ask him, “What do you call running and sprinting ? Or the Rotational Stability required for Pistol Squats ? Or the rotational aspects of single arm snatches ? Rope climbs ? How about sledge hammer strikes from left to right, etc? He also misinterprets the “function” of the AOS/POS and the core, he Teaches people to “arm punch”, using ONLY thoracic rotation with a shortening and lengthening of the Obliques, stating that this is “more stable, faster and more powerful than pivoting on the ball of the rear foot and rotating the hips into the punch”, he loses the “function” of the “core” and oblique slings as a “transmission”, not by contraction and shortening of the obliques, but by ISOMETRICALLY contracting with a stiffness the transmits the force from the ground up thru the ISOMETRICALLY contracted oblique slings, transferring the ground force up into the Arms. Proper “stability and balance” in this kind of swivel punching comes from proper footwork and pivoting over center of gravity and proper weight distribution. He also loves to say that “if you drop your ego….blah blah blah..” Yet HE has the largest ego of anyone I have EVER tried to have a conversation with. He banned me on FB because I asked for a simple explanation as to why deadlifts and pull-ups are “not functional”, and that he also forgets, sometimes exercise to exhaustion isn’t for the “movements”, it’s a tool used to teach”mental toughness” as in the military, and I said “as a Combat Medic in the Army, I had to pick up heavy stretchers, in exact form of the deadlift, so in this case, where the deadlift form and bilateral strength is VITAL (also the origin of the “deadlift” picking up dead soldiers from the battle field they say!) to my “function”, how is it NOT “functional”? He had some ad hominem remark and then banned me ! Lol, he can’t explain how depending on your daily functions in life, dictates how u should train to A: prevent injury by strengthening opposing musculature for joint Tensegrity, and B: to teach PROPER neurmuscular patterns of the lift that’s most vital to your daily movements . I can actually agree with some of his methods and his intent, but the way he goes about it is so wrong I began to think that he has Aspergers like myself ! Lol, but much worse, as I have learned to interact with people in an respectful manner ! I would love to see Naudi show us all how his “methods” are SO much better for the human body by PROVING his prowess (or his other FP peoples prowess) against his arch nemesis , a CrossFit WOD, against an average CrossFitter, not even an intermediate level CrossFitter, but someone who is good but has only been doing CF for a couple years, in ANY WOD of Naudi’s Chosing, to allow him to pick one he thinks he will have the advantage in, and put his training to the test, to see how FP has made him the most overall “Fit” to perform such “antiquated” movements as in CrossFit ! See how his physio ball balancing throws have benefited him. THATS something I would PAY to see !!!!

    • stiffsailor says:

      “you couldn’t understand me, when u wake up and do your own research, and drop your dogmatic ego, then maybe you will see the truth in my methods. I refuse to hold your hand, you are letting your cultural conditioning limit your mind, Your just another meathead lifter questioning the validity of my methods from your irrelevant, antiquated education”

      This is the same tune I see in all of his posts quoted by Bret. I think this describes it well:

      “A messiah complex (also known as the Christ complex or savior complex) is a state of mind in which an individual holds a belief that they are, or are destined to become, a savior. The term “messiah complex” is not addressed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), but symptoms of the disorder closely resemble those found in individuals suffering from grandiose delusions (GD) or delusions of grandeur.”

    • Bret says:

      This is his modus operandi; he blocks anyone who speaks out, thereby creating the illusion that people agree with him. What a pathetic way to go about things.

      • Lauren says:

        I agree, Bret. When I chatted with him regarding where his evidence was, he told me to “sit down”, and “be quiet”

  • Broc Serbatoio says:

    Dear Bret

    I am more than willing to host a Live Google Hangout Video between you and your new friends. Please speak with Andrew (your Grad Student) and message me on FB to discuss terms to your debate video.


  • Wendell says:

    no worries Bret! You’re still the man!

  • Meagan says:

    Be careful of aggressive stupidity, it’s difficult to reason with people like that!

  • Cody says:

    Bret these guys are fools. They are full of pride and envy.

  • Anthony says:

    Wow Bret, you showed a lot of fair play and patience. That’s commendable. Unfortunately I don’t think Naudi will have the guts to debate against you and if he does, he is more likely to BS all over the place, get angry and not let you talk than to use logic.

    There’s a saying: don’t argue with fools.

    Therefore, I’m really looking forward to the next article. Just like Pedro Sun, I’m going to prepare some popcorn.

  • Andrew says:

    His definition of functional training isn’t even a definition! What kind of qualifications does this guy have? Aside from a bizarre interpretation for Anatomy Trains.
    Also how is a hip hinge tricep kickback a replacement for a deadlift?

    • Don says:

      I’ve been trying to figure out what that exercise is that he says replaces the deadlift. I was thinking, why don’t his 3 pictures show him at 3 different positions in the movement instead of one position from different angles. Then it dawned on me that maybe it is 3 different positions in the movement, and the movement is a static tricep kickback hold while he shuffles his feet and goes around in a circle!

  • Nam says:

    I wanna see them fight inside a garage. Using only functional patterns versus hip thrust. First person to shout “beta” loses. I’m kidding.

  • Chris says:

    I’m torn. Part of me is entertained by this, part of me feels like it’s a bad idea to engage a guy who seems to have some kind of personality disorder.

  • msytc says:

    Wow, Naudi really had me on his impeccable logic as to why we shouldn’t work the pectoral muscles…I’ve only been weight training for a year but his argument makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Seems like the more fancy words and more aggressive a tone he employs, the more forcefully he thinks he’s driving home his point. I really hope he has the guts to take you up on this debate – I’d love to you take this guy apart.

  • Chip Conrad says:

    Here’s hoping it will be as exciting as the Siff/Chek debates of ’01/’02 (Siff for the win, which actually changed some of Chek’s practices. Since you reference Siff, it seem even more appropriate).

    • Bret says:

      It’s sad…back in the day our industry could have debates, but these days, the industry is full of cowardly scumbags just looking to take advantage of the naivety of the public. Debate is how scientists work through things and understand each other, and honorable scientists proudly defend their positions and participate when challenged. But the key word here is “scientists.” Pseudoscientists don’t abide by the same principles.

  • Remnant says:

    Brett, all you needed to do was post pictures of this joker for everyone to see what a fraud he is. His development is weak and the exercises look absurd.

    • johnnyv says:

      That would imply Boris Sheiko knows nothing about powerlifting which would be absolutely absurd.
      You judge a trainer on how good their students turn out.

      • Bret says:

        I would agree that you can judge a personal trainer’s efficacy by his clients’ results, but when this trainer posts information on the web, now you judge the individual by the veracity of his claims. Top trainers, coaches, lifters, athletes, etc. don’t get a pass to spew crummy science; they’re bound by the same criteria as scientists if they choose to discuss the science behind things.

  • Ross says:

    Wow I didn’t think the pendulum could swing that far the wrong direction. One of the more beneficial evolutions in fitness that’s occurred in the last decade is that most serious athletes and trainees now do some form of correctives. But to waste your youth engaging in functional silliness is actually very depressing prospect. I guess it’s a nice hobby but there are no accolades for podiums for the most “functional” athlete. No thanks I’ll just keep picking up heavy barbells and choking teammates unconscious until it stops being fun.

  • Andres says:

    I follow Nardi some time ago, Hi’s attitude is really annoying he claim’s like if he are the only one with the truth, definitly in the fitness world the only thing that you need to remember everyday is “humble”.

  • Vashti says:

    Love your work Bret! Keep it up 🙂

  • Raynard says:

    I see he has already declined the debate on his FB page – though I don’t think anyone is surprised by that. Unfortunately, he is right, he’s just scored a couple more links to his pages out of this.

    Something to keep in mind with these internet fitness morons:
    “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” – Max Planck

    Of course, the real problem is having to sit by and watch as these people bilk people for money while teaching them rubbish. The problem is, I just don’t think any of them can really be shown that they don’t know what they’re doing. They’re going to cling to their “guru”.

  • Roy Reichle says:

    I have been to Naudi’s website quite a few times and have watched his videos. He tends to be long-winded, but I have found some use for a few of his workouts. I particularly like some of his moving kettlebell exercises, medicine ball work, and cable work. I hadn’t read anything of his demeaning others and their methods like I saw here. It’s hard to believe, and yet not so hard to believe, that he’s showing himself to be self-centered and unwilling to enter into the professional conversation in a civil manner. I hope this debate occurs so that many will benefit from the result and that self-control and courtesy will reign. Long live the academic debate, nothing great happens without it!

  • David Jacks says:

    This was a difficult read for me. So difficult because when I came into the fitness industry I was blown away by how educated the practitioners (trainers) were and how much desire they had to learn more and help people. When I met Bret Contreras I was blown away by how someone of his stature was willing to take the time to meet with me and answer questions I had. When I met Michol Dalcourt, I was amazed at how much time he had to give and how he wanted to educate and help – now Mr. Dalcourt has a different philosophy than Mr. Contreras; though Michol would never speak negatively about Bret or his methods. In fact he talked about how deadlifting and loaded movement complement each other.
    You see – what I’m getting at is not that I have issue with how Naudi trains, he’s entitled to his methods and theories and opinions…what I take issue with is someone with his ego and audacity and way of treating people being in the fitness industry. Quite frankly he is not worthy as a person; I don’t have an opinion on him as a trainer other than that I’m embarrassed that he is in the same field as me.

  • Alex says:

    Wow, the shots of this guy training look mental, what is he even doing?

    Bret you’re a great source of solid info in this industry.

  • Will Levy says:

    Tears of joy reading this Bret! The guy is a fool and a charlatan of the highest order.
    My guess is he won’t debate you (charlatans seem to be pretty clued-on to this trick) and I’m blocked from his FB page so I can’t even join in the action there.
    Needless to say, this should be shared far and wide. The guy is a serious detriment to the fitness industry, as he has somehow put himself in a position to “educate” other trainers. He needs to be squashed.

  • Adam Napper says:

    Bret. I value your content because I want to learn quality stuff. And frankly, I see this whole thing as a distraction that will displace/delay the quality content you’re known for. I vote that you deal with all this fairly quickly so that you can spend your time recording your next podcast.

    • Bret says:

      Adam, if I take the time to answer the questions I posed in this post, then I will provide people with the tools/knowledge to see right through scamsters. It would be a good service to the industry. Though it’s quite obvious to many of you, there are newbies out there who haven’t yet been taught how to spot a fraud.

  • Hal says:

    Just two words: “No glutes”.

    Simplicity in action, thought, and explanation are the sign of a true master.

  • Tracy says:

    Dear Bret,
    You are a great resource for strength training information and you are clearly very knowledgeable in the field. Your objectivity, positivity, and humility make you even more credible. I appreciate your writing and advice very much. I don’t know who this other guy is but I’m not too impressed. I’m 45, female, and have benefited greatly from strength training, deadlifting in particular. Keep up the great work!

  • glen says:

    What kind of pixie dust is this Peter Pan clone on?

  • Dunkman says:

    As much as I love the internet for learning and educating myself (for example from this website), it is also a platform for bizarre and dangerous misinformation we see from this Naudi character. Not sure whether it’s worth your time to debate a nut job like him, but for me it’s a great lesson in contrasts between your thoughtful, science-based approach and the screaming, angry claims of a fitness fraud.

