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Calling for a Favor

By April 6, 2013January 11th, 2014Announcements

Dear Beloved Fitness Friends,

I have a favor to ask of you. In the past 3.5 years, I’ve provided:

  • 403 blogposts 
  • 236 Youtube videos
  • 39 TNation articles
  • 10 Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • 7 Podcasts

Not to mention new exercises and methods, seminars, plenty of guest blogs, various other interviews and magazine articles, 14 research review reports, 5 eBooks, dozens of workouts, dozens of EMG experiments, and thousands of replies to emails, tweets, Youtube comments, Facebook comments, and blog comments.

I have much more to share with you in the months and years to come. In fact, I have great stuff to share with you in the next month alone.

But right now I need your help.

I want to drive the number of Amazon reviews up as high as possible, as my publisher has informed me that this is very important. Right now I’m pleased that there are already 37 reviews. However, I need much, much more for Strong Curves to be noticed. I’d like to get to 100 if possible.

This is unacceptable! I want #1 in women's

This is unacceptable! I want #1 in the Women’s Health category

Do it for the booties out there in the world that are just waiting to experience their full potential!

In all seriousness, I would love for you to review my product. HERE is a free-sample in case you haven’t downloaded it yet.

The review process is quite simple:

  1. Click HERE 
  2. Scroll down just past the customer reviews section
  3. Click on the “Write a customer review” button
  4. Provide a rating (5 stars are best!)
  5. Write down some nice things about Kellie, me, our methods, and/or the book

The contest is still on – remember one individual will be chosen out of the reviews to receive a free one-hour Skype interview and free online training/email access for a month from yours truly.

So do me a solid and help a trainer out! Thanks so much! BC

Do it for the glutes!


  • Jeremy says:

    Done 🙂
    Great work.

  • Michele says:

    I just ordered my copy yesterday. I will gladly leave a review as soon as I read it! 🙂

  • David Morales says:

    You got it Bret! I’m getting my copy sat from amazon. I’m sure it’s getting a 5 star
    : )

  • Jacqui says:

    Will post a review today! The book is great and I’ve learned so much. Two workouts from the beginner plan are complete and my glutes are on fire today!

  • Marie-Anne says:

    Hi Bret,
    I’ll do it as soon as I get mine. I live in France, Amazon ‘s just e-mailed me my copy of Strong Glutes has shipped. Can’t wait to browse it ! I wonder if 5 stars will be enough 🙂

  • Katie says:

    Done, too 🙂

    • Katie says:

      I also placed an order for the book. Will it be available in soft copy or as an ebook sometime soon? I’d buy both! But I’m much more of an ebook person these days.

      • Kellie says:

        Hi Katie! It will be available in paperback and ebook form– either Kindle from Amazon or Nook from Barnes and Noble. Right now you can get both for around $30. A lot of readers are opting for that so they can have the nice paperback for home and ebook to take to the gym.

  • Mark says:

    Consider it done….and well deserved.

  • Audry says:

    I just wrote mine. Great book. I can’t wait to start the GG program on Monday!

  • Manuel says:

    Send my review.
    TBH, i am still waiting for my copy, but I am very confident it is a great book.

  • Alain McGhie says:

    My copy of Strong Curves, just arrived in the mail.

  • Shannon says:

    Done. We appreciate you letting us have the sample. Thank you so very much.


    Done! Excellent work by you and Kellie!

  • Keleigh says:

    Done on April 1st for Amazon and B&N!

  • Sarah says:

    Done, and with great pleasure.

  • Jen says:

    Done, got my copy yesterday!

  • Angela says:

    I received my book yesterday in the mail. I read late into the night. I wrote my review today and I am ready to get started with the program. I am very excited!!

  • Dannie says:

    Got your book on Tuesday and love it so far! Just finished writing my first-ever Amazon review so I could provide some support for Strong Curves 🙂

  • Rocky Steele says:

    The book is really outstanding. Review done.

    Best wishes in your competition.


  • Mick says:

    As soon as it arrives, I will get give my review. waiting patiently.

  • Sha Ali says:

    No problem consider it done!

  • Melly Testa says:

    Done. I ordered this book in September and I am so happy to have it in my hands! Congratulations on publishing the traditional way! Me and my glutes thank both of you.

  • kristy cooklin says:

    Bret, I left a comment for you guys!! I really love this book, I can’t put it down. I hope to win the training session with you, pick me, pick me 🙂

  • Luke Buthman says:

    Glad to help. Love you work and get a lot out of what you do and write. Keep it up!

  • ggs says:

    woohoo Christmas in April…My copy arrived today..jumping up and down not sure when I have been this excited…last time I remember was when I received my blendtec as a Christmas present….Thanks thanks and more thanks.. Looking forward to seeing the tides change (butts around the world)…Awesome book started reading in the car… instead of Saturday night at the movies starring Bret..It will be a weekend extravaganza….double header bret and kellie take us from flab drab and buttless to booty badassery…

    • Kellie says:

      I’ve become completely addicted to your comments. You are such a wonderful supporter and I really appreciate all of your feedback. xoxo

  • Kellie says:

    Just popped over after I saw this on FB and I TOTALLY feel the love. Thanks so much for your endless support, patience, and incredible feedback. This book has been a wild journey as a friend and colleague to Bret, and no matter what happens I will forever be grateful to him and all of YOU– because you as fans have truly made this possible.

    Love ya all!!!!

  • Rae says:


  • sarah says:

    mine arrived the day after it shipped and i have read and re-read it constantly and i will definitely be giving it a 5 star review (: thank you so much for this book it has given me so much hope and i feel like im not cursed to a flat butt forever haha (:

  • kylee says:

    I wold love to write a review for you but would prefer to do it when I get my book. Do you want them asap?

    • Bret says:

      Nope, review when you get it. I’m patient. Just please remember to review it – I’d be very appreciative. Muchas gracias!

  • Rozin says:

    Hey Bret,

    I just spread the word about the book on Facebook to all my female friends and I’m also looking to purchase this for my girlfriend. I was wondering something. Are the workouts ONLY for glutes or are comprehensive workouts included? I haven’t had the chance to read the sample yet (the PDF is open right now).

    I’ll post a review when I have the chance.

    • Bret says:

      Yes, the workouts include upper body and core too. But I also have a glute-only option in the book (which I think is a wise strategy for many women), but most prefer to incorporate upper body and core.

  • Sean Messenger says:

    Bought both ebook and print and posted my review. Y’all are the best online resource for scientifically-inclined trainers. Keep up the great work!

    – Sean

  • Raina says:

    Got it. Read it. Reviewed it. 5 stars. I’ve bought hundreds of books off Amazon, but this was my first review. Well done.

  • sarah says:

    i have already posted a comment but i just wanted to update and say that ive been doing the glutes only plan since sunday and just counting my calories and only eating whole foods and ive already lost 3 pounds and today is wed.! thank you so much for this book, no other workout plans have ever made me feel energized and not deprived. i actually look forward to the workouts, thank you again (:

  • Jackie says:

    Have just downloaded the book to the iPad will review in the uk as soon as I’ve read…got me hooked already.

  • karina says:

    Done one! Awesome book!!

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