A 90-Minute Interview

My friend Nick Horton interviewed me and recently posted the video. I tried to be humble and respectful while still speaking my mind.

At the end of the day I  am committed to science, not popularity, and I’m trying to help create intelligent strength coaches who think critically. Of course, being an outspoken guy, I’ve got a lot more to say about the various issues, but I tried to demonstrate proper etiquette; something I wish my colleagues understood and practiced. I’d like for my readers to listen to all 90-minutes as I roll through a bunch of important topics, thanks to Nick’s excellent questions.

Here are some notes:

2:00 into the video – Why I’m “The Glute Guy,” the hip thrust exercise

5:40 into the video – Why I don’t feel I’m a contrarian, more on the hip thrust

12:25 into the video – The impact of my eBook and first TNation article

19:50 into the video – Why I feel the hip thrust is valuable for Olympic lifters, athletes, and general lifters

24:00 into the video – The parallel with the rise of the bench press and the rise of the hip thrust in terms of popularity, why the hip thrust is a “big rock,” the “powerlifting mindset” and why it’s not optimal for selecting exercises for sports performance purposes

30:30 into the video – Is there such a thing as sports-specific training? What’s the best approach as a coach?

38:00 into the video – Are Olympic lifts necessary for athletes?

45:30 into the video – Hypertrophy training and the pitfalls of falling into camps and cults

48:40 into the video – Sprinting forces: horizontal vs. vertical for maximum speed

55:45 into the video – The lumbar flexion debate

1:22:00 into the video – A solution – a proposed study to help settle the debate

1:28:00 into the video – My research review service and why I think it’s so valuable for coaches, trainers, and therapists

Many congrats to Nick for asking amazing questions, seriously he did a great job in this regard. You can CLICK HERE if you want to download Nick’s free eBook titled The Seven Deadly Sins of Weightlifting.

11 thoughts on “A 90-Minute Interview

  1. Cheryl

    I’m a hip thrust believer…just started hip thrusting 2 months ago and have gained almost 2 inches in the hip area!! Loved the video, great info again Bret…

  2. Derrick Blanton

    One person’s “contrarian” is another person’s “truth teller”. If you’re devoted to finding out the truth, and I think you are, then I’d wear that word “contrarian” as a badge of honor.

    No one has ever sought the truth about anything of any significance to anybody, and not encountered resistance.

  3. Neel

    Hey Bret, great listen. Listening to the way you talk (openly and rationally) made me subscribe to your new journal. Keep up the good work.


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