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A 90-Minute Interview

By April 20, 2012January 10th, 2014Interviews

My friend Nick Horton interviewed me and recently posted the video. I tried to be humble and respectful while still speaking my mind.

At the end of the day I  am committed to science, not popularity, and I’m trying to help create intelligent strength coaches who think critically. Of course, being an outspoken guy, I’ve got a lot more to say about the various issues, but I tried to demonstrate proper etiquette; something I wish my colleagues understood and practiced. I’d like for my readers to listen to all 90-minutes as I roll through a bunch of important topics, thanks to Nick’s excellent questions.

Here are some notes:

2:00 into the video – Why I’m “The Glute Guy,” the hip thrust exercise

5:40 into the video – Why I don’t feel I’m a contrarian, more on the hip thrust

12:25 into the video – The impact of my eBook and first TNation article

19:50 into the video – Why I feel the hip thrust is valuable for Olympic lifters, athletes, and general lifters

24:00 into the video – The parallel with the rise of the bench press and the rise of the hip thrust in terms of popularity, why the hip thrust is a “big rock,” the “powerlifting mindset” and why it’s not optimal for selecting exercises for sports performance purposes

30:30 into the video – Is there such a thing as sports-specific training? What’s the best approach as a coach?

38:00 into the video – Are Olympic lifts necessary for athletes?

45:30 into the video – Hypertrophy training and the pitfalls of falling into camps and cults

48:40 into the video – Sprinting forces: horizontal vs. vertical for maximum speed

55:45 into the video – The lumbar flexion debate

1:22:00 into the video – A solution – a proposed study to help settle the debate

1:28:00 into the video – My research review service and why I think it’s so valuable for coaches, trainers, and therapists

Many congrats to Nick for asking amazing questions, seriously he did a great job in this regard. You can CLICK HERE if you want to download Nick’s free eBook titled The Seven Deadly Sins of Weightlifting.


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