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An Interview With Lou Schuler

Today’s blogpost is an interview with Lou Schuler. In case you don’t know, Lou is a damn good writer and a stand-up human being as well. I asked Lou six questions. Below are his responses.

1. Lou, first off I want to say I’ve got a ton of respect for you! When it comes to editors in the Strength & Conditioning field, you’re The Godfather. I also had an incredible time interacting with you at The Fitness Summit two years ago (which is coming up in under a month by the way). How did you stumble into this field, and what books have you worked on?


That Summit was a blast, wasn’t it? They’re all fun, but the one in 2010 was a statistical outlier in the laughs-per-minute category. And of course it was great meeting you.

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A 90-Minute Interview

My friend Nick Horton interviewed me and recently posted the video. I tried to be humble and respectful while still speaking my mind.

At the end of the day I  am committed to science, not popularity, and I’m trying to help create intelligent strength coaches who think critically. Of course, being an outspoken guy, I’ve got a lot more to say about the various issues, but I tried to demonstrate proper etiquette; something I wish my colleagues understood and practiced. I’d like for my readers to listen to all 90-minutes as I roll through a bunch of important topics, thanks to Nick’s excellent questions.

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An Interview With Martin Rooney

Today’s post is an interview from Martin Rooney. Words can’t describe how much I respect this guy. Just read this interview and you’ll know how awesome of a human-being he is. Martin has earned the respect of the entire fitness industry.

1. Hi Martin, thanks for agreeing to conduct this interview. As far as the fitness industry is concerned, you’ve been around for quite some time. What’s your story…how did you stumble upon this whole “fitness thing”?

My pleasure Bret and thank you for taking the time for an interview.

Yes, I guess you could say fitness has been a part of my life since birth.  Being the son of a physical education teacher and a former Olympic caliber rower, I really had no choice but to live a healthy lifestyle.  My mom was also an original rep for Vitamin Shoppe when it was only a mail order company and, needless to say, I have probably had more Vitamin C than anyone besides Linus Pauling.

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15 Questions for TC Luoma

TC Luoma is someone I have tremendous respect for. In fact, I consider him to be one of the most influential individuals in the history of Strength & Conditioning. He’s had a tremendous impact on spreading “non-bodybuilding” strength training methodology with more of a strength, power, functional, or joint-friendly flare to it. Where other publications would have ignored the various writers and article submissions in their quest to promote hypertrophy-based, traditional training practices, TC saw potential and gave guys like me and methods that don’t fit the “bodybuilding-only” mold a chance.

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