  • Fred Barbe says:

    I just love the compilation you put together! I visited their website first and I didn’t get why you were so worked up about it, but all those Facebook posts just made my day. It’s just sad that another group just decided to use the word ”functional” to do their stupid tricks on a bosu ball. One day, this word will have lost all value and it’s going to be too late. Bret, I think you should consider yourself lucky though. I wish I had haters…. Proof of success they say!

  • Michelle says:

    I chuckle to myself when I see some of the “functional patters”…..they are very similar to exercises that I did in PT to strengthen my deep core muscles and keep my back from going out of alignment and pinching my sciatic nerve. How did I hurt my back in the first place? Was it running? Was it squats? Was it deadlifts? Crossfit even? No it was a variation on one of his functional movements that my trainer at the time thought was good to incorporate. Could I do yoga before, twist and turn my body? Absolutely. Throw in a weighted, fast, twisting movement labeled as a “functional patter” that the body is supposed to do naturally, and there went my back. I’m not a newbie to the gym either. I know proper form, stretch and warm up properly, and def know my limits. A light weight functional pattern messed me up. Functional patters from what I have seen of his videos are hyped up versions of physical therapy. He adds in jumps and more aggression to specific movement patters. It would be interesting to see what a physical therapist thinks of his work…..

    • Human says:

      Do not do any fp movements until you can stand neutral with compseating. Your lack of understanding got you injured.

      • Human says:

        Without compensations

      • Bret says:

        Why don’t you post your real name here “Human”? I wonder how long it’s going to take you to realize that you don’t have to stress out so much about how you stand. People who work on their gait and posture all day long don’t get injured less often than people who don’t.

    • Brice Pennicott says:

      I’m a physiotherapist working in Australia with a background in sports physiotherapy and strength and condition and I also have experience in developing high performance programs for varying sports teams and individuals.

      The exercises this guy is trying to teach people are beyond dangerous! There are benefits to doing exercises on unstable surfaces in a controlled and safe manner for varying injuries, but there is no way any of the exercises I have seen Naudi promote are even slightly functional or transferable to real world scenarios, not even to throwing and running like he seems to believe.

      His “system” is not good for the industry, or anyone participating in it!

      Oh and Naudi’s definition of exemplary posture is actually kind of horrible. Correct posture should have a even lumbar lordosis to thoracic kyphosis ratio, not that weird barrel chested (emphasemic?) breathing pattern, for starters you are neglicting your diaphragm, the muscle in your body primarily for breathing?
      I really do not understand his logic!

  • Josh says:

    As you’ve already pointed out, no one there is interested in evidence or logic. It’s frustrating, but then again with a shift of perspective, their childish posts were bordering on entertaining. It baffles me that people will give up their money so readily, but then again, I bought P90X back in the day so I can’t be smug…

  • Ryan says:

    What should I Google to find his program? “get some initial results then spin your wheels forever”?

  • Scott Dee says:

    Bret, simply, the “you don’t understand me” is a fallacy. If someone’s method is superior they should be able to explain it and back it with research and experience.

    I don’t think science is the final word on anything because it is a process of discovery, think Ptolemy v. Copernicus. What once was the standard, no longer is the standard due to progress. But it is still the best game in town in most cases.

    This guy doesn’t really understand what he is doing and hides behind being esoteric, which is usually a red light and sign of fraud. “Don’t limit my reality” guess what, space, time, and physical laws do that, sorry.

    Finally, just on a professional level, any time I see a bunch of cable shit in different planes at one time, it’s silliness.


  • Margarita says:

    I can help you with the number 20. The before and after pictures of 3 years practicing “functional patterns” method. staring Naudi Aguilar himself:

    • Bret says:

      Well, this doesn’t automatically mean that his methods aren’t effective. For example, he could just be working harder and sleeping less. Hell, I’ve had times where my physique looked very good and other times where my physique was very poor, and it wasn’t my training that was at fault; it was my diet, sleep, and stress.

  • Brad says:

    Bret, I have to commend you on finding a great balance between cunt punting this dude and laying out a solid rebuke. Class act man.
    I did check out his FB though. Seems to be kind of a “Skinny Jeans Fitness” guy.

    enjoy your stuff man!

  • Levi says:

    I came across FP and Naudi a few weeks ago when a video of him doing KB swings with a frontal plane lateral jump (ice skater) yes you read that right, jump to the side and swing the bell between your knees.
    As a kettlebell instructor (Agatsu Canada) I found this move to be more flash then function and commented to this effect. He was a straight up DICK in his comments claiming that his method was best for multi-plane training. He was defensive and arrogant and had the audacity to call out KB pros RKC, StrongFirst saying they moved horribly and he would never use their methods.
    I could care less about him, I’m more concerned for the people who watch his crap and then go try to do it in a gym!
    Jumping on BOSU balls and spinning movement drills while using the cable machines WTF?! And why?
    If anything it makes for a good laugh

  • Brendan says:

    Seriously though, what the hell??? If he wants to talk about throwing let’s examine the best shot putters in the word who almost ALL bench 500#+! in addition to being great squatters and dead lifters.
    Okay so we can sit back and say that the top throwers are the cream of the crop and we “could” sit back and try to examine what is going to work for the median on the bell curve, but unequivocally and without a doubt improving one’s base strength to fantastic levels TENDS to improve ones ability to run and throw.
    That’s why runners re catching on to the whole strength training thing anyways. crazy right???

    • ryad says:

      whenever you talk to him about strength, he goes mental .. all you’ll get is “betamale” “meathead” “you don’t know shit, I know everything”

  • Julian Lucas says:

    Go Bret go Bret go!

    He has this one youtube video of him doing a whole sequence of of stuff. I’d post the video but I don’t want him to get any more hits!

    a. For a “Functional” super duper mover guy , he’s certainly holding a lot of jiggly bodyfat, I guess to be lean and muscular you have to be a beta male.
    b. Majority of the things he is doing a 12 year old amateur could do.
    c. Holy crap slow motion makes everything amazing, especially his fat
    d. Did i mention he’s fat?
    e. I am so using some of his techniques to increase my following. But I’ll use the current research and refer to you Helms, Schoenfeld, and Argon to cover my own ass from the wrath of Contreras! 😛

    As someone whose aspiring to have a career in fitness with a modest 8,000 fan following it’s quite depressing and disconcerting that someone like that can have an entire career and make a killing. It really does make me hate this industry. From “natural” steroid users to crackpots like that, they really do rule the industry. Not a day goes by that I don’t want to close my laptop and never google anything fitness related again. The very culture that has saved me is out to destroy me!
    Thank god for people like you who have dedicated their lives and career to sharing the research and science in an unbiased, factual means. Science always wins out over time!

    • Julian Lucas says:

      Bret man,

      I just read all his crap on facebook. Every time someone questions him he just makes a reference to posture and calls them a goon. He also continues to bash you but refuses to have an official debate because apparently you deadlift too much. I’m honestly confused how this all came about? This guy leads a “fitness movement” but he talks like a 14 year old internet bully on facebook. He called you a monkey! How do we start a war with this guy and wipe him off the face of the earth?

  • msytc says:

    FYI 8000 fan following is pretty darn good – good for you.
    Anyway just saw on FB that Naudi is not going to do the debate but instead manfully chooses to rant in the safety of his own FB page. Also saw he threatened to ban someone who dared to question why he wouldn’t debate Bret. I’m disappointed but not surprised. Look forward to your next post Bret

  • J.T. says:

    I get the annoyance provoked by this kind of stupidity, but you are fighting an unwinnable battle. I definitely had a bit of a laugh at unbelievable level of ignorance associated with this guy, but I hope you won’t take up any more of your or my valuable time with this joke of a fitness “expert”.

    • Bret says:

      I agree that I’m not going to get Naudi to change his ways – he’s incorrigible it seems. But the greater good is to do the best job possible in educating people how to spot frauds. I’m not going to obsess over this, but I should finish the job and answer the questions I posted above.

    • Jerry Larsoni says:

      What JT said.

  • Frank says:

    Some deadlifting beta male needs to limit his reality to lying prone on the pavement after biasing his chin with their fist. This is the problem with the internet. No accountability. Back in the day he’d have learned to keep that Kermit the frog jumping shit to himself at some point in the series of mouthing off initiated beatings.

    In one of his diatribes he indicates that his people are able to move in a 3/4 dimensional space. So he is building time traveling softies who look like they would slip a disc getting the mail.

    All the concern with the gait. Pretty sure humans who want to achieve some sort of athletic pursuit are not that concerned with fucking walking. The ones who train without athletic pursuit just wanna look sexy while they walk, but they can look pretty damn sexy standing still as well. Millions of photo shoots depicting people in two dimensional space do not lie.

  • Matt says:

    When linking to the offending material use the website to create a link so that this bozo doesn’t get anymore internet oxygen (i.e. page views, web visits)

  • Chris says:

    Bret, its not worth the effort and has no effect: the clientele youre reaching with your “calling out” are reading your articles, i.e., they dont adhere to esoteric. The ones who do, dont read your blog.
    There is only a very small overlap in those two populations. Even official institutions fight hard to get listened to and accepted bc theres a lot of mistrust among ppl towards them.

    Concentrate on constructing instead of destructing, debate with someone who is worth it (see McGill and Cook) and leave that childish stuff behind you.

    You have done it several times now, and I remember friends of yours like Kellie recommending the same back then. Seems you cant let go yet the instinct to fight what annoys you 🙂 .

    • Bret says:

      Chris, it comes with the territory of being a passionate scientist. My buddy Brad Schoenfeld is debating Fred Haun in an upcoming even, and my buddy Alan Aragon is debating Gary Taubes. Layne Norton, Stu Phillips, etc. are always getting fired up too. I will try to limit my grilling, but from time to time I think it’s a good thing. But yes, at least the people mentioned above are willing to debate, which indicates that they stand behind their claims. I didn’t know at the time that Naudi has backed down repeatedly over the years to challenges.

  • D says:

    I imagine the debate would like the Stefan Molyneux and Peter Joseph debate. This guy seems to have the same type of personality disorder as the Peter Joseph character of the “Zeitgeist Movement”. He’ll use really longwinded, convoluted arguments full of non sequitur and ad hominem. He’ll also throw out all sorts of vocabulary with terms that he’s coined to make viewers believe he’s more intelligent than them and when he’s cornered in an argument he’ll lash out and look like a fool.

  • Steve says:

    the guy is truly a fuckwit. I think he is just looking for publicity to make a name for himself; any publicity is good publicity after all. Reading his posts it’s pretty clear he has a warped view of training and one has got to question if he actually knows what he’s doing. Like an annoying child, ignore him and he’ll go away, disappearing back into a well deserved obscurity.

  • Adam Burns says:

    Direct quote from his bio on his website:

    “Although I knew science existed, I never paid any mind to it.”


  • maureen says:

    You are lots of things but being thorough is your best quality….great article never knew the guy before..but I am sure I now I will never need to know more …
    Thanks for the article
    Great Job as usual

  • Christina says:

    Thank you Bret for bringing this to the surface. Language is very telling as far as who is mature and can intelligently express their opinion, which Naudi clearly does not by throwing four letter words around in his rants, very non professional. Also, would like to say these “functional pattern specialists” only teach exercises that are not easy to remember or cannot be performed without the assistance of the “functional pattern specialist”. Hence, not teaching people but making them feel more dependent on them and less confident on their own in the gym. Traditional barbell strength training does the opposite, keeps it simple and leads to success like it has for decades. And another point- time will tell – let’s see who gets up from a chair easier when they hit 80 years old. I bet the person who does deadlifts and barbell squats!

