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May Strength & Conditioning Research Questions


  • Riyadh says:

    Hey bret,
    How can I make my abs pop up like that lol

  • wumi says:

    Hi Bret:

    I have an imbalanced glute. My right side is much stronger than left. I had a right back pain now after I squat. Probably my squat form is not right and squat weight is too big. All the weight went to my right side. So it hurt my right back. What can I do now? Please help. If I need see doctor, what kind of doctor to see. Thanks,

  • Charles Nankin says:

    I have a S&C Research question for you guys: If I slow down my reps to like 10secs up and 10secs down, the intensity increases. I have to then reduce the weight. One benefit of this for me is that it relieves pressure on joints and lower back. The low speed, I feel, also lowers chance of muscle pulls.

    Another benefit is Negatives/Forced reps: when I am reaching failure on the concentric phase, I can simply speed up the concentric rep in order to complete it, so that I can then continue with the eccentric phase reps.

    What am I losing out on here, if optimal health is my goal? Is this not a brilliant way of making resistance training more accessible to the elderly and obese?

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