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Random Thoughts

By June 17, 2014January 13th, 2016Random Thoughts

How’s it going fitness peeps? I’ve got some great articles, videos, rants, and before/after pictures for you to check out. Just keeping you in the know!

Arnold Dancing

Quick Announcement

I have a surprise announcement. My fiancee Diana and I just bought a house in Phoenix! Here are some pics below.


It’s one block away from my twin brother Joel and his wife Angie. It has a 4-car garage, which I’ve obviously converted into a gym/lab. As soon as I’m finished setting it up, I’ll film a video of the new lab. It’s going to kick some serious ass. I absolutely hate moving, but I love this new place. Needless to say, I’ve been very busy, which explains my absence on social media lately and my reliance on guest articles. I’ll be back to full speed very soon though.

Good Articles

Here are some great recent articles to read, written by various colleagues.

One of the Best Scientific Articles About Life I’ve Ever Read: The Fermi-Paradox

Do any of you wonder like I do about other life forms out there in the Universe? With so many stars and so many galaxies, why haven’t we been contacted yet by “aliens”? I stumbled across THIS article on The Fermi-Paradox yesterday, and I found it to be absolutely fascinating.


Coregasms: Potential Mechanisms

My friend Dean Somerset and I are trying to get to the bottom of the biomechanical/physiological mechanisms behind exercise-induced orgasms (coregasms). Click HERE to complete a quick survey about them.


Exercise Science: What is it Good For? 

In THIS article, Greg Nuckols does a great job of discussing the importance of Exercise Science.

New Study on Protein Overfeeding

In THIS article, Brad Schoenfeld critically analyzes a new study on protein overfeeding.

7 Principles of Exercise Selection

HERE, Menno Henselmens lists his 7 principles of exercise selection.

Should You Externally or Internally Rotate Your Shoulders at the Top of a Snatch? 

I was always taught to externally-rotate, but the Chinese weightlifters and also Klokov feel that you should internally-rotate. Very interesting discussion! Click HERE and HERE to read different perspectives on this issue.


Sprinting: Hamstrings in the Air and Glutes on the Ground

Some of you may recall that in THIS blogpost, I reasoned that hamstrings are more critical in the air for hip extension torque, whereas glutes are more important when on the ground. I recently stumbled upon THIS study which lends further support. Here’s a quote from the abstract:

Hamstrings load was found to be greatest during terminal swing for sprinting. The hamstrings contributed the majority of the terminal swing hip extension and knee flexion torques, whilst gluteus maximus contributed most of the stance phase hip extension torque. Gastrocnemius contributed little to the terminal swing knee flexion torque. Peak hamstrings force was also substantially greater during terminal swing compared to stance for sprinting, but not for walking and jogging.


What You Can Do About Those Puny Arms of Yours

HERE Lou Schuler wrote a great article about genetics and arm training. I’m grateful that Lou reached out to me for this one.

9 Essential Strength Benchmarks for Women

HERE Patrick Striet wrote a nifty article on strength benchmarks for women. I’m appreciative that Patrick requested my input.

Interview With Kiefer 

Kiefer recently interviewed me on his Body IO FM podcast and we had an excellent time. Click HERE to listen to it.


List of Inventors Killed by Their Own Inventions

I recently stumbled upon THIS Wikipedia article. If I’m ever found dead in my garage, stapled to my Hip Thruster apparatus from overexertion, please make sure I’m added to the list.

Hip Thrust

Interview With Eric Helms

HERE is a great interview with natural bodybuilder and researcher Eric Helms.

Why You Should Hip Thrust: The Awesome Exercise That, For Some Reason, Nobody Does

THIS article by James Fell was very well-received. He did a great job on this! Thanks to James for reaching out to me for insight.

Expert Tips for Healthy Travel

In THIS article, several fitness experts (including myself) chime in to provide you with tips for healthy traveling. Thanks to Will Owen for requesting my input.

5 Steps for Dealing With Anterior Pelvic Tilt

HERE is a great article by Eirik Garnas on training for reducing APT.


3 Things Entrepreneurs Already Know About Fitness Even if They’ve Never Done a Single Workout

HERE is an interesting article by Charles Staley. Charles is a fabulous writer.

New Strength & Hypertrophy Info from Chris Beardsley

HERE is a free eBook from Chris on strength development research, and HERE is a free video on hypertrophy development research.


30 Day Napping Challenge: Do You Have What it Takes? 

This made me LOL. I don’t know who made it, but well done!


Good Videos

Here are some great recent videos to watch.

My Guru is Better than Yours

This dude recorded this video 2 years ago, but it’s still hilarious.

Dogma is Dead

Here’s Layne Norton talking science.

How to Squat With Team Lilliebridge

The Lilliebridges are legendary in the powerlifting community but I’ve never heard them speak before. Papa Lilliebridge is very knowledgeable and respectful. Good stuff!

905 lb Deadlift

Here’s Christopher Spegal busting out a 905 lb deadlift.

Kim Valentine Powerlifting Training

Here is 97-lb Kim doing 280 lb squats, 320 lb deadlifts, and 160 lb bench presses.