  • Mike says:

    I didn’t know Moby and Tony Perkis had a kid together

  • Steven Sequoia says:

    Bret you need to do your research bro, I’m not talking about actual research, or conducting actual studies, I’m talking about training in the 6th dimension! Some true alpha anectotal next level shit. When you unlock your hinged Iran contralateral thoracic/Jurassic park Jesus on the upper cross metronome syndrome and take your beta dogma out for a walk and truly learn about human biology, etiology, criminology and guruology, not to mention shamanism, ad hominism and Biz Markism don’t even talk to me bro! I’ll moon walk circles on my Swiss ball around you bro! You’re old school Atari and I’m Pxbox 90 up in here, my troglodytes, um I mean acolytes are eating up my sound bytes and their minds (and shoulders) are blown! I am the Kanye west of fitness! I am Natti Light Airguitar better recognize!

    • Bret says:

      LMAO Steven! You are hilarious.

    • Alex G. says:

      That is the most creative trolling I have ever seen. You win the internet today.

      And Good job Bret, someone posted that on my facebook page for my opinion and let’s just say that I agree 100% with you!

    • Karolina says:

      YES! YES! YES! That was my first thought when I read this post – he’s the Kanye West of fitness! Just like Kanye, Aguilar makes no sense when he speaks. It’s just random fitness-related words thrown together. I don’t understand any of it.

      Apart from that, based only on this post, I can see that he’s extremely unprofessional. His language alone is deplorable as someone who is supposed to be a leader and business owner, and public figure to boot! Professionals don’t call others names and curse out anyone or anything they don’t agree with. Even if they disagree with ideas or methods, professionals should respect each other and learn from each other. Continuing education in a requirement for fitness pros for a reason! To LEARN new things. It’s all science. There will always be progress and discovery.

      Thanks for always learning and sharing what you know, Bret.

    • ryad says:

      funniest thing I read in a while hahaha

  • James says:

    Sam Harris is the authority of nothing. It seems like you read an atheist book and couldn’t wait to cite it. I’m not sure about your “glute” workout but that guys upper body rotation instead of a full pivot helped my right cross tremendously.

    • Bret says:

      It’s a quote James. Do you disagree with the quote? It applies absolutely perfectly in this situation. I never read a book by Sam Harris; I don’t even know who he is. The quote has become popular though, so I used it. And when you put “glute” in quotations, you seem oblivious. Have you sifted through my Instagram page? We do hip thrusts, squats, deadlifts, back extensions, reverse hypers, step ups, Bulgarian split squats, leg press, pendulum quadruped hip extensions, band seated hip abductions, kb swings, etc., which thoroughly work the glutes. If you know of a better way to build glute mass on my clients, I’m all ears. And if you were taught to twist rather than pivot and it helped your right cross, that’s called “technique work,” not resistance training. I’m sure many of Naudi’s methods are nifty and useful. But he is the one who claims that they’re superior to everything else, and he’s the one who is making disparaging comments about everyone in the industry (only betas deadlift, Oly lift, axial squat, do gymnastics, do CrossFit, etc.). If he didn’t do that, he wouldn’t be receiving such backlash.

    • Steven Sequoia says:

      James, James, James…where do we start? With all of the logical fallacies you lumped into one short post…the ad hominem attack on Harris, the red herring/straw man about atheism and it’s ties to the quote, or your own appeal to analogy with how Natti Light Air Guitar helped your right cross. You pick. Sam Harris has a PhD in neuroscience based on studying “statements of belief” and how they originate and stimulate certain brain regions, exactly the kind of thing his quote alludes to. He’s spent his life studying this stuff, what are you’re qualifications? Can you supply evidence that he is an expert on nothing? I note that you didn’t try to refute Bret’s inclusion of a quote from Carl Sagan. Can you provide extraordinary evidence to back up your extraordinary claim. Lastly, your appeal to anecdote about your improved right cross means nothing, what other concomitant actions were you partaking in? Better than what? Maybe you just sucked before in general and any training would be an improvement, many people get better in spite of what they are doing, not because of it, doesn’t mean it’s optimal.

  • Anon says:

    Simple fact is that primal humans didn’t go to the gym…they simply moved in nature. Once one can understand that, then things become much clearer. One thing they damn sure did is rotate…with every single step they ever took.

    • Bret says:

      “Anon”, so what’s your point? They also squatted every time they sat down and stood up and deadlifted every time they picked something off the ground. Determining “functional patterns” using human ancestry would involve figuring out all the actual movement patterns that humans did and then ranking them in terms of frequency/importance. Simply counting up the steps doesn’t cut it either, as the most challenging tasks require more torque production. For example, the rotational torque required to walk is extremely low, and the body relies on some passive elastic energy stored in the tendons to propel the gait cycle (this is why muscle activation in the various muscles, including the muscles used in rotation, is low). However, sprinting, jumping, throwing, climbing, and picking up heavy things off the ground require much more energy/torque/muscle activation. Some of these activities contain rotational components, while others not so much (in terms of axial twist torque along the long axis of the human body). But so what? How does this dictate how the aesthetics client wants to train, or how the high school football player wants to train? The high school football player wants to get better at sprinting, jumping, cutting side to side, pushing opponents forward, etc. He needs force and power in every direction (including the sagittal plane). And the physique client just wants his/her muscles to look better while attaining leanness. Let’s say I figured out a way to grow muscles through special electrical stimulation combined with a special supplement while the client slept through the night. This would be highly functional for their goals, despite not moving the body or mimicking what our ancestors did.

      • Anon says:

        The thing with Naudi is that 90% of his content is free so he’s not as wicked as some here like to make him out to be. Plus his products are easy on the wallet and extremely good value for money based on my experience.

        I know on social media Naudi can be aggressive to outsiders and he definitely needs to tone that down. And I agree with you and I’m sure that Naudi has also said on social media, that in a competitive environment functional training takes a back seat to other things like speed, power etc.
        Furthermore, the fact that the nucleus of Naudi’s work, posture, has pretty been much completely neglected by the industry, especially by the authors of so called “studies”, just adds to his credibility. If one is ignorant of how they should even stand with a half decent posture…then everything thereafter is hollow.
        Again, I go back to the idea of picturing our ancestors deadlifting 315 for reps (which makes me laugh everytime tbh lol….oh and btw Naudi doesn’t completely write deadlifts off. He has stated in a video that he thinks they are great for hip extension and THAT IS IT. No more, no less). Will it make them stronger and faster ? Probably. Will it make them function better in their environment as bi-pedal organisms and stay injury free….probably not.

        But hey, it’s your life, your choice. I choose to let go of any ego and respect the evolutionary process and train the way nature intended my body to be trained. If that means I lose muscle mass/strength/speed permanently or temporarily…fine. Because I know that if my foundation (posture) is strong, all of that is secondary and can be attained later (functionally lol).

        • I also want (as do many others) good posture, AND to be fast, explosive, have muscle mass, etc. etc. I’m not sure why you think it has to be either/or.

        • Frank Taeger says:

          Lets take it from some of the LEGENDS that have actually created gold medaillists and defined training science for me: Siff and Verkhoshansky.

          They argue there are two ways of training: Structural and functional.

          Structural: Changes structure, aka hypertrophy, tendons, bines.

          Anything else that involves the nervous system, aka Sequencing, Synchronizing, Inhibition/Disinhibition, Rate Coding, etc. are all related to nervous system function.

          That is all there is to the whole definition of function: It either changes structure or functioning.

          • Brock says:

            It’s not even that involved Frank. As Verkhoshansky has noted – ALL training is functional. It changes impacts function in some way. Obviously the extent to which it does so is based on volume, intensity, frequency, etc.
            But moving beyond that, let’s look at other coaches. Dan Pfaff, Charlie Francis, Stephen Francis, Boo Schexnayder, etc. How often do you suppose they spent training rotation? I can tell you it’s pretty minimal. And yet they trained the fastest humans we’ve ever seen. But hey, if they had just been as ahead of their time as Naudi, we’d be seeing sub-9 100’s by now.

        • Brock says:

          “Will it make them stronger and faster ? Probably. Will it make them function better in their environment as bi-pedal organisms and stay injury free….probably not.

          Uhh…what? If done properly, yes, it will do those things. Pull your head out of your ass. And to be honest, the only reason I felt the need to comment at all was that I noticed Jeremy Stephens in a few of the pictures. Apparently all that rotational training has been doing him well.
          2 fight losing streak
          3-2 in his last 5
          3-5 in his last 8


        • Brock says:

          “Again, I go back to the idea of picturing our ancestors deadlifting 315 for reps (which makes me laugh everytime tbh lol”

          I go back to the idea of our ancestors standing on stability balls and using resistance cables…oh wait. Derp.

    • Steven Sequoia says:

      Sounds like Natti Light Air guitar…”once you can understand that…”, I’m surprised you didn’t say “until you understand human biology don’t even talk to me bro!”
      We humans do, and always have moved a lot of ways, climbing, running, throwing, swinging, lifting et cetera…in addition to moving, we humans also think. And with the addition of the scientific method to our arsenal of thinking we have been able to parse out how best to train certain movements to increase our athletic ability if we so choose (some-most-just choose to look and feel better about themselves) and then incorporate that increased ability into specific sport/movement patterns without deleterious resistance. Natti Light’s, and by extension, your false appeal to antiquity about how humans used to move is irrelevant. We used to take movement for granted, we are now in an era where we can evaluate the pros and cons of repeated movement patterns, especially against resistance and choose the least damaging and most beneficial among them. Unfortunately Mr. Air Guitar likes to drop acid and make shit up and he is going to hurt people. Cable stations and Swiss balls don’t occur in nature, does he not even realize that he is being a hypocrite to his own ethos?

      • Steven Sequoia says:

        BTW the last post was directed at Anon, and so is this one, and by extension, Natti Light Air Giutar. For all his claims about “posture” does he not even realize that in his videos when he is sparring that he is in kyphosis? In virtually every sport kyphosis is the preferred posture- boxing, MMA, baseball pitchers, hitters, football running backs, quarterbacks, sprinting off the blocks, golf…virtually any sport where force production and acceleration are a factor athletes primarily move from an anterior pelvic tilt and a kyphosis spinal position. Natti Lights exaggerated “ideal posture” puts the spine in a closed packed position and limits movement to only one direction, which is the antithesis of reactive strength and agility. Kind of ironic for a guy who claims that posture is everything AND that he trains in 32×10 dimensions.

  • Adam says:

    welcome to the internet, where gullible idiots gravitate towards ignorant arseholes

  • Nate Jones says:

    If I were this guy I’d probably keep my mouth shut until I put 1/100th the athletes on the field as a MIke Boyle, Eric Cressey or Loren Landow.

  • Sophie says:

    Wow, what a bucket full of crazy. You really know people are full of shit when they make so many us-them cult-like distinctions (alpha/beta, functional/dysfunctional) with that much fervor. That plus all of the nice “I don’t need to prove anything because you’re THE INDUSTRY” arguments. How convenient that he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone who would question him.

    Also, who the fuck calls people betamales still? Is it 2003? Was the first book he ever read The Game?

