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Dropping Some Glute Knowledge & Strong Hip Thrusts

On Tuesday I was interviewed on The Jack-n-Out-Connection. These guys are very funny. They’re associated with Fitocracy; a fitness website that has built up a lot of steam over the past year due to excellent community involvement.

The interview is an hour long and we mostly discussed all things glute-related. Biomechanics of hip thrusts, how to prevent glute soreness, strongest pound for pound female glutes, why the squat isn’t always the end-all-be-all of lower body exercises, disgruntled bodybuilder story whose glute strength couldn’t match up with a woman’s, how to feel the burn in the glutes, a historical parallel with the hip thrust and the bench press, and much more.

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An Interview With Brad Schoenfeld – The Hypertrophy Specialist

Today I have a great interview for you – it’s with my buddy Brad Schoenfeld. A couple of years ago I interviewed Brad HERE on TNation and referred to him as “The Hypertrophy Specialist.”  Since then he’s lived up to this nickname, consistently coming out with amazing publications on topics related to muscle growth. Brad and I have published a bunch of TNation and journal articles together in the past couple years, and we currently have more studies in the works. I’ve learned a ton from Brad over the past couple of years and am honored to regularly collaborate with him.

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An Interview With Grip Champion Adam Glass

1. Hi Adam, thanks for agreeing to conduct this interview. Please introduce yourself to my readers, and be sure to include your best feats as a grip specialist.


Bret thanks for the interview. I am 29 and live in Minneapolis MN. I have been training grip in some capacity for over 6 years now, with the last 3 being specific to the sport lifts. My best lifts have been a 251.25 two hands pinch in competition (world record for the 105 & 120 kg class), 105 lbs one hand pinch (world record 105-120+ kg), 2” vertical bar 340 in competition (world record 105-120+ kg), an 870 lbs three-lift grip total for the 2012 season (3rd highest ever in competition/lowest body weight for an 800+ total in world). I have an additional 9 world records on various lifts. A few others worth noting – Double Inch farmers walk for 48 ft. Being able to toss the inch dumbbell from one hand and catch it in the other. Doing pinch grip pull ups, from levers, and straight leg raises, 585 lbs one hand barbell deadlift, strictly curling 45 lbs Olympic plates by pinching the rim, and lifting over 1,000 lbs with the eagle loop finger rings.

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Oh What a Difference One Year Can Make

Today’s blog is a very special one. – it’s devoted to my good friend Ruth Naidoo. I met Ruth and her husband Strini last year when I was in New Zealand and they quickly became two of my favorite people. Ruth is one of the most spectacular individuals I know, but last year at around this time she wasn’t quite herself. Like many adults, she had gradually gotten out of shape to the point where it started affecting her self-confidence and mood. Let me reiterate – this was exactly one year ago.

At this point in time she decided to do something about it. She took the bull by the horns and decided to change her reality. And change is what she did! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an incredible transformation in a natural lifter in my entire life. See for yourself!

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