Facebook Rants

Here are my Facebook rants over the past few weeks:

I lifted at a commercial gym today, and while I love much of the equipment, training glutes is never the same as it is at The Glute Lab. There wasn’t a convenient place to hip thrust, there were no bar pads for bb glute bridges, there were no bands for band hip thrusts, there were no heavy kettlebells, and the back extension machine was crummy and wasn’t conducive for tall guys. I did my front squats and rack pulls which are great, and I could have done some db walking lunges and American deadlifts, but I never feel like I train my glutes thoroughly unless I add in barbell or band hip thrusts, or weighted back extensions. Single leg hip thrusts are okay, but just not the same. I tried cable pull-throughs, but I find them far inferior to hip thrusts. I wish all of you had your own glute lab – building glutes is much easier this way! #GluteGuyProblems 

Glute Training Feedback

Below is some glute training feedback from around the web. I sincerely appreciate all of you women and men who take the time to write me, tag me, and post pictures. It makes it all worth it!



Hey Bret, here’s yet ANOTHER booty testimonial! I have ALWAYS had a flat ass, and was never really “proud” of it. After a few years of heavy glute bridges, hip thrusts and GHRs, my toosh is a different breed!! Another girl mentioned this as well, but now I feel comfortable being at a lower weight (117lbs) AND a higher weight (126lbs) because either way my new curves compliment me. Thanks again for all you do, and as a trainer myself, I have ALL my clients doing some sort of glute variation, male or female! Thanks again!! – Jess

34 5 6 7 8 910 11

Any here is my progress. The first pic is before even lifting but i have progressed (slowly) since the last time i reached you. Hope you keep helping women, as I know you will! – Barbara


Hello! I just want to thank you for all the great info/articles/wisdom you share with us. I’ve always struggled with gaining muscle, especially in the gluteal area. I’ve always been weak. Well, following people like you, the Strength Guys, Layne Norton, to name a few, have encouraged me to keep strength training and training smarter!

About 6 months ago, I finally saw an MD for my chronic low back and hip pain. Both he and my chiropractor told me to discontinue squats and deads, which brought me to tears (I know: baby!). I have decreased disc spaces at L-4/L-5 and L/5/S-1 and lumbar scoliosis. So, I backed off for a while, tweaked my form, began again with LIGHTER weights, and taking it slow. I’ve added Bulgarian Splits, hip thrusts, and glute bridges to the routine, and I’m getting stronger, with less lower leg pain/tingling. So- thank you for your encouragement, even though you have no clue who I am! Sincerely, Samantha

Hi, I wasn’t sure if I should upload my transformation for obvious reasons, but I wanted to show all of you especially slim girls that you can build nice glutes, even if you have got flat bum. The first pic was taken in March 2013, I was doing different program at that point (I was 4 weeks into doing it and then I took photo). The second one was taken in September 2013. I was working out only my legs and glutes 3- 4 times a week at home using only dumbbells (no cardio). From November 2013 to April 2014 I got really busy and worked out only once or twice per week. In April I started adding hip thrusts and bridges with dumbbells after reading the book SC. The dumbbells were only 5kg each but it made a difference looking at third pic that was taken in May 2014. I’m going to join the gym soon and looking forward to see even better results using heavier weights. – Iwona


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I just wanted to touch base and thank you for all of your glute research!!! I implemented every single aspect from your books and my glutes will now hit the bikini stage 4.5 inches larger, and my legs 2 inches smaller, with my waist sitting somewhere around 24-25. I am sending you a picture, please pardon the torn up gym floor (posing in heels in that space). It isn’t glamorous but the sweat and results go hand and hand! Hip Thruster Fan for Life!! I can’t wait to add heels to the equation! POWW!!! Cheers, Gina

17 18 19

G’day Bret, Just wanted to contact you to let u know I have been working on my gluteus for months and months, a few weeks ago ( 3 to b exact ) I discovered and started working on your list of lower body progressions and believe I have had more progression with glute strength and activation within the 3 weeks compared to the previous many months
Thanks so much for the info 🙂 Vickie


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  • Tiffany says:

    Congratulations on the new house! I look forward to seeing some kickass workouts from there! Great articles and transformations as well 🙂

  • Michael says:

    Reading through this my browser has grown a lot of tabs, thanks for directing my downtime reading for the next few times I have a break!

  • Eric says:

    Congrats on the new house!

  • Hailey says:

    Lol … was it just a coincidence that you put a photo of Jennifer Selter underneath Eirik’s APT Article?

  • BCC says:

    Congrats to you guys on your new house. Very cool!

    Any chance you have a suggestion for doing glute bridges with a band, not a barbell? Does that work with your HipThruster? Sorry, if that’s a dumb question, but I haven’t been able to figure it out (yet). It certainly hasn’t been for a lack of trying; I just can’t get it quite right.


  • BCC says:

    Sorry, for the confusion. I’m trying to figure out glute bridges (on the floor) with a band, not a barbell.


  • R says:

    Re: coregasm, you might want to look at Mary Roach’s _Bonk_ or her TED talk ( When she mentioned that orgasm was a reflex of the sacral nerve root, I assumed that was the source of coregasms — no genital stimulation required, whether internal or external. That doesn’t seem to be included on your list of possibilities.

  • Dunkman says:

    Congrats on the house. Although I do pity the neighbors trying to figure out the whole twin thing. Good times!

  • Will Owen says:

    Thanks for that shout out Bret! And congrats on the new pad and the amazing progress pics!!

  • Shane says:

    Awesome place! My parents have a place down in Arizona… beautiful state.

    On a side note, love your old blog, and this site. I’m one of the co-owners at Rep Fitness, and was curious if you wanted some free equipment from us, just drop me a line and we can work out the details. Basically, it will be a bit of a review of whatever kind of equipment that you need.

    Thank you,


  • Shannon says:

    Hey, I just bought your buddy Brad’s book, Max Muscle Plan, and I don’t see hip thrusting in there anywhere! Any thoughts on how to incorporate my favorite exercise into that program?


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