  • Adria says:

    Honestly, all you needed to do to prove that this guy is a complete idiot was quote him saying the phrase “beta male.” Men who ascribe to PUA-type beliefs are not known for their grasp of reality.

  • Gerhard says:

    I think at one of his swissballworkouts he slipped of and is fallen on his head, its amazing how one single person can talk so much nonsens, he is clearly someone who is creating a cult to get money from the lazy and naives, as one strength coach, Bill Starr, put its best the body reacts to effort not to comfort.
    Thanks for all the great work and information you provide, you are by a long way my number one source for all fitness and strength related
    Greetings from the cold and windy Austria


  • Tommy says:

    While I agree that this guy is the very definition of a charlatan, I do have a slight counterpoint. I’m an engineer by trade and I highly value the idea of rational decision making backed by empirical evidence. However, we still do not have the tools to quantify everything that has to do with the human body. It wasn’t that long ago that science was telling a low fat diet was the only way to go.

    I am in no way trying to defend the individual whose name I can’t be bothered with remembering. If you’re chasing a bigger squat, faster 100m time, an aesthetic goal, etc., then by all means, go with what the research says. If you’re goal is qualitative though, the answer might not be contained in a double blind randomized trial.

    Thanks for all you do Bret.

    • Brock says:

      I don’t think anyone would disagree with that – but they can quantify quite a bit, including pain scales. And the fact is, that dysfunction does not automatically = pain, just as pain does not automatically = dysfunction. Hell, look up the number of “exploratory” low back surgeries that take place due to the inability to find any cause of pain. I think the KISS principle is a good place to start with most general folks who are looking to improve quality of life – push, squat, pull, and hinge PROPERLY, with frequency, and things tend to sort themselves out. I can’t tell you the number of athletes I’ve worked with that came in with some sort of niggling pains that seem to vanish within a month or so. I’m not a miracle worker, I’m just not an idiot.

  • Tyler says:

    Bret, this post was 50 shades of awesome. I work in basketball strength and conditioning and unfortunately see a lot of this. In other sports, like football and track, where S&C is ingrained in the culture, there is less of this. In basketball, where bodies are a built with long levers and frail bodies, there is always a new “movement guru” who says you don’t have to get stronger. Although I don’t know if anyone has done it to the same level of arrogance as this fool. Thanks for everything you do and keep fighting the good fight.

  • Michael Feller says:

    Im a USATF L2 sprints hurdles relays
    Certified, CSCS, IYCA speed specialist
    I’ve been doing this for over 20 years
    My speed info has come mostly from
    Dan Pfaff & Charlie Francis. Strength from
    Mike Boyle! Here recently Eric Cressey
    & now you!
    Your stuff is spot on!!!!!!
    I’m like you, everything I’m using
    with athletes
    should be science based!
    Yes I am one of those Bible Believing
    guys who doesn’t believe in evolution!
    If I did, I’d say in the words of Jesus
    Christ, that Naudi is a fool!!!!!

  • Naughty Naudi! This guy reminds me of a saying I once heard, “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, then baffle them with your bullshit! This clown is nothing but a salesman! He uses fancy terminology that he obviously doesn’t understand! Shuns those in the know! Manipulates followers by hiding those that counter his claims with a good ole unfriend! Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! LOL!

    • Nancy Anne says:

      Agreed. It’s called “domination by intimidation”. Another word for it is bullying.

      What a waste of time for us all!

  • Jim mara says:

    Bret, I wouldn’t give this dumbass the time of day or even mention his name on your blogs! This is the only way he gets publicity or marketing! You should send him a bill for your services! I think Dan John sums up functional movement patterns the best with five basic patterns; hip hinge, squat, press, pull and carries! The last time I checked these patterns train all three planes of motion and is well suited for world class athletes on down to the average person.

  • Joyce says:

    How sad that he is thinking of others as “alphas” and “betas”. It suggests a nasty, uncaring, elitist attitude…and that is a whole ‘nother failure on top of the pseudoscience.

  • Randall says:

    This is the best thing I’ve read all day! Get him, Bret!!!

  • Nancy Anne says:

    First of all, I wouldn’t listen to this guy, even if his information was spot on, because I find his language horribly offensive, unprofessional, and tactless. He needs to get a clue if he wants a broad following.

    Second of all, Brett, don’t waste your time on him. Rise above. Keep sharing the truth. That’s what stands the test of time and gets a wide following.

    I’m really bothered you are wasting your time on this yahoo.

  • jerry says:

    I had never heard of this guy. I clicked on the links you had and just spent 15 minutes watching what look like a choreographed routine by a small man that is clearly lacking muscle. There was nothing functional about spinning around with a 5 lb weight. I hate people like this who prey on others by exuding this notion that they are smarter than you and hope that you won’t call them out on their fancy terminology and see through the bullsh*t. I enjoy your material because it is understandable but still advanced in concept. Plus you seem like a nice guy who cares about others. Dude is trying to make a name for himself by attacking you, don’t feed into it and give him more exposure.

  • Adam says:

    Now I’ve wasted my time watching a couple of his videos.

    Stopped once he claimed that hip external rotation and hyperextension were signs the glute max wasn’t functioning “correctly.”

    Also, the picture of his posture with his gut sucked in. Just when you thought the Cult of the TvA had died out, this guy resurrects it.

    I’ve no doubt some people feel good about doing some of these things he espouses. They’re certainly novel, and just getting people moving is a good thing and can do wonders for pain. He is, however, a stellar example of unscientific thinking.

  • Erikka says:

    I am so confused. Who is this guy supposed to be? It’s my job to stay up on the latest in health, fitness and nutrition and I’ve NEVER heard of him until now. I say drop it. No need to continue bringing attention to him when he is so obviously trying to start a buzz by drawing controversy. How else is he supposed to get people to see what he is doing?

  • Adrian says:

    The great left wing politician Tony Benn, had a saying “Never wrestle with a chimney sweep ” He meant that if you pick a fight with a ‘dirty’ person, some of it will get onto your clothes. I worry that trying to debate anything with this strange and toxic Naudi will just end up with him exploding into a fit of badmouthing and insults, as a response to you challellenging his ego, and nobody comes out of that well. I fear you may be mistaking him for a rational human being !
    As an archaeologist who has studied human evolution extensively, I’d point out that our pectorials didn’t evolve as a result of throwing. That’s total nonsense. Our muscle structure evolved to aid us in swinging around in trees, and getting up and down from trees, with a bit of running around on the ground. That’s it. We’re just monkeys. Sad thing is, some of us haven’t evolved much further !

  • Jeff says:

    As soon as I read Deadlifts were for beta males I read enough and knew he was an idiot.

  • Isla says:

    Well said, Sir.
    Extra points for quoting Harris and Sagan.

  • Maggie says:

    Is it just me, or does that guy have a body that really isn’t all that great? He kind of looks like an average guy who spends a little time working out. Selling snake oil works a lot better when it looks like it works.

  • Kelly Cap says:

    Brett, that is sad he bashed you and basically a whole lot of people in the strength/conditioning/movement industry. I’ve seen some stuff this guy has posted (particularly on his methods for improving tight hamstrings….which is just thrown out there) and he doesn’t completely understand biomechanics even with his so called “functional methods” . He focuses on too much of “his way” is “THE way” because he can perform it. He doesn’t focus on the individual at all and does not understand real bone and relative joint motion in the phases of movements. He throws a lot of shit out there that doesn’t make sense and isn’t specific to the tasks. I just know that 100% of my clients, including myself, would get hurt doing what he teaches. He’s an angry douchebag .

    I may train people on movements that are functional for their activity, but never leave out the importance of them building the most strength and power out of using squats,Deadlifts, RDL’s and Olympic lifts (when necessary) in programming . These lifts are the bread and butter of how I keep people’s hips and trunk healthy.
    He’s just an absolute douchebag Brett!
    I love your material! And hope to someday to meet you and talk biomechanics of these wonderful lifts if I’m ever out your way in the southwest or possibly see you at a continuing ed. course.

    Keep up the great research and all you do for your clients!


  • Kaj says:

    Bret, i know you got aggravated but a guy like this shouldn’t intrest you. The success you have had And the quality of research you have published shows who is right.
    He is just trying to get your attention to get more followers from you.
    Just focus on your research and keep us in the loop with valuable information!

  • Fred L says:

    And to think I had a subscription to this jerk-offs “Functional Patterns” YouTube channel (must have been one of my moments of stupid). I like the skeptical quotes you added Bret and would like to add another one that I think is relevant here:

    “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” – Thomas Paine

    Without science and reason we’d all be walking around in the dark so thanks for your efforts to debunk pseudoscientific nonsense.

  • Scott says:

    I tend to follow training advice from people who back their claims and strategies with actual, bona fide research. I’ve read most of your articles on another website, and everything is always backed by actual science. This adds to your credibility, and also adds muscle (pun) to your claims. Great work, I enjoying following you, and see nothing wrong with responding to someone denouncing your claims. Any fault placed on you for responding to this guy is unwarranted. This is your profession, your livelihood, so if I was placed in the same situation, I’d respond in sort they way you have (probably a little less friendly). My two cents.

    P.S: What’s so bad about deadlifts if performed correctly? While I agree form is of utmost importance, and the vast majority of people these days lack the requisite mobility to perform it correctly, it’s still a great exercise if performed correctly.

    AND, what the hell is wrong with training in a garage gym? I’ve been to some pretty fancy gyms in the past, and watched the trainers employ some of the most unintelligent training strategies imaginable. Just because someone drives a Ferrari doesn’t mean they could make it on the NASCAR circuit.

  • Amy says:

