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The monthly S&C Research Review


  • Lauren says:

    This is fantastic! Just what the industry needs! Thanks for all the hard work! Will you have a reference page at the end of each monthly review sent out?

    • Bret says:

      Lauren, we have a TOC and we put links to the abstracts for every article. In time we might include references, I suppose in APA format…something I’ll consider doing. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  • Alex Kraszewski says:

    Wow that is some list, you’ve definitely sparked my interest. I’ve got a few questions;

    Are you going through a pre-selected set of journals each month, or pick the ‘best of the bunch’ so to speak?

    Will there be any appraisal of the research methods of said studies?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Bret says:

      Alex, yep; I go through around 50-100 journals each month and then pick what I feel is most valuable. Since each review is a single page, we’re limited in space. Sometimes we point out limitations or recommendations for future research, and sometimes we include the author’s omission of limitations. But you just gave me a good idea for next month’s column. I might do a “general” write-up on limitations so as to save space. For example, I can point out limitations for in vitro studies, animal studies, it situ models, review papers, extrapolations from certain variables, etc.

      What I don’t want to do is “hate” on all research. Every study has limitations but I don’t like how many research-types find fault in every single aspect of every study. It’s good to critically appraise, but at the same time to see value and respect the authors’ hard work and intentions.

  • Dude, this is awesome! I’m definitely going to get them all. I thought it was funny that the NSCA’s motto is “Bridging the gap between science and application” and your goal is to “bridge the gap between the lab/journals and the weight room/field.”

    I feel like you’re going to accomplish this goal so, so, so much better than they will/have. 🙂 Props to you!

    • Bret says:

      Collin, I read tons of journals and the NSCA’s are by far my favorite and are the most applicable to our field. I’m hoping to one day get more involved with the NSCA as I’m a big fan of them. Each month they come out with great stuff that is relevant to our field. So I’m proud to extend their reach and summarize their journals for others. Thanks!

  • Tim Huntley says:

    Hey Bret,

    Just completed and posted a review for you and Chris. Awesome job!


  • Jorge Nikolas says:

    Bret, this is gonna be one of my most valuable tools. This is definetly gonna help lots of people. The review service will be awesome, I know it! Thanks for doing this service, sir!

  • Matt says:

    Hi Bret,

    Is this publication going to produce review articles of those that appear in the major strength, exercise phys etc publications (e.g NSCA journal, sports med, Applied Physiology etc)


    • Bret says:

      Matt, we will review all types of articles, from original research articles to review articles to editorials, etc. And yes, we’ll be reviewing all of the major journals. If it’s important, I’ll get it to you. BC

  • Risto Uuk says:

    It sounds very interesting. So far I only know that Alan Aragon does something similar, but of course, you don’t include nutrition in this as much and yours seems to be much more deep.

    How applicable will it be for personal trainers who work with regular people?

  • Neal W. says:

    Bret, this looks amazing! If I might make a suggestion (as a potential customer), if you could say something about the strength/weaknesses of each article and the context of the article (how do the results compare to previous research?), that would be amazing. I actually wouldn’t mind if you put in less content to fit this extra stuff in. That’s my two cents.

  • Hey Bret,

    Like Tim, I just completed a review for you and Chris.



  • Naomi Most says:

    Fantastic. Much needed. You have my subscription.

  • Great stuff Bret, and a steal at $10!

  • Tim Henriques says:

    I am going to tell my students about this. Very good idea

  • Sam says:

    How do i pay you to recieve these articles ?

  • Hi Brett, I got a quick question, as far as safety and function goes which one of the two would be safer and work the muscles more effectively, a safety squat bar or a cambered squat bar?

    • Bret says:

      Hmmm, I have both but I’d have to say the cambered bar. I’m sure many powerlifters would disagree but the safety squat bar actually makes it harder not to round the back which is why I’m going with the cambered bar.

  • Paul NoHeart says:

    Aweaome content man!

    I’m feeling the fact that it will help most of us coaches out there to save us some time on doing research to back up our workout programs. Kudos bru

    Think you will incorporate some metabolic resistance training researches in your releases? Any nutrition-muscle rebuild relations also?

    • Bret says:

      Hey Paul, we’ll definitely include research on MRT and HIIT as it’s released. I haven’t seen anything on it recently, but every several months a new study comes out and you can bet we’ll jump right on it. And I don’t delve into the nutrition side too much (unless it’s really important) since Alan Aragon has a badass research review service that he’s been doing for the past several years. I recommend you subscribe to his service as it compliments ours very well. Cheers, BC

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