    Brett, I am a novice to strenght training. I have worked out most of my life without ever achieving the fitness or aesthetic goals I had for myself. I finally decided at the age of 44 to commit to doing it correctly and consistently. I found your blog and hundreds of articles quoting you and written by you. For the first time ever…I have a plan. A good plan. A logical plan. Yours site / blog is a place I can come to to find answers to just about ANY question I have. I quote you and refer to you so often my husband thinks you are a guy who I actually see and talk to every day. Haha. I have asked my doctor about your methods during my last physical. My brother is a physical therapist and he says he is so impressed by your knowledge that he has started referring his patients to your site for further study! The point of telling you all this? Well, it may sound like a strange comparison…but I have two little girls. One of my biggest fears in life is that not matter how well I teach them to make good choices in life, no matter how open our communication is ….that one day they will go to a party with a friend and meet some “super cute guy” who convinces them that trying crystal meth or drugs is a good idea. That she will feel good, be more popular and mostly make him “lover her” if she goes along with him. OR she could go to a party meet a nice boy who doesn’t smoke, use drugs and actually has goals for himself. Someone who will bring her up not down. It is ALL up to luck, fate and the hope that common sense will prevail. That is what I think about finding you and subscribing to your methods. I chose the third article that came up in my google search for building a better butt instead of the first one. Had I chosen the first one that day six months ago…I would have missed all the learning, inspiration and encouragement I get from you- without you even knowing who I am by the way. Good luck and common sense lead me to your methods. It AMAZES me that ANYONE would have the gall to even mention your name in a critical manner when discussing a strenght trying agenda. I mean seriously, just the way you speak of training not only shows dedication (which can be faked on paper) it shows results (which could be shown from false photos) and it shows something that ABSOLUTELY cannot fake…..EXPERTISE AND KNOWLEDGE. I mean you spent days doing a study with electrodes hooked up to people asses for Christ sake! You have pure unadulterated science behind literally EVERY exercise and recommendation you make! How can some loser even question that. At minimum he should have just hoped you never stumbled across his page…much less tried to goad you into a fight by using your name. I use your writing, your video and your philosophy as the basis for my program. It is working! I have been sharing it with my friend and it is working with her too! Some dumbass looking to make a name as “the guy who dares defy an expert” will never be more than that. Uh who did you get your info from? ….duh…you know…”the guy who disagrees with Brett Contreras…I forgot his name.” Haha. As soon as I started looking at this nonsense this guy is coming up with I thought to myself….”Buddy you are about to be humiliated.” Brett, you are not only helping people in the fitness industry…you are helping people like me…wives, mothers, 44 year old women who have spent their lives BACKING out of their bedrooms when they are naked in front of their boyfriends and husbands. TMI? Well you need to know the exent of the effect you are having on people. This moron is not helping…he is hurting people…he is giving them false information and mostly false hope…let me tell you if you are a middle aged woman who is desperate to just feel good about yourself before your skin gives way and makes it I possible well…the discouragement from the false hope and info a guy like this gives is what will keep you in that place of insecurity and sadness you have been in since the first time you tried on a bathing suit after the age of 30. That is the real loss and shame of this guys posts and self grandizing propaganda. Not so much to the fitness experts who know better, not so much to the competetive strength models…but to the women (and men) out there just giving it “one last chance to get it right”. Imagine if this guy had been the one last chance I stumbled into. On a smaller scale the same destruction as my daughter meeting the loser at a party some day. I know this is long…I know most people won’t read it all the way through…hell, you may not read it through….but maybe, just maybe some woman like me who is awake at 5:30 am looking up what her workout plan for the day will be by typing in “Brett Contreras” strength training, glute building workout” will come across it and get the encouragement and confidence she needs to change her life by hearing how much you have done for me…and my family. I look better, I feel better, my husband is happier because I feel confident and WANT sex (TMI- I know but it matters!), my children are happy because I have energy and strength to play and even exercise with them. My life has changed for the better…because I chose that third article on Google that day months ago…that said “Brett Contreras- The Glute Guy…” Thank you Brett, thank you. Now I want to tell you not to give this loser anymore of your time and energy…go focus on that Phd….I have one…I know it is a bitch to earn…but you know what? If you don’t break him down…if you don’t completely humiliate him – not with names but with your incomparable KNOWLEDGES…then one day soon some poor, tired, disappointed woman will come across his bullshit and end up giving up on the thing she has privately wanted for herself since she turned 29.

    • Bret says:

      OMG Amy, I made it through and got a little choked up. Damn you! Thanks so much for the kind words, it’s stories like these that fuel my desire to keep moving forward with the same passion and effort. Trust me, I know how important all of the things you described are, and I’m glad you took the time to spell them out. Much appreciated, Bret

  • Brad says:

    First let me say, I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and I always take away something valuable. I stumbled across this guy a couple of years ago, and his whole schtick is about ‘improving’ or dismissing everything. Check out his videos about swinging a kettlebell. They are all done with a tiny amount of weight. 10 lbs, maybe. I actually tried one of his crossbody swings with a 15 lb bell. It made for a nice warmup, kind of like what you’d get from an indian club. A 24 kilo bell would have torn my shoulders out of socket. His staggered stance swing has an even lighter bell, because, of course, a heavy bell would have crippled him. It’s a gimmick posturing as science. You will also note that in his videos never have him around anyone else. That’s because he’s 5 feet tall and has classic short man syndrome. There, I’ll be snarky so you don’t have to.

  • Miriam Hutchinson says:

    Bret this guy is getting the publicity/marketing from all this! You are far far too intellectual and should not bring yourself down to his pathetic low level. I saw a couple of his You Tube videos eg. “BOSU Ball Extreme Circuit” and it is completely insane. He is like a monkey that’s had too much coffee. No structure, just random bullshit exercises like some hyper kid. I love your articles and look forward to them. Also I have your books 🙂 I am a PT and I highly respect people like you who put in so much time into education.

  • victoria says:

    Bret, I agree with all of those who think you are far too good, knowledgeable, educated and cool to give these people the gift of any of your time spent in whatever crap they decide to publicize. Hopefully this will not take much of your time. I know I’m being selfish, but I’ve become dependent on your research, your information, your knowledge, and I’m always so looking forward to each of your emails to learn something new like I’m sure many of your other followers do, it would be a shame to see you deviating from what’s really important for something so insignificant like this. Yours is such a valuable recourse, I’ll be forever thankful to you for the amazing transformations my body has gone through. Please kick his ass quickly and move on. Good luck! 🙂

  • Matt says:

    I’m pretty new to the fitness industry. I hope you’re still planning on answering the questions you posed. I started following your stuff after finding the Strength of Evidence podcast. So I’d love to hear the scientific answers to those questions.

  • Arne says:

    It’s true that the fascial connectivity relate contralateral glutes to lats. Many of the things he says is definitely true.

    Hip thrusting also removes knee extension, which makes it even less functional. Glutes are inserted to femur, as with adductors, and with a fixated tibia it acts also as a synergist of knee extension. Hip thrusting removes the contralateral and knee extension part, and focuses merely on building the glutes appearence.

    Chris Duffin has also covered this, and I definitely agree with him.

    Now, one thing I do disagree with Naudi on, is that things don’t suck just because they don’t relate to a sling. Deadlifts have big functional relations to daily life, and they also activate both lats at once and thus activating bilateral slings.

    Training should be fun, and functionality should relate to your sport and main goals. If your sport is to deadlift, then they don’t suck. Actually, deadlifts never suck. But I think Naudi is mainly trying to piss some people off. I get his ideas and I agree with much of it.

    For a soontobe PhD, Bret, I think you’re missing the deep facts on many of these areas. You sound more like a trainer who is into EMG studies, than a real professional. Sorry, it’s just my opinion.

    • Bret says:

      Arne, your understanding of functional training is very poor. In addition to possessing EMG, I also have a force plate and other sports science goodies, and I’ve helped reviewed every major training study in strength & conditioning on my research review for 4 straight years. In addition, I actually train lots of people. My guess is that you just listen to various professionals such as Chris and determine what makes sense to you (logic) rather than actually training people or examining objective data. Hip thrusts are very functional, as are squats, as are deadlifts, as are Olympic lifts. You don’t have to train the contralateral lats and glutes at the same time for your body to coordinate them in sports, anyone who thinks this is so absolutely off the mark that it’s hard to take them seriously.

  • kuernjulio says:

    I’m certainly glad to read this, as I’ve a predisposed potential to becoming ‘fitness industry cult’ fodder. Having said that, I’ve looked at all the different methods and trainers over the years, and can’t quite understand why this guy (whose videos [the ones I’ve seen] don’t look too bad) wants to set himself apart from the continual developments in fitness. Arnold had the very ‘square’ bodybuilding approach as mainstream, but, by the turn of the century, mobility was coming in, functional movement screen, joint-by-joint, kettlebells/sandbag/battling ropes/suspension training, z-health/neuro training… all the while people were digging up some very solid training methods from antiquity, like club bells. Now anti-rotation, callisthenics and crawling/proprioception are very much en vogue, and you see ‘flow’ type movements and primal move which appeared a few years ago .. and some of the more obscure stuff from the likes of Scott Sonnon that never made the mainstream. Anyway, these developments are all hugely challenging in different planes of motion (which is great), and can even make the info that’s out there overwhelming for the novice who wants to improve quality of life. I’ve seen those rotational swings on dragon door in the past, and maybe we can say that this guy is putting some interesting ideas and movement combos out there… but surely they only add to the existing body, rather than completely obliterating and replacing everything that came before.
    In terms of disregarding science and predecessors, maybe that’s not entirely a bad thing. This example may be a bit too abstract, but I remember hearing a story about Andrew Hill, who isolated himself and wouldn’t listen to any music, in order to find his own voice. But of course, he’d studied the great jazz pianists previously, such as Bud Powell and Thelonius Monk, and would never disregard their style and contribution.

  • Tom says:

    I find it interesting that none of you provide concrete and/or specific counter-points, instead focusing on emotionally charged ad hominem arguments against Naudi Aguilar. There is quite the lack of scientific rigor and logic in the comments section here.

    Bret: Your blog post lacks substance, please discuss your antithesis to the patterns put forward by “functional patterns” in detail and explain the implications of both ways of exercising. This way your readers (including me) could benefit from this. As it stands right now, you are solely stroking your ego in this huge circle-jerk. 😉 Which is a shame, because I’m very interested in scientifically sound critique of training methods and focuses.

    • Bret says:

      Tom, I will respond in the near future, I haven’t forgotten. The point was to challenge Naudi to a debate and discuss these with him. But in predictable fashion, he caved. I might make this the topic of my next Bret Contreras Podcast.

  • Fred says:

    Looking forward to what you’ve got Bret. I’ve done a lot of watching of FP videos recently and am starting to think that a lot of the ideas proffered by FP are very strong. The only problem is the utter dismissal of strength training as we all know it.

    Honestly if you mixed typical S&C with some specific FP bits (not that unstable surface nonsense) you’d have a more powerful individual then someone doing FP or S&C alone. AINEC

    • Robert says:

      wise words Fred!

      Balance and combination of both would probably the best.

      Naudi is do missing some serious research, but at the same time he is making a point too and has helped a many people.

      Maybe less critique from both sides and combination of both could provide just the best results..

      At the end Fitness and Health industry should be joining people together and provide an area to share and discuss the best strategies.

      Some of those fights are ridiculous, maybe less ego and more wise thoughts could help us all..

  • Justin says:

    Please keep posted on this topic , excited to hear you put this to rest ! Thanks for all your research and contributions

  • Sam says:

    Functional Patterns is a Joke. Naudi Aguiler is just a little guy trying to reinvent the wheel to make some money.

  • Justin D says:

    I was laughing reading this, because I just had a back and forth with this guy on his Facebook page. And everything you said about how he debates is spot on! Hahaha. I even tried to be civil with him and simply asked if he can point me in the direction of his research and strength coaches and scientists that he has learned from. He would not provide any data and even said to me, I haven’t learned from anyone guy.” Hahaha.

  • Jason N says:

    I’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE – Terry Crews doing euro training:


  • Fred Peterson says:

    Naudi (and his acolytes maybe?) have finally decided its bad form to post the stupid negativity as themselves and have started posting as Roudino Ignoramo. Its so deadly obvious that it is a troll account and they’re scared to post as themselves because they’ve come to realize its bad for business. When the behavior and responses are of the same vocabulary its a huge LDO.

  • Jara says:

    when I just turn my TVA on, My dick turns off.. :/

  • Andrew Lock says:

    Good luck Brett,
    Respect for your work!

  • billye Davis says:

    You both are acting very unprofessional. You both provide great information and resources. Everyone has different needs and wants in an exercise program. I am PT with MS in exercise physiology, I have enjoyed using techniques and information from both.

  • ryad says:

    I commented on one of their videos (no hate, just pointing out something) and all I got was a shit storm hate spiral from their team calling me “beta male” “small dick”, apparently this is a habit of theirs .. very professional, very educated and very humble team.. On a serious note, I was actually shocked by their kindergarten level arguments and behavior as well as their limitless arrogance. It is scary to see that such ppl claim they “help” others. Again, thanks for laying all their bullshit through this post. At the end of the day, only idiots claim they know it all. There is always something good in everything, claiming everything other than their “training” techniques sucks, just shows how ignorant they truly are. (btw mention strength to them and they automatically attack you, seems like a pattern)

  • Todd Gates says:

    I coached in college for many years and I have seen and heard alot of BS but this guy is unbelievable. If he is so adamant about his beliefs why doesn’t he show up to a major conference and present. NSCA, Perform Better Functional Summit, NASM, CSCCA the list goes on. He won’t because he has no scientific basis for his statements just baseless claims to get more hits on his pages and would get embarrassed by real professionals. I would love to get in a round table discussion with him and refute everything he says with science. His minions are even worse because they believe his crap. He sounds like Rush Limbaugh talking out of his ass. He has ignored so much research and science behind glute activation it’s laughable. There are so many different ways to get the glutes to fire but to call the tradional lifts a waste of time is a total joke. He obviously has never worked with real athletes because if he did he would have been fired immediately because his athletes would be getting pushed all over the field. Bret please do us all a favor and put this guy on blast. He does real fitness professionals and strength and conditioning coaches a disservice by spreading baseless claims.

  • Joez says:

    a Naudi minion called me and threatened me !!!

    Naudi’s plague has spread way beyond America’s borders… One of Naudi’s minions called me yesterday physically threatening me!!!.. I’ve been in the strength & conditioning field for almost 13 years now in Lebanon… Given the results I’ve provided for my clients, my reputation grew a lot over the years… I’ve always led the humble way, letting my results speak for themselves… Yesterday, I get a call from a stranger… it went as follows:

    Naudi’s minion: “do you teach functional patterns? ”

    Me: “Yes, among other things”

    Him: “are you certified?”

    Me: “yes”

    Him: “you Mother F***** ! I’m the owner of “Functional Patterns Lebanon ! ” I’m the ONLY certified “Functional Patterns Expert” in Lebanon

    Me: “What are you talking about? the ONLY one? There are loads of strength and conditioning coaches in the country”

    Him: “There is only ONE “Functional Patterns” certification from an expert called Naudi Aguilar… yet, you’ve been telling people who ask you, that you teach functional patterns”

    Me: “Woe… listen to me… it’s obvious you got schooled yesterday… get your info right… functional patterns is a concept… an academic term… any functional strength coach is qualified to teach movement patterns and functional training”

    Him: “I’ll F*** you if you say you teach “Functional Patterns”… unless you have that “Certification” (naudi aguilar’s)… you stop claiming to people what you’re not, or I’ll come after you, Mother F*****?”

    I told him not to threaten me and to go get schooled before attacking people who’ve been in the industry before he even knew what sagittal plane means…

    the minion even gave me his name, website, youtube channel, etc…

    I googled Naudi Aguilar, and found this post by Brett, whom I highly respect as an authority in our industry… shocking indeed !!!

    How could this Cult leader brainwash his minions to the extent where they now believe that “Functional Patterns” is a Trademark that only “Their Inner Circle” has the exclusive right to talk about and use?

    Rather than turn them into academics and professionals, some, like this guy, are now felons subjecting themselves to penal prosecution by threatening professionals in the industry…

    Take a look at his overweight, out-of-shape minion who now thinks he holds the holy grail and exclusivity of functional training !

    His image alone speaks of the “superiority and effectiveness” of Naudi’s teachings.

    Please spread the message… people outside of America need to know the truth as well…

    Brett, this is so serious, that if you can write a followup post with a link to this Naudi’s minion website & youtube channel, it would be of great help to your peers overseas who are doing their job academically and ethically…

    • Ryad says:

      I’m lebanese as well, and stumbled upon their lebanese franchise facebook page… it is so sad that ppl seeking for help end up in the hands of such ignorant and arrogant ppl. An obese person that went to a university only dropouts go to in lebanon teaching “functional patterns” .. they “fix” ppl’s postures with before and after pictures taken during the same day .. how retarded can one be. Sadly, their clients are just naive and misinformed, anyone that knows a thing or two about functional patterns and strength knows that they are full of shit.

    • Tim says:

      I think you’ll find the reason he is so upset is that he paid Naudi close to $5000 US for his ‘certification’ only to find out that he was basically robbed by a slick salesman with no real training or qualifications.

  • Fred says:

    There’s no reason for Brett to re-engage. Naudi et al will remain their own little niche and that’s fine. There is obvious success in what they’re doing and that’s great. If it proves long term to be far more beneficial and important it will be adopted, improved and eventually FP will become secondary to the longer standing “industry” he so riles against now.

    The problem was never in what he was doing, it was his preaching and enormous negativity towards anything that wasn’t what he was doing.

    His lemming parrot minions are a different topic altogether. People that are susceptible to ‘brain washing’ by the likes of well, anyone, are those who generally are seeking affirmation and positivity and as long as they don’t strike their mentor wrong, they get what they want and so does the mentor. They will simply follow what he does and if he can change his mindset of out-right attack at every avenue which it seems he has been in the last few months, they’ll turn around too, eventually.

  • Alex Cohn says:

    Hey Bret,

    I just want to say that I have learned so much from both of you. We live in such a great time where the brightest minds in the industry can post information and education people around the world with just an internet connection.

    I have never seen an industry without conflict but at the end of the day and all conflict aside, we love training and helping people get better.

    ps-I must say tho….. these debates are very entertaining to read 🙂

    Thanks for all you do,

  • Tim says:

    Flat out tools. Naudi is a pompous little cry baby trying to make a name for himself by calling out leaders. Maybe, just MAYBE there is some merit to their philosophies but it isn’t the God send be all end all they claim it to be.

    Just another little loud mouthed wannabe without research.

  • John says:

    I took the GREs today… wish I had the quotes Brett provided from Carl Sagan or Sam Harris when the analytical portion identifies the importance not in the words but in the person speaking… I would enjoy hearing both sides!

  • Mike says:

    I am by no means a fitness expert; however, I think Naudi Aguilar is a total loser. The guy is less accomplished than many other fitness instructors and he keeps on committing the ad hominem fallacy. He resorts to ad hominem because he can’t find a solution to other people’s arguments. He just keeps on cursing without finding resolve to what other people have to say. He steamrolls people by distorting facts to make him feel superior. Recently he put down some trainer from onnit named John Wolf. I briefly read John Wolfs article and it was mainly about preventing injuries with joint mobility. Naudi Aguilar said that people in the fitness industry are stupid if they think stretching and being mobile will fix injuries. The article was about preventing and not fixing injuries. Naudi Aguilar has some serious problems.

  • Mitch says:

    We all know that the fitness industry is driven by profit just like every other industry. Every 10 or 20 years someone or some company comes out with the best, the only, the only one you need, if you don’t buy this then you’ll never look and feel the way a human should. Its all the same now it seems. Will it ever change?

    Is it true the fitness industry is perfect, is it true that we should take what any pompous expert is saying, is it true that all us not so perfect average every day joe people just want some of the so called experts to clearly define what their about so we can make a mindful and conscious decision to do something that will work?

    Maybe its time to all get together and stop the stupidity and try and build the fitness industry in a way that has its best intentions in mind.

    Maybe its time for some debate over things. Maybe its time to challenge the industry for some further change that have results. Maybe its time that the “experts” get off their laurels and call a spade a spade and look deeper at what’s going on. Its almost like saying the current drug industry is the safest, most efficient and will cure every knows dis ease when we all know we must always challenge the current status quo.

    Come on all you so called experts … I’m just an every day joe and really find this page threatening to my health. I hope others do just for the sake of the ignorance. This isn’t to justify FP but it seems this isn’t really resolving the true issue…

    “is the current fitness industry realizing every aspect of fitness to the betterment of everyone in this world”? Probably not so let the debate begin without all the outright ignorance of respect!

  • Tom Lanza says:

    I did a search looking for Naudi’s credentials and professional athletes he has traineda and stumbled upon this post. I have followed Naudi for a few months now on social media because I think everyone in this world has something they can teach you. However, it has reached the point with Naudi that he is doing way more harm than good in my opinion.

    His methods are more dangerous than any of the methods (Olympic lifting, gymnastics, etc) that he puts down. People become injured using traditional strength training methods because they don’t take the time to learn how to perform them properly or they just push too hard. I’ve done squats, deadlifts, cleans, Chins up etc etc for 20 years (I’m 38) and don’t have a single injury. I also look a hell of a lot better than Naudi or any of his other FP practitioners or clients.

    I think Naudi should be banned from the Internet.

  • Gary says:

    Hi .. I’ve run into this guy soooo many times and the first thing Naudi Aguilar does is insult as a method of attack .. He’s a coward and thinks he’s inventrd something new .. He hasn’t .. It’s old stuff packaged with slick graphics and film work .. His results don’t last
    He has small man syndrome

  • Rhys Davies says:

    Nadi and Deepak Chopra should team up, potent woowoo!

  • Thunderfunk says:

    I had a personal trainer at my gym recommend to me Naudi Aguilar and was praising his functional training programme. Although I’d heard of Aguilar before, it was by name only and hadn’t really seen his methods. I have to say, though, that I’d always been a bit suspicious of people who decry (proven) traditional weightlifting/strength training regimes in favour of stuff the likes of him promote; however, I was merely intrigued by what he would purport to be the benefits. When I typed his name into Google, the first thing to come up? This article. Now I’ve read it, I won’t bother watching his videos. Thanks for such an illustrative and detailed post, Bret.

  • Dan says:

    Jeasus, is not obviously that we have only sagital plane movement in our daily basis? And vertical movement?
    The fitness industry changed, really changed.
    Weightlifting hepls in dinamic movemet, not in isolated movement. Ive seen an example “i do deadlifts to change the position of the furniture in my house”. Jeasus, yes, youre doing a strenght movement in a dinamic way. ( YOU ARE MOVING WITH THE WEIGHT). DHAAAAAAA

  • Marko says:

    The guy is a narcissist that cant have his fragile little belief system questioned. Its unfortunate that he speaks with conviction, and mindless drones of people who don’t know any better follow his pseudo-teachings. He won’t get into a debate with anyone. On multiple occasions I called him out on his bullshit on Facebook and the only response I got from him was him deleting my comment and blocking me from liking his pages. He is incapable of logical thought and when criticized he pulls a Donald Trump and goes on a passive aggressive personal attack, while at the same time pushing himself up on a self imposed pedestal.

  • Fred says:

    He doesn’t have ‘pseudo-teachings’. Almost everything in his ‘fitness’ repertoire is good stuff. But he’ll never be able to develop the strength in a manner that they could just walk onto a PL platform or Strongman competition. “Oh they can’t fight” he’ll cry. :eyeroll:

    He becomes a giant defensive asshole if you don’t agree with him, his attitude burned bridges he never tried to cross, and many he did.

    Now he blames his race and he’s going to “destroy” the fitness industry in the coming months when they don’t bow down to him. That’s basically what he said. Its a giant LOL but whatever. I’m looking forward to this ‘destruction’

  • James Kyle says:

    Hey guys. My name is James Kyle, and I am a life coach. Essentially, people pay me a lot of money to give them permission to achieve and face their fear.

    I also teach systema. In systema, the spine is considered to be the foundation of all movement, and so integrating and using the spine properly are paramount. This outlook on posture has informed my life coaching biz.

    I share a lot of passion with Naudi. He’s a bit of a beta, unfortunately. But I want to white knight here, and say that he outlook is not wrong. Training the two spinal programs of closed and open pelvis, and training spinal torsion is great. The kind of shredded that guys who follow that type of program get is very different visually from guys who do traditional strength training. We usually have very defined obliques and inner abs, shredded lower backs and delts. All the structural muscle is very apparent over against the larger muscles like the pecs. The legs and back do get a lot of work. It looks similar to Charles Atlas or an Olympic freestyle wrestler from the 80s and 90s, body wise.

    If you would like to speak to someone who represents a slightly more sane perspective on Naudi’s style of training, or can point you to before and after pictures etc. that might help you understand where we’re coming from, hit me up.

    Much love guys.

    • Fred says:

      “Inner abs”?

      The only thing rotational exercises build up that might otherwise lack in traditional bodybuilding programming are the serratus muscles.

      Also it should be noted that because much of his pride and joy is around rotational power using a cable system it should be noted that bodyweight plays an incredibly important role in just how much weight you can move and move effectively in a standing position without leaning incredibly far. It has nothing to do with how strong you are it has everything to do with physics.

  • lol says:

    Quit your bickering and just set up a time and a place where you throw down. Glutes vs functional!

  • I was read naudi’s book. As a physiotherapist. I think his ideas is far from evidence. Nice job Bret.

  • Wyatt says:

    I think the majority of you are missing the point and obviously have an allegiance with Brett and his methods. First, we all must be open minded to change and/or a better way of doing things. I did not read every comment but overall it doesn’t appear that anyone has tried Naudi’s training so how could you possibly know for sure? You can’t.
    Now I haven’t tried his methods either but I’m certainly open to it and I’m ordering one of his training systems today. Over the past week I have read and listened to a number of his interviews and it makes a great deal of sense. I’m 46 and have been consistently exercising for over 30 years and eating an incredibly clean diet. If you saw me on the beach you would think “wow that guy is in shape”. I’m not bulky like a power lifter or bodybuilder, but muscular and very lean. However I’m a bit broken internally and functionally from all of the years of doing traditional exercise so I am constantly searching for better ways to do what I love, but be more functional, flexible, etc for the long term.
    At this point I am absolutely of the belief that lifting weights in the traditional sense is not good for your body. It breaks you down over time and makes you less functional and I don’t believe the body was meant to lift those heavy weights. It’s not about using incorrect form, it’s about placing heavy loads on your structure.
    Men have big ego’s and for most it’s about lifting heavy weights, but at what expense? Almost everyone gets injured, has back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain at some point from lifting heavy weights, look around it’s everywhere.
    Another key point is what is the individuals goal? If your goal is to see how much weight you can lift or look like a body builder than functional movement doesn’t mean anything to you, but if you care about being functional, versatile in all movement aspects of your life than it should very much matter. Big power lifters or bodybuilders are not functional or versatile at all, their ability to move sucks, they can’t run well, surf, snowboard, play basketball, etc. So it comes down to what’s important for you and I guarantee Naudi could move circles around most of you on this board.
    Personally, functional movement is everything to me as I get older and I’m excited to try this program. I don’t care anymore about how much I can lift or how big my biceps are, but I care a great deal how well I can move freely and do any activity that comes my way.
    There is no doubt that Naudi is arrogant and could carry and present his material in a better manner so I agree with everyone there.
    Have an open mind and be honest with yourself.

    • Lauren says:

      His videos and pictures posted don’t even mention what the mobility or strength targets, and has an utter lack of professionalism in the language that he uses. Some of the exercises themselves, yes, may be beneficial. However, until he is able to provide adequate evidence as to what, exactly, is being targeted, how to do it properly, The appropriate quality evidence behind it, and with a tone of dignity and respect, he does not have my vote, whatsoever.

    • Daniel says:

      Hey, thanks for your comment, I agree entirely and feel the same way. Could you please let me know whether you found FP programm beneficial? Thanks a lot… Daniel

  • Bill says:

    Naudi sounds like a real c*nt royale with cheese and a classic narcissistic sociopath. We know he’ll be voting for Trump.

  • Challenging the status quo says:

    Record your Gaitcycle and it will settle this.

    • Fred says:

      And if he does, what does it prove about anything that has been said?

      What would you say if his gait was absolutely perfect? What if he had a slight ‘tick’ one way or the other? What if that was because of a literal physical structural issue there is absolutely nothing he can do anything about short of bone reconstruction?

  • Joel Hamilton says:

    Scientists like Michael Yessis would laugh historically at these retarded gimmicky revolutionize the fitness industry concepts that naudi aguilar sells to the public.

  • Lydia says:

    A PT at the gym asked me to check out this Nuadi guy. I looked him up and try to find his background in education. I couldn’t find any. However I did find this link on how you challenged Naudi. Haha I shared it with couple of my co-workers at the gym. They loved it. I think it’s appropriate to call people out.
    You are only lowering to their level if you are rude or disrespectful in the way you address your concerns, but you weren’t. A civil debate and challenging one another is good. It allows us to grow in finding the truth.

  • Pablo says:

    I feel bad for the MMA fighters trained by him, poor guys, they will never reach their full potential.

  • Johnny says:

    For three years of my life I had a constant urge to urinate. I started by going to my GP and he said my prostate was infected and had me on various antibiotics for a year with no relief. Next I went to see a urologist who said I was too young (34) for the side effects of prostate shrinking medication and I’d just have to deal with it. Then I started developing hip and knee pain. I went to the PT clinic at the University of Delaware which boasts to be the #1 program in the country currently. They had tunnel vision with my knee. I even asked them if the hip and urinary problems could be related. After a few month of no improvement and some googling around I read about male pelvic floor dysfunction. So I went to see a sports med doc and he FINALLY decided it was a good idea to take some images. Then he found a PT clinic that treats male pelvic floor dysfunction. They finally started making progress and after 8 months with them I still felt like I had to pee all the time. Then I found Naudi and his youtube videos. Within a day of doing his plank exercises and postural correction I started feeling relief. I got is FP training system which is five levels of videos and his book and am almost completely better in just a few weeks.

    Is Naudi a dick online? Yes. Is he a charlatan? Not at all in my eyes. I actually find it challenging to like him because of the way he behaves online but I don’t have to constantly pee anymore so I feel like I owe the guy a lot. For the last half of my 20’s I worked as a mountain guide, ski patroller, and high rise window cleaner. All that time I had horrible anterior pelvic tilt and horrible posture in general. I was hammering myself on top of disfunction. I don’t want to discredit the latest PT clinic I have been going to (the Back Clinic), they have a lot of good healers and got me 50% of the way, but no one had the sequenced myofascial release and postural corrections I needed except Naudi.

    Bottom line: a lot of people with letters after their name didn’t fix me. Naudi did.

  • James Benson says:

    I’ve been casually following Naudi for a while now, more out of curiosity as to what expletive he is going to throw next than anything. I can plainly see through his bullshit. I’ve never found anything that he has shown that is new or innovative in any way. He’s slick and has some good video editing skills, and I think that’s the bulk of his expertise. I’ve recently had a realization that I voiced to him personally and it was erased and he never replied. I called him the Scientology of Fitness. His followers adhere to a charismatic leader and buy into a new “technology” that is supposed to save the world. They denigrate every other group of individuals who are even remotely connected to fitness, and spout their methods as the pinnacle of knowledge. They tout some “research” and claim their results fair far better than anything ever before, and at the same time openly admit that their findings are not accepted by the greater scientific community. Naudi speaks in a convoluted, highly technical language used to elevate his supposed importance, and used crass and unprofessional language when dealing with detractors. His group and followers are absolutely exhibiting cult like behaviors and it’s only a matter of time before he hurts someone. Before long, his clients will recognize the dulling of his brand and see through to what he is: a charlatan.

    • Rataz says:

      Is there anything similar to functional patterns that will give similar results, such as balanced posture, more elastic muscles . . .

  • Alex says:

    Similar experience here. He recently posted some BS on FB about how stretching can shut down muscles, blah, blah, blah… and I pointed out there was no evidence of any such thing beyond a brief post stretch period. So, yeah, don’t statically stretch right before your high jump attempt. He went all ape sh*t swearing up and down and blocked me on FB. Guy has a brand, that’s it. Doesn’t seem to know a whole lot beyond that.

  • Daniel says:

    Funnier yet, he has recently gone on to bash the entire yoga industry. Arguing that Yoga has ZERO health benefits. Lol I would understand if he perhaps said, it has LITTLE health benefits, or did more harm than good (with ofcourse some evidence to prove this) but no… he said “ZERO” health benefits. I tried explaining to him that yoga consists of many, MANY different practices within it, which depending on your definition, could even place Functional Patterns as a kind of yoga. I posted this in the Functional Patterns Doers facebook group, in a professional manner, I really did want to exchange ideas on this but was instead attacked by his entire posse. Not one person cared to use any logic or rationality to debate my point, but instead posted pictures of my fb profile with an attempt to ridicule and discredit me. It totally threw me off as I did not offend anyone, and my comment was more of a question than an actual statement. Whether or not functional patterns has some base to it (which I truly think it does) I will never give it a chance, and many others will be chased away simply because of the unnecessary aggression the entire group seems to have towards outsiders. It’s a shame.

  • Bojan says:

    Thanks so much for this article.
    It will be here forever and hep and save thousands of not becoming followers of functional patterns fake movement because of you.
    You brake down everything so good and explain in really civilised and intelligent way, why functional patterns is a fraud.
    I will be honest, I was his follower because I just starting my fitness journey and I didn’t know any better.

    I really feel sorry about all his follower and even worst for people he tricked to buy his franchise and living in some false ideology without any scientific prove.

    Functional training is my passion but not in this way. This is just a really shady way to build a brand on lies and attacking anybody who challenge you.
    What he did, he open his own gym to help his poor image of himself because he was probably that gym douchebag who thinks he know everything and did same stupid exercise you can see on his channel and annoyed everybody.

    If anyone reading this wanna see something really dumb, go on his website and read his bio.

    Oh yeah, and see his videos.

  • Raoul says:

    This Naudi Aguilar guy wtf!
    I liked his approach and logo and the whole look of his videos but what a dense guy this Naudi is. In his latest video he discussed orthotics. He said that muscles like the rectus femoris were important for foot posture. He didn’t mention the glutes (especially medius) once! It’s appalling to see how bad his anatomical knowledge is. I set him straight in a comment boom instant block.

    The worst thing is that he has so many followers. He has a lot of comments on his videos especially on facebook. Im in the movement culture group of ido portal whose movements ARE functional and that has a lot less followers. Why do people decide to follow such a fake person?

  • Ryan says:

    There are posts every day on functional patterns Facebook page of people sorting their movement/pain problems out, I myself used to have a bad knee , since doing his 10 week course I no longer have my knee problem. For me at this point FP works.

  • Ryan says:

    Daniel- excellent comment and I agree with you, there definitely are people on the FP page that have become almost cult like and anger rules over rational evidence to answer people who question the process. That being said there are also many posts of people who have fixed their mobility/ pain problems. It is a shame that Naudi and those certain FP page people have to be so ‘bitchy’ because as mentioned his methods work for me and I will continue as long as it continues to work for me. As well as my knee becoming pain free I also have better movement at work with less fatigue.

  • naughty says:

    I was banned from their Facebook page after asking a question. Once this happens, you’re officially blacklisted from working with any and all FP practitioners around the world. If one of them does decide to work with you, he or she gets banned for life as well. The guy has severe emotional issues, that much is clear.

    I found a practitioner who wasn’t aware of the blacklist, I guess, and worked with him for a week. Their methods are absolutely sound. Too bad they’re being propagated by a complete lunatic.

  • Trevor says:

    “it’s quite possible that your external oblique, your pec major, your serratus anterior, your intercostals, all become one thing”

    Ok someone needs to explain to him that this is not how physiology works…
    Muscles do not morph into each other, ever. They are all anatomically separated. They can coordinate movement together which is fantastic, but they don’t anatomically become one thing lol.

  • Collin McManus says:

    Hilarious. At first, I liked this guy but after listening to him more and doing research, because naturally that’s what sports med professionals do, Naudi is a fraud that uses scientific terms many of which he just makes up himself to make you think he is knowledgeable. At the end of the day he is just trying to differentiate his business to get you to buy into it hoping it’s the next big fitness fad.

  • Nico says:

    I am so glad I found this blog Bret. I was trying to make sense on the reasoning behind this dude’s and his team attitude. They seems to be like a religion, you can only stick around if you believe, you can’t challenge, cos if you challenge you are a hater.

    How come they are all Biomechanics experts? Has Naudi given them a certificate? He is using the tensegrity theory as if it is his own and talks as if he is god’s gift to exercise, even though he is focusing on striking most of the time. These standing on the Swissballx exercises… a bit out of date trick but WTF?

    • None of them know jack shit about biomechanics. Biomechanics is a legit science that heavily involves mathematics and physics. Their form of biomechanics is made up pseudoscience based on their illogical, biased mindsets.

      • David says:

        Sid I miss something? this is a two and a half year old post, and Naudi has just responded to it? did the debate take place?

        • No it didn’t take place. He ducked me for 2.5 years, blocked me, challenged me (even though I can’t see it because I’m blocked), and now wants to debate finally. When and where? I’m all over this.

  • fiona says:

    Damn – I wish I found this before I spent $20 bucks for his book. I do pilates and am always interested in learning about posture etc so when I saw his book I was intrigue. But the damn thing is hard to read on the bloody computer and he is so anal about protecting his stuff that its locked and you cant print it. Most e books come with a printable option but his one was locked and when I emailed them they told me its locked and if you want the printed copy I had to pay for it which really turned me off.

  • Dominic says:


    I see this guy needs some attention again and is calling you out. I posted on his Instagram yesterday about the only time he comes around is when he is looking for attention. I called him a attention whore. He said it’s his marketing plan to act like a douche. It’s not, he is just looking for attention. I stopped following him for a year and Then i looked him up on YouTube and see several others have now made videos contradicting fictional patterns. I said why should Brett accept your challenge now after you(naudi)ran away from the challenge 3 years ago like a little girl. He blocked me. He can’t handle the truth! Please don’t give him attention. You schooled him already and you don’t need to school him again. He is again just looking for attention.


  • Dominic says:


    I see the snake oil salesman is at it again. I stopped following Naudia a year ago and I look on his Instagram account this week and now 3 years later he is accepting your challenge. I post on his INSTAGRAM account that he is just a attention whore who is not had his weekly validation. I said he had a chance to challenge you but he ran away 3 years ago like a little girl. He quotes he is not a douche bag but his confrontational attitude is the only way he can get business. That should tell you how confident he is in his program. Please do not accept his challenge. He is trying to use you to drum up business instead of letting his program drum up business with real results. I searched YouTube videos and found several experts picking his Fictional patterns apart. When I called him out on it, he blocked me. He cant handle the truth I guess. Let him keep fooling people for now. He can only fool them for so long.

  • Joe says:

    It appears Naudi has taken you up on a debate, replying to you on Instagram which you had taken down and then had him blocked, care to explain why when if you stand behind your science you have the opportunity to address him?

    • Which I had taken down? WTF is wrong with all of you idiots? How can I take something down? I never even saw it. He blocked me, not the other way around. I do stand behind science. I will debate him anytime. Tell him to repost the video on his website so I can see it. Then I’ll respond.

  • Qais says:

    So will you debate him now that he has accepted your challenge?

    • Absolutely. When and where?

      • Elberth says:

        Dear Bret
        I think by now you’re well aware that Mr. Fictional pick his channel as a platform, and choose one of his minions as a moderator, I’d read his response (rant) to your challenge on FP website and man! this guy chooses his words like a mule chooses where to take a shit. Give him attention it’s just a huge waste of time, no matter how many studies or proof you bring, the guy will find the way to sing his old tune and walk in circles. I really appreciate your spirit of spreading the best information possible, but getting into his “house” to debate it’s just a trap to make you look bad, we all know how Naudi plays his role on social media.

        By the way, have you checked the podcast by Starting Strength “Allied Health and Silly Bullshit with Austin Baraki”?

  • Put a few links up to this article on his facebook page encouraging him to a debate. They’re still there. The one where I said his stuff is not new, it’s been done before by Paul Check, Peter Twist, Gary Gray, all with some change in certain mechanics, accessories used, or a different twist, he took down. He also uses a Keiser Functional Trainer and a lot of their exercises. Who’s plagiarizing who, then? I mean, aside from not knowing the use of that word, he’s implying that people are stealing his exercises which he took from elsewhere, and yes Naudi if you are reading this, I know this and you don’t want me to prove it, do you?

    So stop being a beta male. Kill the beta in you. You know you want to. Kill the beta living inside of you that is winning the ego game and taking over your mind and embarrassing you all over the internet. Kill it by debating Bret. Do it Naudi. Don’t be a chicken shit. Just do it.

    • Elberth says:

      Mr. Jackson, I think I’d read one of your comments on Facebook in the post of Greg Lehman shared by FP, it was hilariously true the way you exposed this man insecurities and bullshit, great way to compose a concise response:
      “A man with a little bit of knowledge in a wide variety of fields can be dangerous when he starts to believe he has it al”
      Props to you good sir.

      • Elberth, I came across his site after reading another blog site and at first glance I was thinking that he had interesting stuff along the lines of Gary Gray and Peter Twist, but he’s throwing out baby with bathwater with his whole completely incorrect anthropological perspective. He really really really doesn’t understand that function is always in context and I think that Dane Miller highlights this perfectly in his podcase, hillarious as it is with him ending it with a challenge to fight Naudi, lol. After reading Naudi’s rants over the last week or so for pure entertainment purposes, I wouldn’t touch his stuff with a 1000ft pole, but not only that, I’ve developed a serious dislike for this pretender and coward. Make no mistake about it, he’s a pure coward, otherwise he’d answer the bell and debate both Bret and now Dane and shut that tiny blow hole in his head that only seeks self validation through other disgruntled beta people. He’s a total beta male with a big head because he has a lot of other snow flakes following his rants and validating his beta male ego by liking his stupidity. He’s athletic, that’s great, but his Fictional Patterns has not done anything for him long term that good old S&C could not have done. In fact, it’s obvious that he build his body with traditional S&C and he suffers from structural restrictions as evidence from the fact that he has to crack his neck in almost every single one of his video’s. Hypocritically calling others out for injuries, when he has them himself. Even witness his podcast on Wim Hoff and how Wim Hoff’s method literally saved his life over the last few years because, and I quote he was “broken down” and burned out. Why didn’t fictional patterns save him when it’s supposed to make people bullet proof? How abotu Jeremy Stevens and his downward spiral after training with Naudi? I like how Jeremy Stevens went onto the Joe Rogan show and said that Naudi was better than Ido Portal because he “connects people from head to toe!” This is nothing more than another meme that Naudi keeps repeating over and over and his apostles keep repeating ad nauseum without even thinking once about what it means. It means nothing actualy. I have news for all these gremlins, we’re already connected head to toe you morons. Your brain is in your head…wiggle your toe. There, you’re connected head to toe. Optimizing function and form can be done in a million ways because we have unlimited ways of moving. There’s the rub. That’s all that Naudi has. He’s taken Anatomy Trains, a fictional account of anatomy which has been thoroughly debunked, and created a series of movements with a series of known tools in the industry like medicine balls, bosu balls and the Keiser functional trainer to name a few, and combined crazy dumb looking exercises that will maybe create a training effect that you can get to with traditional methods. What were UFC fighters, hockey players and other athletes doing before jumping around with cables and balls? Training hard and then getting functional through, yep you got it, THEIR SPORT.

        Naudi, you’re a Fraudi, and you’ll remain one until you get the HUEVOS to debate one of these guys that you called out all on your very own. There’s onyl so much you can do to hide behind your tribe, and you’ve proven that accumulating a tribe as dumb as you is no big feat. Yes, you have a brand, and yes they’re giving you money, but that has proven very little. I’ll demonstrate by reverse engineering one of your stupid claims about the industry being a big conspracy theory. An idea that demonstrates nothing more than you having a mental health issue. You claim that an industry that has a HUGE following of professional, accredited and credentialed trainers, professors, medical professionals and academia, making it 1000x bigger than your small little disgruntled tribe is fake and illusory. So then, it follows that if a bigger industry and following can be illusory, then so can yours. Congratulations Fraudi, you and your followers are drunk on your own koolaid. On the misconceptions you’ve accumulated into a following through poorly understood history, evolution, quantum physics and technocracy.

        You would have been better off admitting that you have one aspect of training covered and shown that it was good, and not with fake before and after pictures, than taking on people in the industry that are easily better than you, train harder than you, and have more sound non mental health related issues than you.

        Oh, and you’re a big chicken shit, or you’ll debate one of these guys already.

        Do it, you big coward. Kill the beta male within you and EVOLVE

        • Dan Tait says:

          Great stuff!
          Are you able to provide the references debunking anatomy trains?
          I spent a year dissecting human cadavers and was unable to find specific fascial continuity connecting the links. You can see how some structures are bolstered to withstand the tensile forces required for movement, but not much in way of the fascial plane meridians Tom Meyers describes in his book. It’s a very interesting concept, but hard to see.

  • Elberth says:

    There’s another trainer challenging Mr. Naudi Aguilar, his name is Dane Miller, and did a podcast talking about functional training and evolutionary process, It was really funny especially the wrestling part of the challenging if you have the time to listen and share, here’s the link

  • Knotty Angrylar says:

    How the heck did we ever learn to walk without Knotty’s Fractal Powers through the Aquilar Set? Now that you’ve decoded the Gait cycle with monkey jumps and cable pulleys, take a stab at decoding that last statement Knotty, and I’ll be impressed.

  • Tom Nam says:

    Naudi’s latest video rant involves taking a shot at Kelly Starret and his book on sitting. Naudi says sitting isn’t bad unless you’re more fib-russ. I think he was trying to say fibrous, whatever that means to him. If we go by every other statement he’s made with words he doesn’t quite understand, fibruss means nothing as well. Basically he’s concluded that sitting will be bad for people who don’t have good fluid dynamics and I can only guess what he means by that is people who aren’t very mobile to begin with and don’t do much movement, then yes sitting for long periods of time is not good.

    Brilliant huh?

    This man is a genius.

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